Things Going Bump In The Night

One of the things I often get asked about is the noises people hear at night time. Like the sound of footsteps. Or a conversation going on in another room. Even bumps and bangs. Are they Spirits?

When I listen to someone talk about these things they also often refer to what they have seen on TV or in films. Even to things they have read. They can be quite scared or anxious. ¬†Because noises in the night are often attributed to ghostly haunting. I always ask the person to think carefully about what they have been experiencing. Can the sounds be explained any other way? Like someone in the household actually walking about. Or a TV or radio left on in another room. Buildings and heating systems ‘settle’ due to changes of temperature so creaks, bangs and pings are not unusual. I prefer to rule out the normal, everyday reasons before I think about Spirit activity.

Once it seems that there might be unexplained noises I talk to the person about intuitive psychic senses. I know we can all sense the Spirits but we often choose to block out the information. I need to know if the person concerned is picking up these noises because their senses are awakening. Things can be done to close down our senses if we choose. Especially when that person prefers not to tune in to the Energy Beings. It may also be that I can give that person more information to help them understand what is happening and why. I can also connect with any Spirit who has been making the noises to see if they are trying to make contact for a particular reason.

Things are not always what they seem. The noises can be an attempt to get someone’s attention so a message can be passed on.

One of the reasons that the Spirit people try to get our attention is to let us know they are safe and well. Often when I make the connection I find that a loved one has been trying to pass that on. They don’t want us to worry about them. Because grief is hard enough without wondering if the person you have lost is ok. Making a noise to get someone noticing can be very effective. Much like what happens down here when we want to get the waiter’s attention. Once the message has been received the noises usually stop. I like being able to confirm what the Spirit person has been trying to do. And it’s lovely when things calm down.

I also have to acknowledge those Spirit people who pop back to the place they loved every now and again. Sometimes the noises are accidental. They haven’t realised that they can be heard. The Spirit people are not intending to create a disturbance. I find that when I ask them to be quieter that’s what happens. Often with some form of apology for being noisy in the first place. Occasionally the Spirit visitors get a bit mischievous. I know from my own experience that they like moving things around, opening drawers or even tickling my feet in bed. A strong word or two from me usually gets them to behave a bit better. I find that in the night are not about haunting but about staying connected with us. I love that but if you don’t then you can certainly tell them to go away. And they will.

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