Breaking The Rules To Learn By Experience

breakingWhen I first started to look for help to understand the contact I was getting from Spirits I found out there were rules. Lots of them. Rules that seemed designed to keep me out rather than invite me in. It was only when I began breaking the rules that I found out my experiences were more meaningful than anything else.

I’ve been to do a demonstration fo my Trance mediumship this evening. It was actually the first form of mediumship I ever did. And my first public mediumship too. Yet when I tried to find ways of having more of the trance mediumship experiences I ran into lots of rules. Some were apparently written down, Others seemed to be rather off the cuff. It meant that I found it hard to develop that particular ability. Except that my Guide Team were very keen to help me bend and, where necessary, set about breaking the rules. Left to my own devices I tried all sorts of things that seemed to be in the ‘not allowed’ or ‘not possible’ lists.

I even tried all the ways I could think of to get into an altered state of consciousness. My Guides kept bringing me more suggestions. And in the end I worked out my own set of rules. Steps I stick to so that I know I will be ok. Yet I am also aware that my Guides keep me breaking new ground too. They want to help me step even further out of my comfort zone. That also means taking a look at my internal rules. The things I have set in place that might actually end up being limitations. Rather than enablers. I’m open to looking at my own rules. And I am prepared to break them if necessary. Because discovering a new ability is always at the end of what I already know. In the borderland between what I know I can do.

And what I doubt I can do. I know that is the best reason for bending or breaking my rules.  Being able to try things. To experience many prototypes. So that I can learn what works best for me. With the aim of helping other people learn what works best for them. Because the rules one person worked out may never work for another person. Here’s to finding and breaking more mediumship rules!

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Archangels Fill My Days With Insight

archangelsI guess you could say I have been paying attention to Archangels ever since I first connected with Archangel Michael. It was a period in my life when I needed some serious, heavy duty support. To raise me above all of the negativity I felt I was drowning in. Of course, I wasn’t entirely sure he was an Archangel. Because I was mostly a sceptic.

I know about angels and archangels because of my upbringing and studies of world religions. They have been a thread through my life. I’ve called on them for help. Disbelieved that they exist. And hopped from one foot to the other about them being a figment of the human mind. Yet there was something intuitively right about the connection that began to form many years ago with an Energy Being who finally revealed himself as Archangel Michael. Although I took a long time to trust his presence. Or even to listen to his guidance. Yet when he finally channelled through me with my trance mediumship all my doubts fell away. If you have felt an angel inside your skin you will know what I mean.

After that experience it seemed I was ready to channel other Archangels. The ones who have been here, close to the Earth, for millennia. The Earth’s Guardian Archangels sent me on a rapid learning curve to understand all things angelic. It’s a good job Michael had already put so many interesting books in front of me. Because the Earth’s Archangels expected me to sit my exam and get a pass. So they crammed information in to me. I repeatedly asked for confirmation. If you have been reading my blogs you will know I am the eternal questioner. Trust is earned. So their contact and information had to be cross checked. I’m delighted to say that it was. Especially when I was sent more obscure books and lore about angels.

Now I have a wonderful flow of inspiration from the archangels. Every day they send me an interesting idea, an inspirational thought or a message to share with others. They hold me in their unconditional love. Especially at those times when I am making my own love conditional. And they continue to expand my knowledge. As well as stepping in and channelling their energy vibrations into the world. Is it time for ou to take another look at the angels and archangels in your life?

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Shamanic Explorations: A Trance Workshop

shamanicThere is a rich history of shamanic traditions in our human evolution. I always enjoy returning to these mystical, ritual practices as a means of connecting with Energy Beings. Today I had the opportunity to help other people explore the altered states of consciousness at the heart of journeying work.

