Time to Flee the Fleas!

images-68I love my cats to bits. I’ve had cats and dogs all through my life, either personally or as family pets, as they are amazing companions. However, they do come with one little problem. They can be prone to fleas. Sometimes it turns into a big problem.

Whilst we have been away a whole village of fleas has taken up residence in our house. It only takes one to move in and before you know it you have lots. Of course, before I went away there might have been a flea already in residence. I do use flea collars and keep an eye on when the cats start scratching. But fleas are so much a part of having an animal that it’s always possible for one to hop aboard whilst my pet out and about. It only becomes a bigger issue when they have had a lot of time to build a community unchecked by my best efforts to evict them. 

So how did I discover I had a village in my home? Arriving home rather late we went straight off to bed. The next morning the evidence was there in all the bites on my feet and legs. You see, the cats like to sleep at the bottom of my bed. So the fleas had a bit of a midnight feast. I bet it was a rocking party! Oh well, I thought. Where is the soothing cream? Which cupboard is the flea spray in? Time to get the vaccum out. I also asked the fleas, fairly politely, to emigrate as quickly as possible. You see, I wasn’t going to give them much time to pack either. I generally hate to kill anything. Even the slugs get rehoused from my garden. But something had to be done. Out came the bug spray.

Why am I sharing this story? I know in my Mother’s day fleas were considered to inhabit only dirty homes so talking about them was a bit of a taboo topic. Yet, as I wandered around looking for the stuff so I could take action, I was also asking my Guides what message I was receiving.

Funnily enough I’m not a housework kind of person. But the fleas weren’t there for that reason. Sometimes our outer reality reflects back to us our inner, energy reality. The fleas were a perfect representation of something that has been going on for me. I’ve been on the receiving end of several little niggles that other people have with me. Or at least with something I might possibly be connected with. Instead of being straightforward and going ‘look Annie …’ there have been tiny little digs or ‘bites’ instead. And occasionally some rathe unpleasant bigger bites. I’ve been applying the soothing cream. I’ve been mindful of my energy. Yet I’ve still been on the receiving end.

That’s what my Guides wanted to point out to me. Sometimes, with the best will in the world, you just have to move those issues or people out of your life. I know I have to speak my truth. I’ve said often that my truth is only true for me. Someone else might not see things my way. That’s ok. I’m happy to stand my ground in the face of attempts to get me off balance or even off my feet. However, I won’t be niggled without clearing out whatever is niggling at me. I feel much better when I know I can take action. And even better when I know it’s the best action I can take. The not so little pest problem at home reminded me not to allow pest problems to grow in my energy home either. Action has been taken.

Here’s to a bug free home. At least for now!

Day 264 of my blogging challenge.

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