Turning The Year: Spring Equinox Is Here

turningIt’s been a cold, fresh Monday here. Bright sunshine melting away the last of the weekend snow. And following on from the New Moon is the Spring Equinox. The year is turning and the equinox is another marker of our progress.

In the Northern hemisphere of Mother Earth this equinox marks the step into Spring. For the Southern hemisphere it is the move into Autumn. I love the way the turning of the planet offers us this difference. It highlights for me the contradiction within all of us. The fact that humans are dual energy beings. Exactly like the planet we live on. As I looked at the mini daffodils poking up through the blanket of snow this morning I smiled to myself. The plants follow the seasons and my garden is getting ready to spring alive once more. The buds are showing. Tiny leaves are unfolding. And flowers are opening to the sunlight.

I love that this turning into Spring brings back the lighter, longer days. I can feel my energy rising. Ready to create more. Do more. Share more. Because I’m ready to come out of my Winter hibernation. I believe we are all linked in energy to Mother Earth. When the seasons are turning we have work to do to make our planet fresh again. I┬áhave to say the gnome who looks after my garden is delighted. He has been pestering me to do some work outdoors for a couple of weeks now. But I’ve ignored him because it felt too early. And much too cold. Yet the plants are telling me it’s time to pay attention to this new growing cycle.

I’m really excited to find out what growth I will be doing this year. I’m turning my face into the Spring sunshine to gather up all the inspiration and energy I can. I’ve asked my Guide Team to send me all the info so I can have a head start. Because, no matter what the conditions I face, I would like to harvest an abundance of life this year. My best ever perhaps?

Day 844 of my blogging challenge

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