Taking A Break: Serving Spirit In Churches

taking a breakI’ve been over to Blackpool tonight taking the service and demonstrating my mediumship. It’s something I have been doing for nearly eleven years. But I’m winding down my work.

I never expected that I would be standing at the front of a Spiritualist church or centre giving people messages. It was the one thing I said I would never do. Yet I found myself, as a very nervous fledgling medium, standing up and passing on the things the Spirit people told me. To the public. Because it is a way I can help people. I don’t really know if I was very helpful in the early days. The things I said were accepted by the people I spoke to. However I always felt a niggling doubt about my ability. Taking the service became more and more a part of my life and eventually my doubts faded away. And I got very busy going here, there and what seemed to be everywhere. I loved my new vocation. Especially as I communicated with so many bright energies.

Now I’ve come to a new passion. My writing. Today I started taking pre-orders for my first book. Communicating with the Spirit World gave me the push to find my hidden abilities. So that I could do more to pass on their wisdom to everyone. So I will be taking a break from giving public messages in churches and centres. The time is right for me to use my connecting abilities in another setting. Between the covers of books. I’m excited to set off on this new adventure. Even though, like tonight, I really enjoy being the messenger for loved ones to speak directly to their families still on Earth. I hope that when the time is right I will return to public demonstrations of mediumship. Taking a break doesn’t have to mean stopping altogether.

So at the end of the year I am stepping off the platform and walking into another way of working with Spirit. Perhaps a change really is as good as a rest. I’m certainly going to find out!

Day 661 of my blogging challenge 

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