The Story

For a long time many of the old masters, and here I do not mean masters of art, rather those that have mastered life, have said this is a story

“How do you master life?” I hear you ask.

Simply by understanding on an experiential level that this life is a story. It is our own attachment to the characters and events in the story that cause us to be on the endless hamster-wheel of suffering, Maya as it is often called

My 14 year old daughter said to me as I was filling up a water bottle from a water filter that the running of water must be “the most boring part of the day” My reply was “Perhaps if you didn’t label it as ‘boring’ then it would not be seen to be boring” “Oh”, was the reply, “it’s still boring”

This is a demonstration of being caught up in the story and for many teenagers I think it is particularly true that as you evolve you can become more caught up in the story of your own evolution. It is only through an understanding of this that you can overcome it and for me it took many decades to understand that this is all just a story. My own suffering and pain increases the more I am involved in the story and the less I am involved in the Spiritual Nature of life, there is a distinct and tangible relation between the two and even as I write this with pain arising in my right-shoulder I realise that the pain is simply a distraction from writing this down for you to read.

The message of this post is to be not too involved in the story and more involved with BEing. In that way you can find a way to experience life with far less pain and suffering.

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This is a guest blog by Robert Williams who took part in Annie Conboy’s Inspired 2 Write 28 Day Challenge. Well done Robert.

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