As a medium I am used to working with my Guides in an altered state. My transfiguration work takes place in the space between being wide awake and being fast asleep. In this hypnogogic hinterland I can wander to meet the Beings who wish to share their presence, wisdom and knowledge with us. It’s not simply about allowing other Beings to use my physical body. Or to change and alter my appearance so that they can be seen by others. It’s also about my shamanic journey inwards to a different reality. To a place where there is also access to self and other healing. A place I know is flowing with the energy of creativity.

It’s also a place that can be accessed by anyone who is willing to step through the boundary between here and there. I believe that to step across that boundary it is important to step gently. Because unless I know exactly who I am there is a risk. The possibility that not all of me will return the same as it left. So I work to help people take the first steps in a safe place. A place where I can balance the energies required and they can explore their own energies first. To me that is at the heart of any shamanic practice. Learning to walk before I run. The reward of doing it that way is also the help and support that is given by all the Guides. They step forward to assist everyone.

I also like to think that part of what I do is reclaiming the shamanic tradition as a positive, creative way of navigating the energy world. Until we are used to using our intuition, to process the energy we are in, our attempts to manifest a positive world will only be partially successful. Logic has been a useful tool but I know it is time to take back intuition as the way of creating what exists outside me.

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My Gift From The Spirit World: Trance Mediumship

Mediumship giftI’m writing this very late tonight because I’m still floating gently down from a trance demonstration. A gift the Spirit World gave me eleven years ago and one I adore.

Back in 2006, before I had done anything about my Mediumship, I went on a workshop at a local Spiritualist church. It was all about Trance Mediumship and run by someone I later realised was very well known, Jean Duncan. In fact it was my first ever public demonstration as she selected me to sit in a cabinet and have a go at seeing if any Spirits would channel through me. When they did I was amazed. That was when I began researching this form of mediumship. And when I started practicing. A few weeks later I also started to develop what became my public mediumship too. In the last eleven years I have done a few trance demonstrations but tonight I felt I had come full circle. My gift from them has kept on giving.

Back at Keighley Spiritualist Church once more I was delighted that the Spirit World popped in to show themselves. I understand from the feedback that people saw relatives, got confirmations and were able to reassure themselves that their loved ones were well. It’s wonderful to be able to give people something back. I also felt really priveledged to work briefly with Jean Duncan once more. As well as my regular Guides Emma Hardinge Britten and Gordon Higginson. Another gift from the Spirit World indeed. I also know from tonight that my efforts to sit for direct voice, a form of physical mediumship, are being rewarded. Along with the work the Spirit World are doing to manifest energy figures during my demonstrations.

I have a feeling that there will be a lot more opportunities for me to continue developing my Trance mediumship. It was a gift to see so many people in the church. And to share what I can of the work of the Spirit World. So I will sleep well tonight knowing I have worked to the best of my ability this evening. That’s all I ever ask.

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Gently Deepening Spirit Connections In Trance

Go gentlyI’ve had a lovely day running a Trance workshop. I enjoy helping people to gently explore working in altered states of consciousness because letting the connection with Spirit people build in this way can be really rewarding.

I also enjoy helping people to understand what working in trance is all about. And why this form of communication offers different evidence of the way our two worlds can interact. But I know that it’s best to go gently forward because this type of communication does test our beliefs. And push at the boundaries of what people can accept. I also love that there is a long history of trance mediumship. I’ve read many books and reports about the mediums of the past and present who allow Spirit people to use the energy to provide more than words of comfort. When I do my own trance mediumship I have many reports from people who have seen the faces of their loved ones superimposed over mine.

I also appreciate that my Guides have built this form of mediumship gently into what I do. There was no pressure for me to work in this way. They held back until I felt I could take each next step. And they helped me to deal with my anxieties and fears about letting Energy Beings step even closer into my aura. The sensitivity I experienced from my Guides has always been reflected in my teaching of others. Each step is carefully and gently presented to the developing medium. Because I work very closely with their Guides to deliver a trance experience that will build confidence. That’s very important to the people on the Spirit side. They want everyone who wishes to do so to experience this form of connection. To experience it in a positive way.

