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chartres Today at the Centre the discussion has ranged from the difference between trance and channeling, trying out a stuck situation from the viewpoint of all the people involved in it and how soon do we become accustomed to the loss of a loved one. It certainly was an interesting variety of conversations. Even more so as all of these themes wove themselves together in to guidance, not only for me, but for every participant.

Some of the hardest things to pin down in the spiritual or paranormal world are definitions of what is actually taking place when I communicate with Energy Beings in different ways. What is ‘mental’ mediumship, or channeling or trance? Speak to a number of my fellow colleagues and you are likely to find slight, or even major, differences in what they would say was the dividing line between one type of mediumship against another. The lack of clearly understood descriptions of what takes place can also lead to misconceptions about the information the medium is receiving. I prefer to explain all mediumship as being conducted in an altered state of consciousness. In effect, the medium shifts her brainwaves to a different pattern making it possible to tune into her psychic, intuitive senses. We receive intuitive info all the time – it’s noticing it that is important.

Once we do pay attention to our intuition it is possible to notice the feelings and thoughts that don’t seem to belong to us. With practice we can identify the intelligence (or not in some cases) behind those feelings & thoughts. We can start to conduct a conversation. What is interesting is how ready we are to take what is communicated to us as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Perhaps we are too much in awe of the Energy Beings who have no physical body so cannot be present in that way in our lives? Sometimes we accept too much, place too much reliance on what the communicator says. It’s too easy to tell ourselves that if this being is able to communicate without a physical body then they must be more advanced than us. Especially if what they say seems to fit with what we want to hear.

This is why I practice evidence-based mediumship. That means that I am happy to communicate with any presence, even Zog from Zargon, and listen to what they say to me. However, Zog and any other being will have to give me evidence of their presence, confirmation of their words and have a very, very good reason why they have decided to contact me before I will pass on anything publicly about what they say. That process of validation may take years. I don’t mind. Funnily enough neither do they. When I ask for more I get more. Any Energy Being who wants to give us messages is also prepared to wait until we are ready both to receive and to pass on the messages. I feel it’s the way all mediumship should be approached if we are to help people in a systematic way.

Helping people is the whole point of why I’m a medium so the second conversation came about through the work I do to guide people through circles and spirals. I have always found working through a maze or labyrinth a really positive way to bring hidden info about myself to the surface. I offer a group for people so that they can use a circular or spiral labyrinth once a week to generate inspirations for their personal growth. The one I used today was an exercise in putting a stuck situation under the microscope by allowing yourself to become, for a short time, one of the other people in the situation with you. In the way it is conducted there is also space for Guides to provide light-bulb moments too. I encourage people to pay attention to inner promptings as they work through the situation from differing viewpoints. Of course, some of what surfaces will be our own inner guidance. But not all. Often there is something that really does enlighten the situation but is completely at odds with what the person would have been able to suggest might be a course of action. Tuning in with my own intuition and Guides I can facilitate the group in a more complete way too.

Tuning in for guidance was also at the heart of the third conversation. It is a long journey through grief when we loose someone we love especially if they have died. There are so many emotions, so much to understand and a hollow place in our heart that will never be filled. As a medium I can offer evidence that life continues after physical death. I can also offer messages from those in the Spirit World. Or it may be that I am in the right place at the right time to be able to say words that will acknowledge, validate or encourage someone in their grieving process. Having lost both parents I also understand how grief can bring a sense of guilt. Which person am I grieving for more? Has the passing of time blurred the edges of grief inĀ  one passing whilst the other is still too raw? Is it ok to stay stuck in my grief when others have apparently moved on? I have the blessing of knowing from the Spirits themselves what happens in the afterlife. I can contact my loved ones at any time which is much the same as when they were here. If I can share this knowledge with others & teach them to pay attention to their intuitive senses then they too will find a way out of the stuckness of grief.

I realised as I moved from conversation to conversation that I was re-affirming my passion for mediumship. My passion for excellent mediumship! And my desire to share that passion with people who want to unlock their own stuck mediumship. So much healing can flow if only we are brave enough to let it. Is it time for you to tune in to what has always been a part of you? Listen to what your intuition has to tell you and let your Guides help you get moving!

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