Remember Old Times? Back To The Beginning

Remember I did a card reading this evening. Nothing unusual in that. However, as I started to read the cards for my client a lovely Spirit lady stepped in to speak to her. After the reading I sat for a moment to remember old times when I was just beginning to trust that there were Spirit people. It made me recognise how far I’ve come since then.

A lot of people dismiss Tarot and Oracle cards as a way of connecting with Spirit people. Cards are a psychic tool and are great for developing intuition and connections to energy. Early on I learned how accurate they could be following a reading of playing cards my friend did. I remember how sceptical I was.That’s what got me started into using cards at all. Remembering my friend this evening I wondered where the last 25 years had gone. I hope she smiles when she sees me pull out a pack of cards.  Because for a long time I thought the cards were the most I could do. It was only when I started to feel the presence of Spirits and their words started to break through that I began to take mediumship seriously.

Remembering those first few times of debating with the visiting Spirit I have to laugh. Laugh at my insistence that they couldn’t be real. And my determination to stick to only psychic communication. I certainly didn’t want to entertain the idea that I could connect in a completely different way. Part of me didn’t want to get confused. But I also know that another part of me was running scared. After all I had no idea where it might all lead. Thinking about my reluctance at that time I’m glad I stuck with having the experience of reading cards. Eventually I plucked up the courage to start developing the more direct Spirit connections. Because now I see how much those connections have given me.

Spending time remembering all those years back has been a really precious reminder that I don’t know where any path will lead me. Except that it will bring me surprises, adventure and a great deal of love. Helping people has always been a passion of mine and I can say that my life in the last twenty five years has been full to the brim with that. If you get a chance to use Tarot or Oracle cards remember you might be setting off on a wonderful journey!

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Picking A Random Card: The Message For Today Is …

picking cardsI love my oracle and tarot cards. They can be so random. Yet really accurate in picking me a message out of thin air. A message that makes perfect sense.

I confess to having about forty packs of cards. It’s true that I used to have more but I have been releasing packs to new homes for a month or so now. I love the idea of picking from a randomly chosen set and seeing what comes out. Or even what falls out of the pack for me. My Guides often niggle me to get the cards out when I’m not listening to what they are saying. Or when the messages are getting scrambled. Sometimes it’s about wanting to get a quick and simple signal to me. And I always reach for the cards when I feel really stuck. Because I know that whatever comes out it will make me stop and think. That’s the best way to get me unstuck!

My first pack came to me from a friend. I loved them but was really unsure how to use them. Then I saw a second pack and really feel in love with their design and artwork. The explanations were a bit sketchy. I remember picking out another set because I liked the way the cards had been interpreted. My fourth set came when I was looking for a set that had everything. By the fifth set I knew I was hooked. With each set I remember the basic journey of the tarot and use the oracle cards in a similar way. They are all a journey of self-discovery. When I get a card I check where I am in the journey from being a fool into being wise. As the message will help me to find the wisdom of the moment I am in.

Then I can apply the guidance to my situation, picking a path through the events of my day, making sure that I avoid the pitfalls the card is hinting at. If you have never used oracle or tarot cards please give them a try. Your Guides might be picking you a pack so that you can make better choices. And free yourself from doubt and stuck energy.

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Ascension Consciousness

I’ve had a full day with lots of action and some deep thinking. It’s time to connect with Ascension energy for this next phase of my life.

I’m busy reshaping what work I’m going to for the next nine years. It’s time to go forward with the activities that I put in my life Blueprint before I came here. I was reminded of this tonight when I went to give a talk at a lovely local group. New Directions brings like minded people together to share mind, body and Spirit information and experiences. So the opportunity to give my forecast of the energy for the next tweleve months was too good to miss. I love combining numerology, astrology, Earth’s ArchAngels and Tarot. My talk contained elements of all of these to highlight the Ascension energy shaping our world.

Of course all the talk about Ascension isn’t new. People have been waiting for Armageddon and the last days for a long time. There are all sorts of theories about how we will ascend into the heavens and collect our reward. However, I have always been cautiously optimistic that we wouldn’t need a hero to rescue us. That we would enlighten ourselves eventually and stop needing to be human beings. For a long time I’ve known that humanity is in the process of awakening to our Spirit selves. Back in 1998 I called my business Growth Into Awareness because I felt that was the journey I was on. Along with everyone else.

At the start of this year I rebirthed my business. It is now called Growth Into Ascension. The time is right to move from waking up to getting out of bed.