One thing about learning about my abilities that has stood out is the care my Guides have taken. Leading me gently on to more knowledge and understanding. That’s why I agreed to teach. Because I knew if they took that care with me then they would do so with others. If you want to explore and develop your intuitive abilities, go gently. Find the best teacher you can. Consider the help your Guides can give you. And be kind to yourself. It will be worth it.

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Discovering Physical Mediumship

img_2289There is one kind of mediumship that grabbed my attention a long time ago. Long before I even thought about being a medium. During my study of psychology I discovered physical mediumship.

Of course at that time I was very firmly standing in the science camp. So I thought that the historical records of physical mediumship were most likely misguided reports. Or fraudulent attempts to pass off magic tricks on vulnerable people. I was firm that no such things as I had read about could be true. Then I started to discover my own abilities. Eventually, after a number of years, I even started to want to develop my intuitive abilities. That’s when I first discovered, through my own efforts, trance mediumship. It seemed it was something I could do. Not that long after I began to find that physical phenomena happened when I worked in trance.

Keen to learn more about physical mediumship I started to re-read some of my books. I also looked around for new books to give me more idea of what I could expect to have happen if I carried on developing through trance and into sitting for physical activity. I was fortunate enough to meet with Robin and Sandra Foy after reading Robin’s book about the Scole experiments. And I was also able to attend seances with reputable mediums where the phenomena were impressive. Out of this search came my willingness to sit for the Energy Beings to see what else could happen when I went deeper into a trance.

My journey over the past tweleve years has been fascinating. Full of stops and starts. Also full of intriguing phenomena. Most of which I haven’t known until I resurfaced from my altered state of consciousness.

That’s the most interesting thing of all. I am in a deep meditative state so that the Energy Beings can work through me to make things happen in this world. They remain in their world but make it clear they can affect our world. I know they do this to encourage us to question the nature of reality rather than to scare us. In fact, if anyone is scared by what is happening the Energy Beings will shut the phenomena down. The more I sit in a group and work the more they will show us.

They often start by changing the temperature around the room quite a bit. Or making the room lighter or darker. There may be clicks, knocks or bangs. They like to show orbs or coloured lights. Or touch the arm or hand of participants. If the energy is high enough they may move objects. Or make ectoplasmic shapes. The Energy Beings are experimenting all the time and want me to join them in seeing how much they can do. I enjoy sitting with a group so that we all share this kind of connection. Even as I am typing this the Spirit people are making little clicks and small noises around my room. They know I like to know they are with me. They even showed up as an orb during a live broadcast video I did today.

I am excited about this kind of mediumship. Especially because it’s a way of bringing forward evidence of another existence. That there is intelligence or consciousness outside of the body.

At heart I am still a scientist. I’m prepared to look wider for my understanding of reality than simply physics, chemistry or maths. I want to explore how it all works. The Energy Beings who come through to work with us in our physical circle want to help us understand more.  I’m sure it’s because when we do we will change our way of living. I know that finding out I was more than I thought I was freed me to think and act differently. It helped me to embrace the spiritual nature of my being. Life has been a lot more peaceful since.

Day 348 of my blogging challenge.

Floating on the Energy

img_2284I’ve been floating through today. When I’m going to do any trance mediumship my energy is always boosted by my Guides. That’s because I need to be at a higher vibration to blend better with the Energy Beings who want to come through.

Floating is a lovely feeling. The day to day world can feel rather remote. Not the best day for me to try to complete some admin tasks. I feel like I’m in a meditative state that gets deeper and deeper. It’s amazing to think that this altered state is completely natural and that it’s something we can all experience. Of course I’m aware that I still have to live my life. I need to deal with all the practical things. Floating isn’t a way of opting out of responsibility for myself. Yet it is a way to understand what matters and what doesn’t.

