Turn Around and Turn Around

At the moment I feel like I’ve stepped onto a carousel. As soon as I feel I’ve reached a completion point something else makes me turn around again. I’m relaxed about it though because I know the Universal energy is in chaos right now.

One of the things I try my best to be aware of is when the energy turns. Like the wind changing. Or the tide turning. Suddenly I’m thrown back off balance. My personal energy can turn the opposite to where it’s been and I can feel exhausted too. In these moments I always get the same picture in my mind. Me balanced precariously on a surf board trying to stay upright when a big wave is trying to dunk me in the water. In other words, my emotions are flooding in and I have to ride out the feelings that could overwheleme me.

Today it was Mum feelings. I’m sure anyone who has been around a teenager will understand. Even if you aren’t a parent of one. Thinking back to my teenage rebellions I know I could turn in an instant. Miss Nice became either Miss Naughty or Miss Nasty. All because I didn’t really know who I was for sure. And that made me feel frightened. I wanted to stay a child but also pushed everyone to be accepted as an adult. It was a muddle. So there were tears, anger, tantrums and tiredness. Actually I’m surprised I survived realatively unscathed. Though I’m not sure my parents would agree.

I wanted to write about this because we are due another turn and twist to the energy vibration in a couple of days. It’s already making itself felt. But the wave hasn’t peaked yet.

This shift may make you very uncertain who you are. Or what you want. I know that this is a push for all of us to be and act in a more adult way. So a key aspect will be the question who am I? Along with what am I doing? Also, how do I act as an adult rather than a teenager in my world? The planet faces some big problems right now. As forecast a long time ago the structure we have become used to is breaking down. We can’t be sheltered and parented any longer. Those who have been doing so will have to turn off all the control. I and everyone else will have to take responsibility for the lives we are manifesting for ourselves. And responsibility for the imbalance of manifesting that leaves some people with much and far to many with little.

My understanding of this shift is to give us more free will choice instead of less. I recognise that we have gradually been giving away our free will, for all sorts of reasons, for a very long time. To turn this around will be a very big shake up. But that is what is happening. And I know the way through it all will be to focus on doing what is necessary for me to accept my adult rights and responsibilities. So I have a strong focus on the things I need to put in place in 2017. The work I need to do. The areas I need to grow in. And the healing I still need to do for myself.

If I choose to I can pass through this energy calmly. I can accept that one phase of exsistence is over. I can leave the teenager behind and begin my adult life. I’m ready. Are you?

Day 388 of my blogging challenge.

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