Telling It Like It Is – Being Clear What’s Involved

telling truthThere are times when I get quite frustrated with the world. Days when everyone seems to have an agenda. But they won’t put it into what they are saying. I much prefer telling it like it is. Then everyone can be clear what is involved and make their choices based on as much info as possible.

I recently signed up to something which was presented as a charitable event. I try to support charities when I can because there are so many causes that struggle to get funding. This one seemed like a really good idea. I was excited too because it was to do something that would challenge me. After several ‘welcome’ type texts there were a few questions I still needed answering. Especially about dates and times that I would have to commit to. I asked several times for the information. Disappointingly I didn’t get answers. Until I spoke to someone else. Then I found out that there were some hidden costs not included in the original blurb. And deadlines I couldn’t meet. It certainly wasn’t telling it like it is.

It got me thinking about this habit we have. One I’ve been guilty of in the past. Telling the story with the spin I want on it. Keeping back the bits I want to hide. And letting someone believe that what they have been told is the whole picture. When I started working with my Guides they were very picky about the way I had to pass on messages. They insisted that I had to share only what they gave me. Because my opinions, judgements or assumptions would hide the truth of the words the Spirits wanted to say. Because, in the end, when someone isn’t clear it all falls apart anyway. Like my hoped for charitable experience. I have withdrawn because I had only been given half of the story.

There was too much else involved. Things that the organisers weren’t telling anyone. Things that made it impossible for me. It’s a good reminder to me. I now try my best to be straightforward in all I say. But I’m not perfect so sometimes I miss little bits out. However, I have no agenda when working for Spirit. I do what they ask of me, when they ask it of me. And I do my very best to bring that approach into everything I say in my everyday life. Telling things straight is the spiritual way. I’m glad I finally learned that lesson.

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