Travelling Light: Time To Move On

travellingFor several months I’ve kept hearing the same words from my Guides. They keep telling me it’s time to be travelling light. In other words, time to release everything that I no longer need.

Today I sent another two bags of my possessions to the charity shop. It felt really good to tidy out some more cupboards and make space. I’ve been doing that quite a bit. Making space for new things to come in. Looking forward to a new direction and fresh opportunities. Yet I still have a pile of ‘maybe I’ll keep this’ items waiting for me to really get my head around travelling light. Like going on a holiday with only hand luggage and hoping to have enough clothes to last the week. That’s when packing can be a nightmare. Do I squeeze in the extra pair of shoes or a jumper just in case? Can I really strip done my needs to the contents of a suitcase? Do I play the ‘putting on extra layers’ game or stick with what is in the bag?

Travelling is a result of change. I’m going from one me to the next me. I want to enjoy myself when I get there but I also want to make sure I have all the usual requirements. But what do really require? I feel it’s easy to get lost in all sorts of stuff that might never come out of the suitcase, Just because … That’s how I get overburdened. And exhausted with carrying too much stuff. The changes I want to make will only succeed if I clear my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual things. So as well as sending items to charity I have had to consider the emotional and memory reasons why I’m holding onto each piece. And remind myself that I only want to keep good and positive thoughts and feelings.

Travelling light is much easier to achieve when I remind myself that I will always have the positive energy of anything I’ve had in my life. As I accept this I can let go of anything that isn’t positive. Then I can work on letting go of the actual thing that creates the positive energy. It doesn’t have to be packed in my bag for me to carry it’s positivity with me. I hope to be travelling even lighter soon!

Day 718 of my blogging challenge

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