Traditions Old and New

As I sang along at the carol service in the Square this evening I thought about the traditions that make my Christmas experience. This year there have been a couple of new ones and plenty of old ones.

Traditions are the patterns of our lives that mark the turning of the seasons. With the passing of time certain experiences become what we always do. Then, as life changes, new experiences fit in somehow and eventually turn into what we always do. The Christmas carols reminded me of the wealth of tradition associated with religious beliefs of any kind. I enjoy that we have different ways to relate to a sense of Divine presence in our lives. And I was also reminded that at the heart of any religious tradition there is love and a hope for a better life for all.

At this time I also recognise that the older I get the more people I know have journeyed to the Afterlife. Tonight I could feel all of my Spirit family and friends standing with me as I sang. As I joined in Away in a Manger I thought about the school nativity plays I had been to. And the ones my Mum missed because she had to go back to the Spirit World. Because there are younger members of the family now. Ones she never met down here. I’m sure they will carry on some of our family traditions with their own one day. And as families we will all gather together to share a communal meal.

I think that’s the tradition I enjoy the most. Sharing a celebration meal with loved ones. Even if I’m the only one actually eating. Because our traditions miss out the fact that the Spirit people are always around us. I know they want to share our joys and sorrows. They want to remind us that they are really only a breath away. So when I have my Christmas dinner, or any other holiday meal at this time, I will be sharing with my Spirit loved ones. That is one of my newer traditions. Until I started to let the Spirit World in all they got was a passing though.

Tomorrow I will make my table a bright and festive welcome for all of my loved ones. I hope to chat with everyone, here or there, to share the love and laughter and to create more special memories. Have a wonderful celebration and know that your whole family is with you ❤️

Day 405 of my blogging challenge.

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