Undisturbed: A Quiet, Reflective Day Away

UndisturbedI feel really fortunate to have been undisturbed today. It’s very quiet here. And my family are all occupied with their own things. So I could step out of the world to relax and reflect.

I’ve done quite a bit of thinking this year. Sometimes going backward and forward with myself because decisions have been required. Other times trying to second guess where my life was going. Almost to the point, at times, of exhaustion with thinking. As if I was driving myself around in circles. And finding it hard to stop the thoughts chasing around locked inside my head. I’m so grateful that I have my blog. It has helped me to release all the thoughts cluttering up my head space. I like to find an undisturbed corner and write about my day. That clears my mind so I can focus on the important choices I have to make.

Today I was thinking about my blogs. How much I appreciate a chance to say something about my intuitive world. To get things clear in my head. And often to find the answers to my questions. Because my Guides use my writing to explain things, prompt me or encourage me. They leave my free will undisturbed by using my writing to help me work things out. Unlike the popular belief that mediums like me do everything their Guides tell them to do. However, it really is all about my own choices. I have to work out what I feel is best for me. Then go ahead and do it. My time to reflect is also a very special chance to check that my choices are taking me where I want to go. And where I can best be of service.

Being undisturbed for even a short time is a real gift in this busy world. I hope you find some time to reflect on 2017 and then reaffirm your decisions for the next year.

Day 761 of my blogging challenge

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