Trusting in Life

a&cToday has been my first full day back at work after a number of life events that have been very emotional & significant. It felt good to be returning to the flow and patterns of my work. One of the things I noticed was that disruption can disorientate me quite quickly so that it’s been hard to hold onto a sense of a solid foundation in my life. That theme reoccurred throughout the day as people called into the Down 2 Earth Heart Centre.

It is one of our usual drop in days. These have been happening for nearly two years now usually on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays so that people can take a respite from their lives – having a cuppa or a conversation or find a quiet space to reflect. I work on Thursdays with Carie and Alastair to provide the listening ear, to make the tea and to offer a welcoming smile. People tend to find us when the time is right for them to focus on their needs. We all spend so much of out time focusing on the needs of others that we rarely get to the top of our own list. Yet the Centre is there when people are ready to give themselves a break.

The whole valley is dealing with the loss caused by massive flooding – not the loss of life, thank goodness – and at some point the adrenaline of coping dies back. People need time and space to process what they are feeling and thinking. Today our friends old and new made their way through the labyrinth of the doors and corridor to the heart of our space. We listened to their experiences, they shared as a group at times, and we all recognised that every single person in the community was dealing with loss and change. Out of our conversations we identified that we would all need to find trust again. Trust in ourselves that there is a core self unharmed by these events. Trust in our community that it can continue to pull together and repair or rebuild the damaged areas. Trust in the months to come that the wider world’s kindness, which we have received, will still be there between all of us when the world has moved on.

This evening I went to Blackburn Spiritualist Centre to do the demonstration of mediumship. It was my first service of the year (I was going to be at Hebden Bridge church last Sunday but the weather overtook that event). I hadn’t done any Spirit work since my concussion so I felt decidedly nervous about how well I would be able to work. Sitting quietly for a few moments, waiting to start, I realised that this was another test of trust. I have lost my sense of smell and some of my sense of taste – had I lost my ability to connect as well as I would like? As it turns out, the Spirit World came through as loud and clear as always. They made the connections strong & smooth. My trust in my connections was restored. It also takes faith to put yourself up for running a Centre or standing in front of the public giving messages. Faith in your self, your ability and faith that you will be helped. I test that trust and faith every day because I choose to do something that is actually uncertain. I don’t know how many people will find our listening ears & sanctuary; or if I will be able to give the clearest messages; or find the appropriate words when someone is dealing with loss, pain and confusion; or to be of service. I find that every day, when I trust and have faith, it seems I can be of service in many different ways.

My Centre gets by on a wing and a prayer – the Earth’s ArchAngel wings and the listening ears of the Energy Beings who keep it’s doors open. It will remain in the Valley for as long as I can be of service to my community. Please keep your trust in yourself and your community. Change may happen in a challenging way. Together, if we have trust & faith, we are a stronger force for ensuring that positives flow from the most difficult circumstances.

Day 52 of my blogging challenge.

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