Understanding Crystal Children

imageI’m a Lightworker with a Crystal daughter. The differences between the energy vibrations people on the planet carry are very distinct. Understanding these energy signals and the personality types they lead to is an important part of accepting each other. We have all arrived here to make changes to the world. Those changes are based on bringing in more harmony between all of our energies, boosting the love and finding peace.

First of all, from about 1950 to 1970 the energy vibration focused on healing, care giving and spreading the love. People in this band of energy are usually called Light Workers. They have conformed with the existing systems of human conditions but know that they need to change the world in some way. Light Workers are more likely to follow the rules, work behind the scenes and encourage people to follow their spiritual development. Most of the cutrrent spiritual teachers are in this vibration. Understanding the need to help but also to be seen as the same as everyone else explains why many Lightworkers have spent most of their lives as frustrated healers. They have mostly been unable to challenge the status quo.

Next, from about 1970 to 2000, the babies coming to the Earth have been in the Indigo vibration. Indigo people find it hard to conform. They question the status quo. They find school and education a challenge because it is so rigid. Indigos are the warriors of the Light. They know they have to change the structures of humanity but can become frustrated that change happens so slowly. A lot of Indigos struggle to discover their mission. Occasionally this causes such great pain that they choose to go back to the Higher Dimensions without completing their purpose. The Indios give all of us the ‘get up and go’ energy to make changes in out lives. They are spiritually aware and ready to shout about treating one another better.

The Crystals started to come in from 2000 so as the numbers increase their unconditional love vibration grows stronger in the general energy of the Earth. Crystals are the spiritual vibration being made manifest down here. They struggle with the heavy energy we create and hold onto. Very loving, extremely intelligent, ancient souls they can amaze with their simple expressions of profound spiritual knowledge. Often they are late developers in speech & social interaction with non-Crystal children but fast developers in physical activity & curiosity. There way of interacting in the world is through their psychic senses. They know who is open hearted and who is closed. Their mission is to help us release our fears and start to live in love with one another. Therefore their life journeys seem to be full of challenges.

Not all people fit into these vibrational bands. And the dates do blur. Early Indigos & Crystals exist as do late Light Workers & Indigos. Deciding which group fits you or your child best is a matter of considering all of the characteristics of each vibration. Understanding and working in harmony with your child’s energy vibration may take you on a journey outside the usual routes we expect of childhood.  You will be amazed at how rewarding it can be. Best of all, the world will change because of the abilities of your child. This is why she/he came here so you can help by encouraging  their connection to their intuitive abilities.

So find out as much as you can about your own intuitive abilities because this will help you explain things to your child. Seek out the clear, sensible information as there is a lot of  incomplete or wrong stuff out there. Finally, listen to your Crystal child as she/he gives you the benefit of deep wisdom. Encourage your child to be patient with the growing up process. Most of all, share the love their energy is bringing you.

Day 217 of my blogging challenge.

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