Two Months of Tests Left

img_2282Only two months left. 2016 is fading fast. I’m filling in my diary for 2017 quite a bit now. So what can I expect for the rest of this year?

This year has been one of tests. Challenges to see how I am doing with my commitment to my spiritual self. Two or three times I’ve felt like I have taken a wrong turn or even a step back into old patterns. Each time I’ve noticed fairly quickly and been able to do something differently. The key to noticing has been that I’ve been keeping a close watch on my feelings and thoughts. So today I’ve been wondering what is still left for me to put under the microscope. That’s the key to ending the year well.

I’ve mentioned before that 2016 is also the year to choose. The choice is very simple. Do I keep following the same old patterns that limit me. Or do I start new ways of doing things so that I give myself more freedom. This is where the Universal energy flow is very sneaky. Situations are cropping up frequently at the moment to test if I react and act differently. All of us are facing this same energy. So it’s really important to look deeper into any situation that presents itself. I know I can’t take anything at face value right now. I also know that people will disagree with me. Or think I’m wrong. They may even decide I’m causing them hurt or problems. I have to rise above it all.

The rest of this year is about my own truth. About doing what I feel to be the best I can from my point of view. No one else has to agree. In fact there may be two or more opinions about any situation. What matters at the moment is giving voice to my truth.

If I am strong enough to choose to empower myself by stepping away from the old, shadowy fears I know I can start 2017 in a positive way. Two months of staying firm about my values and beliefs. A short time left to confirm that I believe in myself above all else. That I want the best for myself. Because my intention is to share that best with everyone else who crosses my path. How wonderful to think that we could all live to our best. To imagine a world of honesty and trust because the hidden, and not so hidden, agendas had disappeared. It’s been a big ask this year to hold onto that dream. But with two months to go I know I’m ready to make that dream a reality.

Day 345 of my blogging challenge.