Enterprise Chakra Balancing: Feeling The Wobble

enterpriseI love Star Trek. As a child I used to wish I was on the starship Enterprise setting off on a five year journey into the unknown. I was ready to seek out new life, new planets, new experiences. That memory came back to me today during a mentoring session.

I was discussing someone’s plans for starting a new enterprise. They had done some business plans that were really helpful. But had perhaps lost sight of the overall mission for a moment or two. We talked about the issues running a spiritual business encounters. Not least that recurring debate about doing something for the greater good of all yet not feeling able to charge what might be appropriate. And that assumption that I know pops up frequently – the idea that everyone agrees on the direction the venture is supposed to be going in. I know it can be hard when I want to collaborate but also have to accept that I’m the leader in my business. Others may share my business but are the willing to take some of the risks too?

These questions often brings on a root chakra wobble. A business chakra wobble. Whatever the enterprise and no matter how able I might have felt at the beginning. My root chakra needs to feel it is going to get it’s basic needs met. So I have to check that my business is setting off from a firm and clearly understood foundation. Have I got all the paperwork in place? Does everyone understand the rules of conduct and what is expected? Am I ready to deal with people who might not agree with me about my business direction? Sorting out the business root chakra also involves being clear about the business identity and how the business will relate to customers or users. Because a root chakra wobble inevitably spreads upwards to sacral and solar plexus chakras if not dealt with.

That’s what reminded me of the Enterprise. There was clearly a captain who had a lot of willing support. Because everyone understood what they signed up for. Even when drama and disaster caught everyone unaware the starship sailed onwards. The captain and crew felt the wobble, took action and stuck to the purpose of the mission. So remember to tune in to your business chakras. It could save you a lot of time, effort and drama.

Day 929 of my blogging challenge