When I raise my vibration through opening up to the extra energy flowing around me, I also shift my awareness. It’s like I’m seeing every thought or feeling from a distance. I have the chance to observe myself more clearly. And I can let things go more easily. Really floating means letting the low vibrational, negative energy pass me by. Paying no attention to the drama or turbulence within and around me. Meditation is great for shifting my focus. Deeper trance helps me to find a peaceful centre from which to operate.

I know that tomorrow I will be back fully in the world once more. I’ve done my trance demonstration and it’s time for most of the energy to dissipate. I have to float back down to Earth. The wonderful thing is I can continue to view things from a distance. It will be possible for me to remain in that peaceful place. Floating isn’t only about raising my energy vibration. It’s also about knowing I can ride out the energy I find myself in. I have a choice. I don’t need to be pulled in to anything that disrupts my peace.

It’s a great gift that my Guides have helped me to find.

Day 346 of my blogging challenge.

Keeping an Open Mind

imageIt’s been a busy day! I ran a Trance Mediumship workshop at the Centre then rushed across to Leeds to do a church service. Both of these are part of my life because I was prepared to keep my mind open.

Although I came into Spiritualism sceptical about being able to actually communicate with the Afterlife I had spent a lot of my life exploring spirituality. Some of the things I learned, like how to meditate, hypnosis and shamanistic practises, made me think about altered states of conciousness in the mind. I wanted to understand what happened in the space between being wide awake and fast asleep. As well as reading about altered states I was also prepared to experience some of them.

Getting first hand experience was a great benefit. First it kept me open to looking for information. Then it provided me with a lot of things to think about. Finally, by experiencing hypnogogic states for myself I learned a lot about how to, why, when and where. I’m sure I have my Guides to thank for a very through training course in Trance even if I didn’t know I was in training.

So when I decided it was time to open up my psychic senses and find out about mediumship I headed off to a Spiritualist church keen to find out more. Not necessarily about trance states or transfiguration. I wanted to understand if Spirits were ‘real’ and how mediums contacted them.

As I found out more about how mediumship works I realised that it also involved a shift in brain wave patterns. That shift is what produces altered states. There is a point when the concious mind is occupied with something. The unconscious mind gets to push intuitive information into the concious mind. At least enough information for a message to emerge from the medium. Keeping my mind open was a way to allow the intuitive stuff to surface so I could recognise it and speak it out.

What I also noticed was that the more open I was to practicing my mediumship the stronger the connections became. It became easier to slip into a different brainwave pattern and achieve a deeper blend of energy. Then I noticed that I was open to connections with lots of Energy Beings. Spiritualism is mainly about contacting loved ones who are in the Afterlife. Yet I was also being contacted by other Beings who had a conciousness but not a physical body. Fortunately some of my earlier experiences were a great help in accepting the communications.

It was at this point that my Trance mediumship also departed from the expected Spiritualist route. As I worked to develop deeper altered states I found that the other Energy Beings were also willing to come forward and show themselves.

Over time I collected enough reports from observers to confirm that Angels, Elementals, Aliens and others also overshadowed me. They had become visible to others. I was open to this contact. I wanted repeatable evidence obtained by observations made by lots of different people. I work in half or full light for this reason. It’s important to me to move away from the traditions of the past so that we are open to new ways of finding evidence. I’m passionate about evidence. I feel it’s long past time when the connections with Energy Beings can move into mainstream science.

I have no doubt that some people will approach the idea that Energy Beings are around us with a closed mind. If they do they are unlikely to experience any. I know I was questioning but open to finding out. Having experienced these beings for myself I am still open minded. I am still questioning. I want to learn more. I’d like to understand why they have to work with us this way. Though I’m sure the answer would be something connected with closed minds. So next time you wonder about Spirits and Energy Beings have an open mind. Let yourself experience the information they want to share. Then decide for yourself if the are really there.

Day 244 of my blogging challenge. 

Guide Power!