As I looked into the energy of the next year everything confirmed what my Guides have been telling me for the last eight years. Spirituality has to be lived not talked about. There is no hero Messiah to save us by making us play nicely with one another. Instead I know that it is time for everyone to find the Divine within themselves. Our Spirit is what will save us. Ascension consciousness is the acknowledgement that I am more than human. And that I am ready to live my life in a different way. Not a perfect way. But I have to live my spirituality to the best of my ability.

Why does that matter? I know that we are changing the energy vibration of the Earth to create positive energy conditions for the children of the future. The Crystal children who are already here in vast numbers. If I want to leave a legacy for the seventh generation I need to start acting from a higher consciousness now. And I want to share that journey with as many people as possible. My talk this evening reaffirmed the direction that my Guides have been taking me in for sometime. I am awake, I have got out of bed and now I’m taking the action that I promised myself I would. Bit by bit we can all change the world. I hope you will join me soon.

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Cards: Reading the Energy Waves

Today I’ve sent out my latest batch of CD’s. I’m always excited when I send a recording of a reading out. I hope that the person will enjoy hearing the reading once more. That they will feel the same energy as when I was in the room with them.

Of course, I might be doing a reading at the other end of the phone, or online but the energy always flows. Whether it’s a Spirit person, a Guide or that I’m taking a peek at the next energy wave someone is going to feel. Sometimes I use Tarot or Oracle cards when I’m looking to the future. Not only because the Energy Beings use that way to bring things to my attention. But also because a psychic tool like cards is a great way to focus my mind. I learned early on with my connections that if my mind wandered I was pulled about by the currents. If I payed attention by using cards then I would get to where I wanted to be.

A reading is all about trying to get more specific information. I know it’s easy to say life has ups and downs. That some days will be great and some will be rubbish. But a reading is only useful if it can give more details. I tend to ask for Spirit or Guide readings when I’m dealing with big events in my life. They have sight of the bigger picture and can help me find my way through things. I know they can’t interfere with my free will choices. Which can sometimes be frustrating for both sides. So I don’t expect yes or no to my answers. But they can steer me to look at things in a different way. A bit like giving me clues so I can work the answer out myself.

If I want to see what’s in the energy coming towards me so I can plan I tend to use my cards for a reading.

That’s because I have a sense of where I’m going and might want to check in on my progress. Perhaps I also have a problem that I know the Energy Beings can’t give me a yes or no to. The cards might not either. But they will show me that if I carry on in the same way what the energy around me is likely to be like. And the cards often offer a different choice for me to consider. Perhaps by making some changes the outcome of my future will be different. I find Oracle cards are particularly good for tapping into a positive energy flow too. Some days I pick an Oracle card just to give me a boost. To remind me to set my energy for the day into a positive vibration.

I also look at my Tarot or Oracle cards when I’m stuck with a problem. Or I feel like I’ve slipped into negative energy. It can be quite a surprise sometimes what cards fall out of the deck as I’m shuffling. Information about the background energy, the situation, me and anyone else involved. Even the global energy flows that are influencing everyone at the moment. I find it reassuring that the card meanings give me a prompt. A boost to get me thinking. Because if I’m thinking it means I can find new options. I can deal with my issues in different ways. The cards help me identify new choices.

I know not everyone sees Tarot and Oracle cards as positive. Having a reading this way might be against some people’s principles. I continue to look forward with my cards because I enjoy the viewpoint it brings to my life. Anything that helps me make better choices is ok by me.

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Happy 2017, Happy Life

The last few hours of 2016 are fading away. I’m happy and excited to be moving into a new year. I have my Tarot cards ready to do a little reading for myself. I can’t resist a sneak peek at the energy flowing into my life.

Whilst 2016 has been more of a challenge than I ever expected I also know that I’m ending it feeling happy. So many of my fears have been met and walked through this year. I’ve survived and learned a lot about myself. I have some outstanding achievements that I’m very proud of. And I am ready for all sorts of new beginnings. It doesn’t matter if anyone else knows what they are. I know what I’ve been able to do and that’s all that matters.

So what about next year? It’s so close now it’s breathing down my neck. I know there will be a lot of unexpected things but that’s life anyway. It’s about how I approach what happens. So I’m very clear that my year is going to be a happy one. I’m open to and attracting the positive in. Welcoming every moment because it will be good. There is no room for doubt. Or worry. Or fear. What I focus on is what will happen and I only want the best for me any everyone else. So I have a little mantra for myself: Love, Peace, Happiness.

