Trusting the Connections

If I needed proof that trusting is the best thing to do then today has been miraculous. All day connections have been happening to me. It’s as if the Universe wanted to say Ta Da!

Wanted to show me what could be achieved if I adopted a trusting approach to my problems. Shifted my focus and let go of my worries. Because it’s hard to break the worry pattern once it’s been adopted by the Ego mind. I have seen the Law of Attraction in action all through my activities today. From the cup of tea with a friend who has a lot of knowledge about designing courses to the conversation at a digital training event about my Passion Planner. The gift of knowledge from another dear friend. And the in between moments when I was asked for appointments, sent out healing and had a great laugh with the pieces being posted in my Inspired 2 Write group.

What a contrast then to sit down at the training event and notice we were all on our mobiles. Hiding from saying hello to one another. Waiting for someone else to break the ice. It reminded me of something I read in my newsfeed earlier in the day. People often debate if mediums are special or gifted. They say only a few can do what I do. And go on to explain why they can’t do it. Often to the point of saying that connections aren’t real. Not trusting themselves to explore whether the connections can be opened up. Yet I know from my experiences that everyone can connect with Energy Beings. Every single person on the planet. If they wanted to. I certainly did. My curiosity pushed me to try. I refused to believe that this ability was restricted by genetics.

Trusting that my search for understanding would bring me evidence and eventually clarity I kept communicating. But like using a mobile I sometimes blocked what I received.

It took me a long time to become trusting enough to answer back the hello from the other side. To sit at a table of strangers and start a conversation. I wonder how many people sit at the table with their Spirit teams but are reluctant to say hello. How many distract themselves with looking busy. Or looking anywhere but around the table. I know they are missing out. There is so much we can learn by exploring our intuitive nature. Best of all I know that it led me to living on the edge. Taking a risk and living my life in happiness as much of the time as I could. Following my heart and trusting that what I required would come to me.

Once again I’m amazed. Today has been wonderful. I feel as if I’ve passed another self test. My intuitive mind has taken the lead. I asked for help and I’ve been given so much. I want to stay on the edge of life. Ready to surf the waves knowing and trusting that I will always be safe. My connections to my Guides are strong. I’m ready to be of service. Where ever it;small going it’s going to be a fun ride 💜

Day 499 of my blogging challenge.

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