Themes, Dreams and Patterns

After my day of resting yesterday today has been a day of themes. I’ve been mentoring people most of the day and noticing the similarities in the energies people are dealing with.

Of course I felt the big energy download on Sunday – my reason for resting yesterday – and the spike due to the full moon is only a day away. The mentoring couldn’t have come at a better time really. When there is a lot of positive energy flowing in it forces the stuck energy to the surface. I can help someone see more clearly what patterns are still operating within them. And how they might be sabotaging their own dreams. On alert for any similarities I wasn’t at all surprised to find several themes emerging.

Dreams was one of the themes I picked out too. I’ve had some vivid dreams. So had all of my mentees. The thread was all about what habits were still playing out. Or where had endings been inconclusive. I was able to stand back and highlight emotional or thought patterns for people. Because the dreams gave me clues. And also because in our work together we had teased out the patterns based on fear or insecurity. Discussing the content of the dreams along side the issues of the past few days helped everyone to look at their patterns much more clearly.

Human beings do things out of habit. It’s one of our themes. It helps me and you feel more secure in the world if our lives are generally predicatable. Yet often those habits become a trap.

I know I like to feel that there is a sort of order in my life. Chaos feels like a scary option. Yet I know that some of my patterns have finished serving me well. They have changed into self-imposed resitrictions instead. If I stay following them I will limit my personal and spiritual growth. That might mean I never fully achieve my dreams. I might even stop dreaming altogether. I would become stuck. That might not sound like a bad idea to my Ego mind which wants to keep me safe. But to my Spirit it’s something to be avoided.

Back to my mentees. The themes today were a reflection of their potential to become stuck in a pattern that has already become unfulfilling. And hidden in the dreams and patterns are the clues of what could change to prevent that. In fact for some of them they had already become unstuck. This current energy blast is a top up to keep their momentum for change going. This evening I also thought bout my patterns. It’s worth considering every now and then if I’m on track with my dreams. Or whether I’m sabotaging myself. Then I can adjust what I do to make sure I’m heading in the right direction.

Old habits die hard. It’s up to me to move into doing things differently. Each time I ask my mentees to review their progress I know I also have to review mine. That way we all learn and grow and change together.

Day 533 of my blogging challenge 

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