Underneath we are Spirit

img_2344Some thoughts that had been bouncing around my mind finally clicked together today. Since the election in the USA I had been mulling over what is underneath the idea that we are split into us and them.

A few years ago I was fortunate to attend an event where the Dalai Lama was the speaker. He was keen to make the point that underneath everything he, like all of us listening, was a human being. He asked the young people present to ‘Be the change’ needed in the world. His words have stayed with me. What makes it so difficult for us to remember that all of us are the same once you remove the skin. I remember asking my Guides why we had developed the idea of separateness. It seems to one that makes life harder for most of us because it stops us reaching out for or to give help to each other.

My Guides have always encouraged me to understand that this world is the way it is because we have chosen to forget that love is the only energy that sustains us. That was one of the strands of thought going around my head last week. I wondered where the love had gone in an election that seemed aggressive, vicious and unkind. How could people make an important decision if the debate was all about the wrongness of a candidate rather than the best person for the job? In the aftermath of the election there was a huge outpouring of feelings.  As I listened to people talking about their feelings I noticed that us and them came into the discussion a lot. I felt that the idea of us and them had created fear. Fear for the future no matter who won.

I went back to the idea that love is the energy that sustains us. It made me think about what that really means.

I have no idea what it’s like to live in a war torn country. There has never been a day when I have had nothing to eat or drink. What I believe in hasn’t cost me my home, my family or my livelihood. I am a white, heterosexual woman. Whilst I might have challenges because I am female mostly I have been accepted as a person. I can’t imagine how it might have been if I had a different colour of skin. Or a different sexuality. Or lived in a country where my religious beliefs were unacceptable. Yet those factors are used the world over to split the human race into us and them.

Failing to recognise that we are all the same creates division. Deciding someone is different and that the difference makes them apart from me is the first step away from love. Perhaps the first way in which I open the door to fear. My judgements about ‘them’ become the way that I act towards ‘them’. Eventually it becomes the way that I can dismiss, disregard or harm ‘them’. After all, ‘they’ are not like me. I believe this is the reason why women and children are mistreated. Why domestic violence continues. And why women and children can be bought and sold, one way or another, by others.

I also believe that we talk much too easily about love. And not enough about fear. It is our fear that drives us to persecute others.

Surely my beloved child is still my beloved child no matter what their sexuality, religion, colour, values and beliefs? Why do I need to fear who my child is? Each generation has new ways of being. If those ways are all about loving one another then why would I stop my child from living like that. If my love is a real feeling surely I will want to share the love towards the people my child also loves? No matter who they are or where they come from. Even if I find them so very different from myself. Even if I fear them because they are not like me. Underneath the fear I have to find the love. And I have to show and share the love.

I really do. Because each one of us, as well as being human, is a Spirit being. Underneath this world we have another existence. This Earth is only my home for a short time. I will return to the Afterlife and rejoin all of the Spirit people who are living there right now. In a place where there are no bodies, no countries, no gender or sexuality I will be a being of light. In a realm where there is no us and them love is the only energy. If I can approach my human life in the same way as I live my Spirit life then I have to oust the fear. I have to be strong enough to reject the fear which breeds hatred.

In me is an endless supply of love. It comes from my Spirit which is supported by the Divine flow of love. Now I need to learn to speak the language of love, not fear. We are all one. We are Spirit. And we are Love. Humanity will survive so long as we remember and live that universal truth.

Day 368 of my blogging challenge.

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