The power of positive thinking has been proved over and over again for me this year. Even when I was wobbly and finding it hard to be positive.

Putting as much of my energy into being happy as I could got me to recognise all the good things I already had. I realised that there is a solid foundation underpinning my life. It’s based on being happy. Because if I feel it I can give and receive it. My happiness is based on small moments, memories and gratitude. Things could have been so much worse. Best of all I know that I have my loved ones in Spirit, my Guides and the ArchAngels in my life too. They are a constant force for love.

They surround me when my head drops, they lift me when doubt rushes in and they guide me to be the best me I can be. I know I can’t please all of the people all of the time.  Being of service is not about  pleasing people. It’s about passing on the happiness and love as often and as much as possible. So I expect to be doing a lot more serving for Spirit in 2017. I’m excited at what that may mean because I know they always draw me to do the things I think I can’t. Then I surprise myself. And that is another thing that makes me happy. Sending you best wishes for a happy New Year and may 2017 bring out the best in you too ❤️

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Winding Down Weeks

It’s been a winding down day. I had a few things left to do for my work – all of them things I enjoy. All so that I could enjoy a winding down week or even two before the new year arrives.

I often find winding down a bit of a challenge. Even though I tell my Spirit Guides I am closed they know I will always respond to a request if the need is really urgent. It’s the way I’ve worked since I started my public mediumship. Yet there are times when I set aside my own rule and open up to the Energy Beings once again. I’ve never liked rules that were so inflexible that they couldn’t be bent a bit. So I’m sure if I’m needed over the next two weeks I will do what I can. However, my Guides will always respect that I need time for me.

Even if I don’t. They close the connections and make sure I rest. And I am getting better at making sure I do rest. Rather than spring out of bed this morning and get straight into my day I enjoyed a long rest in bed. I will be doing that again over the holidays on more than one day. I spent my afternoon with my Tarot cards reminding myself of the Fool’s journey I had taken this year. In fact I could see just how much I have grown and that I am ready to embrace the changes coming up. I am sure that what I am doing will be the right thing wherever I may wander next year.

It was also time for winding down the services at my local Spiritualist church. It’s been a challenge to keep the doors open this year but we have done it.

Enjoying the singing I thought about the hard work that has gone into recovering from the flooding that affected the town almost a year ago. I know it’s time to rest from that challenge too. Speaking to someone today who had to leave her home at that time we both felt positive about the future. The flood water had disrupted us. Yet we had both regained our balance. I know we both felt it was going to be a much more positive Christmas time for us this year. Like me she felt we were survivors. I didn’t know her before the flooding. That’s how we met. Now we are friends.

There are positives that come from adversity. Recognising that the challenge is over means that we can rest and recover. All of us. There is time to reflect on the year just gone. Then it will be time to put it behind us and move on. I appreciate the winding down time as the point when I can let things go. It’s also the time when I can focus on the things that really matter to me. This week I am going to have some mum and daughter time. We are off to see a film, going shopping for her clothes and getting our house ready for a family celebration of the turn of another year. I have a couple of great books to read. There are TV programmes I want to catch up with. The cats need plenty of cuddles.

Where ever you are I hope you find some winding down time. I hope you can find a quiet hour or two to do exactly what you wish. And I hope that you enjoy letting go of all duties and responsibilities while you do so ?

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Outside, Looking In: Inspiration Strikes

I had an early start this morning. Workmen were coming to fix the ceiling at the Centre. As I rushed across to my office I was looking around as I expected them to be waiting outside. They weren’t.

In fact they didn’t arrive for a couple of hours. I suppose I could have got myself worked up about the delay. I was mildly irritated that I’d reorganised myself to be there. But I enjoyed an opportunity to do a bit more planning work. Stepping outside all the tasks I still want to do before I give myself two weeks off work I had a chance to look at what I’d built this year. And, more importantly, what was going to be added on next year. Sometimes this looking inside generates more inspirations and insights.

I realised as I let my mind idle along that I am very good at being on the outside looking in. Being a counsellor that is what I’ve been trained to do anyway. But being an intuitive medium I also stand outside helping the Spirits who are looking in too. With my help they can connect with the people they love and support them still. Later today I used my skill of being on the outside to look into some issues for people. Life choices can be hard to make when your head and heart can’t quite agree. I know that having someone who can reflect your thinking back to you can clear the confusion really quickly.

That’s why I pay attention to my Guides. I also pay attention to the people I trust to advise me. If I’m really stuck I go and see a professional who’s job it is to stand on the outside.

