Transforming A Negative Into A Positive

TransformingI had a chat today about transforming negative energy into positive energy. Something I need to do from time to time. But it’s not always as easy as it sounds.

Sometimes I wake up grouchy. Or I discover I’ve taken on someone else’s unhappy energy. I find I have low vibrational energy that I don’t want. Mainly because it’s not good energy for me to live in. But also because it’s not good energy for me to pass on to anyone else. Then I have to think about transforming the energy into kindness, or happiness or compassion. I have to find a way to balance and release the negative energy so that I’m back to my usual self. And I can start to send out the good energy again. One of the key things that does help is when I can identify that the energy isn’t mine. That allows me to release the feelings the energy is creating for me. They aren’t mine so I don’t have to have them.

Then I know I will be left with only my own low vibrational energy. So it’s much easier for me to deal with. Or it can be. Of course sometimes I make it harder for myself. If I drift into self pity, lack and nobody loves me mode it can take me a while to move myself out of those Ego thoughts. However I try to look for the reasons that my happy mood might be transforming into misery. Have I stepped out of my comfort zone? Am I tired? Or hungry? Have I taken something on board that someone said? Perhaps I’m being judgemental? I want to deal with whatever is causing me to feel low as quickly as possible. That’s when I find meditation can help. Sitting quietly for ten minutes asking myself to show me what the low energy comes from. And being prepared to recognise that I am creating the energy that is pulling me down.

Transforming energy is something anyone can learn to do again. I know I did it naturally as a child. It starts from recognising what is my energy and being willing to change it if it’s not my best energy. Then calling in all of the techniques I have learned to boost me back to a positive frame of mind. I’m not positive 24/7. But I’m willing to work towards that!

Day 714 of my blogging challenge 

2 thoughts on “Transforming A Negative Into A Positive

  1. Thankyou Annie. found me! Just when I needed it.
    Rather weighed down ,with son s position etc.
    I tend to pick up others feelings,thoughts etc. On the psychic side. A natural.
    At 82. The weight is rather heavy, arch Angel Michael helps me.
    I did not catch the name of the Angel ,you mentioned for mo day
    My son should be calling with life changing plans for himself.
    And due to parkinsons, not very clear thinking for him to cope.
    His wife does not believe angels or any God connection.
    I have to be strong to help. The last six months have given great pressure.
    I asked for help. And heard you talking.xx

  2. Hi Barbara, I’m delighted that you have made the connection with me. The ArchAngel who I was talking about is Parashiel. He is responsible for all of the healers and healing on the planet. He works with Archangel Raphael to open up our access to healing. I will send your son some energy called Parashiel’s Balm. It is a strong vibration that promotes self healing so I hope it can help him in some way.

    I will also send you some strength to continue your work of supporting your son and his wife. You can also call on ArchAngel Arsheliel who works as part of the team with Michael. Arsheliel is a strong, determined and compassionate being who would be delighted to share his energy with you.

    Keeping you and your family in my thoughts <3

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