In Troubled Times Love Is The Only Way

I was busy at my desk. I love turning my photos into messages. The radio was on. But the announcement was all about troubled times. Someone had attacked people going about their everyday lives.

In the aftermath people will be given bad news about their loved ones. Lives changed forever. The question why will be uppermost in people’s minds. Why me? Why them? On a wider level the fear and uncertainty generated will mix with the shock, disbelief and anger of grief. Many of us will be troubled by this attack. No matter what the reason for this action it reminds all of us that life is an uncertain process. It’s easy to fall into a negative response. To go about with fearful hearts. Getting angry becuase of a feeling of vulnerability. But I want to focus on the love we need to find within us.

The love of being alive. The love to understand that death will come to all of us in very many different ways. The love for one another that is the antidote to hate. I feel it’s important to recognise the troubled minds who take the love of aggressive action as their right. The people who act from misguided or troubled love. Who believe that love is best represented by acts of extreme violence. Someowhere in their lives they have chosen a perverse path where hate and fear are called love. We may never know or understand why. What I can do is to focus my mind on the purity of love. The respect and compassion for others.

If, in their troubled times, these people had chosen differently, by a different understanding of love, today’s events would have been impossible.

Making these attacks an impossibility happenes when all of us bring love to the fore. When we embrace our differences and learn to live as one global community. When we begin to rebalance the structures we have put in place. And change our attitude from ‘then and us’ to ‘all of us’. It’s not the first time that there have been attacks in the UK or Ireland. And many other countries around the world have suffered similar experiences. Today is the anniversary of an attack in Belgium. In some places attacks are an everyday occurrence. With that in mind I return my thoughts to love. Love is the only way. It will always be the only way. Teach your children and grandchildren the love of our global community.

Day 485 of my blogging challenge.

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