I’m really keen to encourage everyone to make the connection with their Guides. Mainly because at 4am in the morning when something is still going around in my head who can I speak to? I know they have been outside looking in. Waiting for me to ask for their help. I ask my Guides for help in many ways. I use my Tarot or Oracle cards. Sitting quietly I try to pay attention to the thoughts that seem a little bit less like mine. I open any book nearby to see what turns up on a random page. Or I switch on the radio to see what tune is playing. I’m never disappointed. Something always comes through.

Standing outside can become a healthy way to encourage myself to make changes. I like to look at situations from several pairs of shoes. If I can look into what other way people might be viewing me, or my actions, I can decide if their view has any insight for me. Because every life story has a different meaning for everyone involved. I might see a situation one way but the person standing outside of my life might see it very differently. Of course, in the end, I can only do the best I can. But that is good enough. Life isn’t perfect and I am learning to be comfortable with that realisation.

Stepping outside my self to look inward has helped me to recognise what I do well. Those things where I am good enough. And also those things where I can change to continue to be good enough. By being on the outside looking in I hope to help people for a long time to come.

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Choosing the Energy of the Next Nine Years

img_2381This has definitely been a Nine year. Full of upset, endings, parting of the ways and closure. Also full of refelction, truth and searching. As a Nine person I can find a Nine year more of a challenge than most.

That’s why today I needed a bit of help with making sense of it all. So much has happened to me on an inner, personal level this year. A lot has gone by in a blur. Often I’ve felt like I’ve bounced from one situation to the next, steering myself purely by what it felt right to do at the time. Thinking about ending this year and how I want my December to be I realise I want it to be very different than all those other Decembers of the last nine years. And the ones before it back to when my Mother died. That changed December in a very big way for all of my family.

As I write this blog I recognise that an important anchor went with my Mother. Yet she came back to me as a Guide. I had to become independent in my human life whilst we shuffled the relationship around. Then we could work together without compromising my free will choices. She has been very much around in the past couple of weeks. Along with my Nanna, her mother, my Dad and other family members. They have been standing strong for me while I worked out what I learned about myself this year. And then began working out what I want 2017 to be for me.

As the energy of new beginning approaches I know that the Universe is offering me anything I want. I have so many options. But there is the trap. Do I revert to old habits, my comfort zone, which means I stay restricted. Or do I seize the new?

It’s an important decision. I know that I will be setting up the energy for the next nine years by the choices I make. In fact that’s true for all of us. Even if I get a huge blast of new energy, if I’m not careful, I am going to be containing it in my old patterns. Of course that won’t work. The new energy will fade away due to my old choices. New energy will carry me forward over the next nine years only if I invest it in new beginnings. Not the trick of seeing the old as new. But the clear sightedness of recognising something as genuinely being new. So back to thinking about what I’ve learned about my patterns in the last nine years.

Sometimes I need a prompt. This afternoon I got out my tarot cards. An old, familiar friend when I’m stuck. My thoughts were all over the place. I asked in my mind for help. What could the cards tell me, and everyone else, about this new year? Of course, I ended up pulling card number one in the Major Arcana. In my pack it is called Awareness (the Magician in other interpretations). As I read the information these two sections stood out: “This card is one of the key reminders that you already possess all of the tools to guide and direct you in your life.” ‘This card represents your ability to create your own reality – to set ideas into motion and watch them grow.”

I was smiling to myself as I reached for the next card. It’s true. I know so much more about myself, my abilities and skills than I did at the start of this nine year cycle. And I’m ready to use my wisdom to create my dreams.

The second card I got was also in the Major Arcana. It was Fertility (the Empress in other packs). Once again I looked to the information in the book. I read “Through this card, the manifestation of growth is on the horizon. You’re the creator, and the seeds that have been planted in the past … are now ready to give birth into your world. Be patient as you watch your seeds take root and grow. Nurture them as they become strong and healthy.”  I have certainly had a lot of new dreams this year.

When I’ve been coping with the challenges of bringing my Spirit being more fully through into my human being I’ve imagined as much positive as I could. I’ve known I needed more than me to get my dreams into reality. The people and Energy Beings around me have been a key part of my choices. Their support, actions and reactions have informed what I’ve done. And what I have chosen for my future. Feeling like I am grounded back in to a clear vision I know that I will be stepping as far out of my comfort zone as I can reach. I’m saying yes to the scary new. The safe new is a trap I want to avoid.