ZuluGuideIt seems that now I’ve started with Wolf Running some of the others in my Guide team would like a mention. I love that there are so many helpers available to me. It’s awe-inspiring.

Over the years I’ve been fascinated by the way that my Guides have shifted around. One steps in whilst another steps out. One has a skill with crystals, another with public speaking and a third with energy healing. I have to say that I originally thought I would only have one Guide. Some of the books I read and the events I attended gave that impression. It was odd to notice that Wolf Running was stepping out of connection sometimes and that someone else was working with me. His energy was so familiar and safe. What were others doing stepping into his place?

I was used to Spirit people bringing messages. Why where these other Spirit people hanging around and not giving messages to their loved ones? Gradually the light dawned. They expected to be able to work with me too. I have to admit that I got very challenging when it happened the first time. The Pastor started to appear during my church or spiritual centre demonstrations. He was rather too stern for my liking. Good at philosophy but serious with it. He needed to get his points across. The messages were certainly different to what I was used to. So I did my usual. I had a wobbly.

Annie the Amazon

I can go in guns blazing if necessary. It’s not something I do often. The Pastor got both barrels and so did Wolf Running. I didn’t want to change the way I worked. I wanted the security of my Gatekeeper. Why should I work with anyone else? I held out for six weeks. The Pastor kept bouncing in at every service I did. I struggled to get a decent link most of the time. Afterwards I would strongly debate with my Gatekeeper why change was necessary. He was very patient. So was the Pastor. A good man but a fundamentalist at heart when he was down here. Of course a part of me knew I was on the loosing side already. I wanted to give messages because I knew how much people benefited from the hope their loved ones brought.

One evening I stood up to give some wise words (my term for a philosophy, sermon, address or whatever you want to call it). The Pastor stepped in close and started to speak. His words were so moving I found myself almost in tears. He spoke from the heart about love. He explained why we had to work hard to love ourselves and each other. The words he used were simple. Afterwards people thanked me for the words that had been spoken. I had already realised why I had to work with him. His compassion as a Spirit being was based on the lack of compassion he had here in his human life. He wanted to be different. I was giving him a chance to heal his karma. It was a very special moment.

Bring in the Children

The Pastor and I worked together for a couple of years. He taught me to be precise in what I spoke on behalf of the Spirit World. I understood his need for me to be serious and learn my trade so to speak. I learned that my service of passing on evidence and messages was a privilege that could’t be taken lightly. We found a way to share the same energy together and make it work. Settling into my stride I did still think he was the only other Guide I would have. Until one day I was driving to a church and found myself laughing over nothing. The Children had joined me.

There are quite a few children. They like my energy apparently. They love to play. I was ready for a break from serious and they were perfect. As they liked to play I often found myself in a game hide and seek with one or more of them. They also loved to play with pendulums. Great for paranormal nights when I would ask them to get the energy moving. They were aged from about 3 to 12 years old. I felt like they had decided to shake me up a bit. I loved their energy as they flew around the room or got people giggling. The Children have been wonderful Guides. I discovered the child-like side of me that wanted to play too. I certainly had some adventures in their company. They pop back in every now and again when I’m ready to play some more.

Time for Trance

There was another adventure that the Children and the Pastor had to step back from. This was my journey into Trance Mediumship. I’m fascinated by the mind. By how we can be in altered states of consciousness that appear as real as this reality I feel I’m conscious in now. To discover that there were states of consciousness where Energy Beings could communicate in a deeper fashion was exciting. I needed to explore. But I needed a Guide who could help me to do so. As my Guide team shuffled around once more I met my Trance Guide. My young Zulu warrior can out of a meditation. Walking out of the sunlight across a sandy plain with scrubby grass. I’m always ready to challenge what I get. I called on Wolf Running. I wanted to check out this new person. Would he really keep me safe? Could I trust him?

