Treasure Trove

images-64Looking around some shops today there were lots of little treasure to be found. A book of the Goon Show scripts raised a laugh. The pad of watercolour paper reminded me that I wanted to do some drawing this week. A tin for collecting money for our next holiday. The flash of orange colour in a scarf that made me smile. Fresh bread sitting in the bakery waiting to be eaten. This little collection of abundance was there to fill all my needs. Sometimes we forget to notice how wonderful it is that whatever we need is usually close at hand.

Later I was sitting drawing, trying to capture the ideas in my head, feeling the energy of so many beings. I love being able to sit quietly and let their energy fill my aura. Especially as I can sometimes capture the flow of their energy on paper. I returned to painting and drawing late in my life. There were many self-imposed barriers I had to break down so that I could pick up a paintbrush and start to explore my intuitive ability through art. Yet as I allowed myself to “play” with my ability some wonderful painting emerged. The Energy Beings have been happy to inspire me whilst placing their distinct energies into each attempt. They have encouraged me to paint big, paint small, experiment and enjoy being creative. Such a wonderful treasure of colour, movement and inspiration!

The treasure of our own ability is a wonderful, close at hand, gift. Yet we often forget to explore this hidden trove of goodies. As the sun drifted down behind the mountain across the bay I thought about all of the things I now do that would have stayed in the background if I had decided looking for them was too difficult. I connect with Guides which has really improved my life. I bring messages to other people in the hope that it can improve their lives. I am able to self heal and heal others by using Universal energy. I enjoy sining and public speaking. I paint. I write. I have opened a spiritual and holistic Centre. This journey of discovery has no end. I’m continuing to experiment with newly recognised abilities. There is so much more treasure to find.

Have you stopped looking at your own talents? Do you feel that you are accessing everything that you are? Have you forgotten the excitement of finding something new to try? Is it time to get out your ‘Treasure Map’ and look for the surprises hiding within yourself?

Day 193 of my blogging challenge. Written 27th May 2016.

2 thoughts on “Treasure Trove

  1. Thankyou Annie. I did this exact same thing yesterday and found that drawing brought me some peace and enjoyment xx

  2. Hi Natalie, I’m glad you enjoyed being in a creative mood. It’s a fab way to step off the grid for a little while 😀 xx

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