Travel As Far As You Can

What an interesting 13th it’s been. I’ve arrived in Tenerife for a bit of time for myself. I’m looking forward to writing, drawing and processing my year so far.

It’s much nicer to be able to do it away from my normal things. That’s why I’m going to travel as far as I can this week. Not just away from my daily routine but also into my inner world. I realised this when I was sitting on the bus going the long way round the island to my lodgings. There is a shorter route from the airport but I had been advised to take certain buses. So I did. Yet sometimes the longest way is the shortest in the end. As I toured around I got some fab views of Mount Teide both from the sunshine of the shore and the clouds of the mountains.

The last time I was in Tenerife was with my youngest brother many, many years ago. I had no idea then that I would tumble into a world of spirituality. That started me thinking about my year so far. My Guides must have been wondering why I was meandering around all over the place instead of getting on with what I’m here to do. The clouds kept attracting my attention even when I was trying my hardest to focus on the sunny side of the street. And it all depends on what place I’m standing in, looking at the events of this year. Do I want to focus on the issues that needed clearing – much like those clouds this evening? Or do I want to notice that up above the clouds the sun still shines. That was certainly true on the plane.

As I travel through my experiences over the next few days I want to look at the sunbeams. Those flecks of light will help me illuminate my inner wisdom and highlight where I have grown.

It will also be interesting to see where I have dawdled, how I have gone off track and where I have zoomed ahead. Using these insights will help me be ready for the next phase of travel when it pops up. We are all travelling through life. I believe that to go as far as we can it’s important to retreat and reflect. Once I have done that any mountains, long roads and short cuts will be easier to handle because I will know I can. Perhaps that’s the best thing to emerge when I┬áspend time thinking about what has happened to me. I know that it shows me how, when and why I coped. It reminds me that I have to enjoy the journey, keep travelling and have an adventure.

Day 303 of my blogging challenge.

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  1. I like this Amnie, sometimes spinning through space on our planet, is to be noticed and felt, like a huge organic ship. Our personal journey is also part of a web of other journeys going on around us. Balance is the key so often. I hope you have a wonderful serene n fun holiday. I have a friend who lives on Tenerife, keep meaning to visit, perhaps this winter.

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