Turbulent Times: Looking After My Energy

turbulentTurbulent times! Those periods when the energy around me is tricky. Like a choppy, storm blasted ocean. When my peaceful flow is interrupted by constant gales of more challenging energy. And somehow I have to keep myself on an even keel.

If all of that sounds vaguely nautical its because in my intuitive world I see everything as waves of energy. Thoughts, feelings, experiences and events are the exchange of different kinds of energy. Mine. And the energy of others. We create waves of energy within us that push out towards others. Returning back as they push their energy back to us. It can make for turbulent moments. Even for much longer periods of turbulence. Especially if most of the people on the planet are reacting very strongly to the events going on globally. Of course I also have to factor in the energy of Mother Earth. She contributes a whole load of extra energy for all of us to balance out.

So in turbulent times I really have to pay attention to my own energy. I have to take the time, and make the effort, to recognise my inner feelings and thoughts. It’s important for me to ground away any energy that I don’t need to live in. So I make sure that I am loving and forgiving towards myself. And that I’m not holding on to any lower vibration emotions. Feel, reveal and release is what counts. I also try to recognise if the feelings are actually the energy from someone else. Like sea spray from their waves I can get caught by their reactions too. Again I try to send loving, forgiving energy to them. Rather than get pulled into swimming alongside them. Of course, the best thing is to put on my wet suit and surf the waves, protecting myself from the worst of the turbulent storms.

We have had a turbulent start to the year. It’s not quite over yet. I’m making sure that I look after my energy. Are you? Remember to be kind to yourself, rest as much as possible and wait out this current storm. There will be waves of clear, fresh energy following on once the upheaval has passed.

Day 838 of my blogging challenge

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