Of course it was a yes. I had been sent a Guide experienced in patience (not my strong point) who would steady me whilst I learned to give over control of my conscious mind. I was delighted that the adventure could begin. I suppose I was trying to run before `i could walk. I gradually learned to slow down. To be patient with myself. To listen to the few words my Zulu Guide gave me. To follow his lead by reading his energy. In time I was able to work in deeper altered states. I could show people changes that took place to my appearance. Spirit people could speak through me in nearly their own voice. Then I found I couldn’t speak at all.

Moving on to new challenges

When I stopped speaking in trance my Zulu friend stepped back. It was time for me to begin another journey. New Guides would be coming in. I am working with a new part of my team to develop Direct Voice. This is a form of mediumship where the Energy Beings speak but without using my vocal chords. I’m interested to see what will happen. I know that the right Guides will be with me on this journey too. The team is always just who it ought to be.

I love having a team around me. I know that whatever expertise I need will always be on hand. I am so glad to find that I have more than one individual supporting my spiritual development. I love the freshness of each day when I find out who is by my side. I also love that at any given moment there is more than one Being looking out for me. My team have stood the test of my questioning, arguing and resisting. I hope you are inspired to find out who is in your team. You have more help than perhaps you realise at the moment. Enjoy the adventure of finding out!

Day 228 of my blogging challenge.

Trance Tripping

imageToday I’ve been on a trance trip ? I’ve been back to my home town of Oldham to the Spiritualist church to teach trance mediumship. It was lovely to help people discover their ability to make a deeper blend with a Spirit. However, trance mediumship is often misunderstood or confused with possession. People are unaware of what exactly is happening when this kind of overshadowing happens. So it’s always good to bring the info & experiences to people so they get a better sense of this way of working.

So what is this type of mediumship? The spirit person places their energy into the medium’s aura and physical body so that they can produce a transfiguration – change the appearance of the medium. The spirit person can also, with the permission of the medium, use their physical body in order to speak or sign so that communication can take place. There is no ‘taking over’ of the medium in the way that is implied by the way the term possession is used. The medium is always in control and can return to her body at any time. People are often confused that to make a better blend of energy the medium usually works in an altered state of consciousness (trance) similar to a deep meditative state. Some transfiguration can take place in quite a light medative state especially if the medium is experienced with this type of work. However the deeper state is often required to produce ectoplasm for a detailed face mask.

Ectoplasm? The face that appears when a medium is transfiguring is usually produced by a fine layer of a substance called ectoplasm. It’s made from the medium’s body and can appear like a white smoke, a more fibrous or substantial material or similar in thickness to cotton wool. For most mediums a fine layer is substantial enough to imprint with the spirit’s features which then overlay the medium’s face. People see the shadows forming in the substance or over the medium’s face and then notice features changing shape, size or even ones that were not on the medium’s face e.g. mustach, beard. The medium isn’t usually aware of this process happening. It can be a little strange to see one face build up on top of the other. If the overshadowing is more intense it may also be possible for the spirit person to use the vocal chords of the medium to speak to the observers. The medium’s voice may or may not sound different so this has to be taken with any other effects, like changes of features, before it is possible to say that a transfiguration has happened.

Why do it? One of the key points in the contact between our and the Spirit World is the desire to show that they are there and exist alongside us. This type of mediumship is designed to give us in this world more experiential evidence for the reality of a Spirit World. The key point is that it is an experiment in contact that we can try for ourselves if we wish. It’s not necessary to be the medium doing the trance – watching it happen can be challenging enough. Being involved in a trance session can give you information that you have obtained with your own eyes. That information is presented to you to get you thinking. A lot of people are unsure what happens after we leave our physical body. Seeing a  trancefiguration we may find ourselves opening up to the idea of anothe kind of existence.

I love working in this way. It’s a deeper connection with loved ones, with positive Spirit energy and an interesting experiment every time I do it. If you get a chance to see a transfiguration medium why not go along and see what you see & sense?

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