Tonight Words Almost Fail Me

img_2222I know that it’s a muddled up energy time. I’ve been speaking and writing about the shadow side we all have and how close it is to the surface at the moment. Yesterday I wrote about the children. Today I need to write about our vintage citizens.

And after the events of my day I really do mean that words might fail me. I got a call to say that an elderly relative had been burgled. Someone had smashed in a window whilst they were asleep. All that the burglar managed to find was a small sum of money. When they realised the house was occupied thankfully they left. But only to the house next door. Fortunately the vintage person who lived there was out. Though they had the shock of returning home to a place that had been ransacked. Again a small amount of money was taken. Sadly so was some jewellery. Not of enormous monetary value but full of memories.

Unfortunately there is little that can be done to find the people who did this. They had certainly done their homework about when might be a good time to break in. If only my elderly relative had been out too. Rather than ill in bed. I suspect the shock of the burglary would have been somewht less. After all, the home that has been a safe haven for 21 years is no longer that. But it’s the thought of being asleep whilst someone else was there that makes it much more shocking. I was relieved and grateful that they had taken the money and moved on. Some families deal with much worse that has happened to their older members.

That’s challenging part of this. What happened to these two lovely people is not rare. It happens much more that I would wish. One incident would really be one too many.

I know that most of us will be saddened to know that our elderly people are targets for such bad behaviour. I’m sure we would all want it to stop. Especially when it affects us directly, like me today. Yet there are people who know and are around the ones who have done this who never speak out. The burglars are part of someone’s family. They have friends. There will be people who know that they have spending money from crime. Someone has to trade the jewellery for whatever the burglars feel they need. When did they decide it was ok to harm old people instead of working and paying their own way?

I’m not angry about what’s has happened. Money can be replaced. I’m not so sure peace of mind can. However, both these senior citizens are tough. They have been through much more in their lives than the burglars can ever imagine. Both of them have families, friends and neighbours who care. I’m sure the burglars haven’t. Because that is the return that they can expect. I’m a great believer in the law of karma. What you give out you get back. It may be some time down the line, maybe even another life, but the consequences of what they did today will bounce back.

We all make mistakes in our choices. We all fail at something. Or many things.

It’s about what we choose to fail at that matters. Whoever chose to fail the compassion test today will find they are on the receiving end of the same energy. Of course I can understand that we have to experience the light and the dark in order to find balance. It still boils down to choices. Deliberately target vulnerable people or find a different way to have an income? Perhaps the greatest failure is that we accept and continue to let people believe that stealing is an occupation or way of life. I’m full circle. Back to the children. It’s time to make more effort to break the chain of shadows.

Day 332 of my blogging challenge.

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