Write, Write and Write Some More

img_2219One of the things on my ‘to do’ list today was to write an article for a local magazine, Valley Life. I’ve been writing short pieces for over a year now in the monthly magazine. I enjoy the challenge of finding a new topic to speak about.

It is a great opportunity to write about different topics that could prompt people to consider alternative methods of support. It’s also been really good for my confidence in my writing. Having a deadline, considering different ideas and putting my spin on things has made me think a lot about what I write. I want to offer something helpful and interesting. Also something that reads easily. Busy people might not have time to sink into a long article. So I also have to think about making every word count. It’s great for getting me to say what I mean in as few words as possible.

When I decided to write my blog I felt I could manage a daily blog for at least 30 days. After all, I could do 500 words for the magazine. I just had to do 500 different (& meaningful) words each day. Although I had written my workshop manuals as well as other training material the blog would have a different focus. It’s not all about me in a sense. That’s the point about being able to write something that other people will read. So I began with a desire to see if I could do 30 days talking about things that other people might find interesting. Finding myself on the 330th day I’m rather awed at what I’ve achieved. And there is plenty more blogging to be done.

Somewhere along the line my blog has also become a book. I’ve gained the confidence to expand my writing into a much longer piece.

The best thing about completing my book has been the step I took out of my comfort zone when I decided to write more. Because my ideas have expanded. My voice has grown. The subjects I write about have become opportunities for me to reflect on my day. Equally they have been prompts that I hope have inspired others to think about their day. I’ve become able to describe myself as a writer. And feel comfortable about doing that. A skill that might never have been given space has emerged and I love it. So my writing continues.

To write came up a couple of times today in another way. Having had two bouts of clinical depression in my past I value that my counsellor suggested that I write a journal. I was uncertain if it would help but when I tried it I was surprised. Capturing my feelings and thoughts, even in brief notes, seemed to release them. I could identify a pattern to my moods. The words helped me to find solutions. Eventually I stopped writing in my journal. I guess I was fed up, “cured” or ran out of steam. I’m not sure which. Except that I was conscious I didn’t want to share those words with anyone else. For a little while I wrote letters instead that I burned or threw in the river. How interesting that I didn’t continue at that time with something I love doing now.

That’s the best part of today. Realising that I love writing so much that I don’t want to stop.

I’ve been learning to live an intuitive life over the last dozen years. Part of that has been letting myself move out of the limitations I have placed on myself. Doing all those things I believed I couldn’t do. Trying all sorts of new (or forgotten) skills. Flowing with the activities that make me feel passionate about life. Twice in my earlier life I’ve been to the point where my life had lost all meaning. Swapping into an intuitive life has made me recognise that it’s up to me. I can do what I love and have a full life. Or I can stay safe inside my self imposed restrictions and miss out. So I expect the writing to continue for a long time. Who wouldn’t want to do what they love?

Day 330 of my blogging challenge.

Feeling Magic

imageMagic is everywhere! My day began at 5.40am when I pinged awake. I was rather surprised to wake up so easily as I’d spent half the night trying to ground some powerful energy beaming it’s way in through me. My alarm was set for 5.45am anyway as I had booked on a Self-Publishing Conference in Leicester with my good friend Jan Booth. We had to be there for the 9.30am start. As I headed up into the mist on the top of the moor five magpies flew by. Five for silver! I knew it was going to be a day full of magic. As I drove along two hares crossed my path. Beautiful, magical creatures running alongside my car. Transferred into Jan’s car the mist slowed us down a little. The motorway also had a complicated diversion through Wakefield but somehow we drove into a parking spot right in front of the conference building exactly on time. With time for a relaxing cuppa we started our day of discovery.

I’ve been working on a book for some time, on and off, gathering bits and pieces of my written work. The book has been slow to build because I’ve had quite a bit of resistance to overcome. Writers block has been my challenge for quite a few years. My lovely friend Maxine and I went to a Hay House writers weekend a couple of years ago so I could get some confidence in my written voice. That moved me forward a little. I was encouraged to write a couple of online articles and attempt a regular blog. More recently I began a regular monthly Wellbeing article in our local Valley Life magazine. Then last December I began my daily blog challenge. The idea was to write for thirty days. Slowly the magic of writing filled my life. I kept writing each day. I found I wanted to expand some blogs way past the ‘normal’ blog length. So parts of my blog have become the basis for more work into my book. Now I’m a long way past the thirty day total and love ending my day with a piece of writing.

Today was all about gaining more confidence to complete the book and get it out in a printed or e-book format. Each session has magically answered questions, suggested options and made me realise that I’m further on than I expected. Jan and I sat and ate our fab lunch rather reluctantly as we discussed the sessions and what we had found out. All around us other attendees were doing the same. There was a great deal of excited chatter. The magic of the event was inspiring everyone it seemed. Heading back into the afternoon session I suddenly felt rather awed. I’m going to be an author, I thought. I don’t know why being a writer isn’t quite the same as being an author. I felt distinctly different though. Sometimes confidence can be a matter of the words we use to describe ourselves. There is a magical feeling in owning the author in me. It seems that I have opened up another door of opportunity. As we sat down this afternoon the title for my book dropped into my head. More magic! 

I love how synchronicity flows through my life. I have been in exactly the right place at the right time to meet the right people and gather the right information. This evening I have a head full of new stuff to consider. There are decisions to be made. I want to write and write and write. My book is a reality that will be here soon. All the waiting and inner work has brought me to this interesting spot. It’s really no surprise that yesterday I finally arranged to take myself off for a week later this month. I knew the pressure to complete the first draft of the book was almost overwhelming. After today I understand why. I hope you have had a day of feeling the magic too.

Day 173 of my blogging challenge.