Trusting Uncertainty

imageWhen you are developing mediumship, or any other skill or talent in life, you hit a point where you find yourself doubting what you are able to do. Trusting that the uncertainty you feel will eventually clear is a challenge. The inner voice of doubt nibbles away at your confidence as again and again you find yourself saying I can’t do this. Today at the Psychic Club we were using crystal balls to help develop clairvoyance. Trusting that you have the ability to ‘see’ with your third eye is the first step. Then trusting that you can develop it comes next. Finally being determined and practicing until you do start to ‘see’ prompts the question can you trust what you are seeing. Again uncertainty creeps in. Each step of understanding leads to more uncertainty!

In our daily life we also find trusting uncertainty difficult. We plan, plan and plan again. We plan the day, the week or the year ahead in an effort to have certainty about what we are doing. However, if we are observant, we soon realise that planning is only an illusion. My diary has appointments and events in it. Yet there has to be room for changes. Things pop up that have more priority, or need my personal attention or mean I can help people. So I have learned not to get too hung up on what’s written down. For instance, today I had to put back a dinner invitation to a later time because I was asked to do a service at Keighley Spiritualist Church at short notice. There was a personal reason to cover this service and my dinner hosts were kind enough to change their plans too. Trusting that I would be in the right place at the right time and for the right reason I headed off to my extra event.

Some people find uncertainty frightening and some enjoy it. What makes the difference? When we learn to plan so rigidly that there is no room for changes we are taken by surprise when we have to rework our plans. Do that often enough and it can feel like there is nothing fixed or reliable in our world. That can lead to a feeling of fear behind the uncertainty. Feeling fearful we forget to trust ourselves to be able to handle whatever we have to deal with. Once agin the voice of doubt starts up in our head and the uncertainty becomes the trigger for more and more fear. Enjoying uncertainty comes from understanding that a plan is only an outline. It’s one possible timetable of how our day, week or year is going to go. Remembering that there are options, when the need to change the plan arises, we can asses what is most important and why. Then we can do something different than we expected and enjoy the new direction we have gone in. Embracing the uncertainty, by trusting that we will be ‘going with the flow’ and doing what will turn out to be for the best, frees us from the voice of doubt.

The next time you are uncertain and doubt starts chatter chattering in your head turn and face the fear. Find out what you are afraid of and recognise that you can trust yourself to find a positive way forward. Make room in your planning for the unexpected. Be ready to change direction at a moments notice. Best of all, practice trusting uncertainty, going with the flow and letting events unfold in front of you. Enjoy the things you end up doing and reschedule the rest!

Day 180 of my blogging challenge.

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