Thinking Time

imageSometimes it’s good to sit and reflect for a while. Life can be so busy. Today I’ve been able to get some thinking time. In my day I have lots of little tasks to do to make sure that my business is running smoothly. Often those little tasks end up filling my whole day. I find myself swamped with dealing with all the admin, queries, bookings and planning. So much so that I drift off from looking at what I am doing in a strategic way. Then I head home wondering how I have spent my time or if I’ve achieved anything. Of course big plans don’t happen without the million small steps that make it so. Yet now and again it’s good to stop and use an opportunity for creative imagination.

I find thinking time a positive benefit for taking my plans forward. It allows me to check where I’m up to in my journey to the outcome I want to create. Thinking about what I’ve done so far lets me measure my successes and consider my prototypes. Knowing where I’ve got to agains my ‘grand design’ I think about what else I need to do to show the Universe that I want my dreams to happen. Then I can think about some ‘what ifs’ in case I want to modify my choices or swap to another dream entirely. Imagining the possible and impossible outcomes perhaps I will decide to be bold and go for something I once thought was impossible. Perhaps the thinking time will give me a chance to see that everything is actually possible. If I use my willpower I can make my intention strong and unshakable. Then I can think about how to get my intention into reality.

We constantly underestimate the power of our minds. Yet every successful person has started with a strong intention, creative imagination and the determination to make their dreams happen. Ideas fail when what we forget to do is give ourselves the time to think on a regular basis. Time to check progress, adjust plans, restate our dreams and focus on being positive that it’s possible. Today I sat, sorting out old paperwork. My brain was thinking about how far I’d come. I noticed a document for a car I had 24 years ago. My first car that was all my own. Paid in full. Not shared with anyone else. There have been other cars since then but I remembered how good it felt to drive that car. I felt as if I had achieved my biggest dream back then having scraped together every penny I had for a 12 year old car. Thinking about it, feeling that feeling again, I ran through the new opportunities that are opening up for me. I’m determined to scrape together everything I have within myself so that I can keep on feeling that sense of achievement. My dreams are happening in the material world so I’m also going to keep having thinking time too.

I hope you find the time for thinking about your dreams. Make them really good ones. Hold the strongest intention you can for them to come true. Never waver. Believe in yourself. Keep taking the next step. And the next. And the next. Your dreams will be reality before you know it.

Day 206 of my blogging challenge.

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