Sometimes my inner intuition is scrambled. Like today. How wonderful to see my way by using the gift of the Tarot. In two days it’s the birthday of Margaret. She was the Earth Guide who introduced me to reading cards 24 years ago. I like to think that from her place in the Afterlife she approves of the way I still call on her lessons to help me see the way forward. Thank you my dear friend ❤️️

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Tarot & Oracle readings

imageI often start my day with a tarot or card reading. Or if I’m stuck with something I go and get a card or three to help me get unstuck. I love using cards as a way of opening my mind to another viewpoint. Even a pack of playing cards can help me pick up on a different interpretation of what is happening in my life. I love the cards so much that I have about 40 packs. They have found their way to me over the last 24 years and have become treasured friends.

Although my Guides work through a more direct connection sometimes they go quiet. Getting a clearer sense of what I need to pay attention to is left up to my free will rather than their suggestion. It’s the rules really. I have to make my own choices. If I can’t make up my mind they can’t do it for me so out come the cards to give me clarity. I use the Tarot or Oracle cards both to distract my conscious mind (so that other information from the background can arise) and as a way of letting my intuitive (psychic) senses send me info about what is happening in the energy around me. I prefer to seek a positive interpretation of cards. Life is full of downs so a focus on the ups will help me ride out the downs. Taking time to understand what the cards mean allows me to focus on what is ‘getting under my skin’ at that moment. Each card can give me a way of turning the stuckness of a situation into a new choice of action.

So to write this blog I got out my card packs. I asked as I shuffled 3 sets, one by one, what I needed to pay attention to at the moment. By the way, I usually pick 3 cards. If I am using more than one pack I pick one from each. Tonight I was doing that when 2 fell out of the middle pack. When a random card falls out I always keep it to look at even if I go on to pick more cards. I treat it like an extra message from my Guides. Here are the cards that came out:

imageFrequency Shift (from the set ‘Return of Spirit’ by Cheryl Lee Harnish) The opening explanation for this card reads “You are about to experience a shift in your frequency and this card comes to help prepare you for the upcoming event.” I wrote on my Facebook wall this morning about some of the things that I had been experiencing over the last few days. That included restless sleep, emotionally unsettling dreams and feeling emotionally flat. This makes sense with the interpretation of the card. The colours also fit in with the picture I’d put with my post. It reminded me that although I seem to be in a pause with my spiritual work it is only so that I can be fine tuned a bit more. It’s certainly true that my self healing and healing work is very much filling my days at the moment.


imageMy next card is 2 -Encoded (from the set ‘Path of the Soul Destiny Cards’ also by Cheryl Lee Harnish). The explanation begins “Where others see nothing, you see the deeper meaning or message hidden within. Your guides are working to communicate with you as your intuition and inner knowing expands.” I am aware that I have several new Guides around me at the moment. We are learning to work as a new team for whatever I will be doing in the future. As my energy has shifted it makes sense to be part of a new team. A guide team is there to balance the energy you have, to combine energies and to help you expand your abilities. It’s like moving from one set of coaches to another as you move to a new football or rugby club. You will be working with your existing talents but they will be asking you to do more, or do it in a different way.


imageThe third card fell out of the second pack (the one above). It’s card 3 – Awakening. The notes for this card start “This card expresses creative energy and self empowerment. It signifies a deeper inner awakening to previously unseen inner abilities, powers and gifts.” It made me laugh again when I read the interpretation. I mentioned I’d posted a photo on Facebook this morning. It was one I had created from a painting I did some time ago. But it needed a photoshop makeover. I also added one of my ‘Spirituality is …’ phrases to the photo (I channel the words from my Guides). Photo art is certainly one of my new skills I’m busy practicing. It seems there might be many more new skills to develop.


imageFrom the final pack I picked card 13 – Opening (from the set ‘Divine Guidance’ by Cheryl Lee Harnish) The description begins “Your intuition and psychic connection is open and flowing, allowing you to access higher realms of knowledge and understanding.” I’ve taken this as a confirmation that my ability to connect is getting stronger. I hope that I will be able to bring in the information that other people need as simply & clearly as possible. I’ve also begun revisiting books I studied a long time ago. I do like to reread books as there are different things to notice second, fifth or fiftieth time around. So I can also understand that I’m being asked to reconsider what I know or understand about the Spirit or Energy world. I’m happy to keep an open mind about what I will find or whether my understanding will shift in some way.

I’m happy to notice what the Tarot and Oracle cards represent. Many people believe that using them can lead someone into a web of negativity. In my experience using these psychic tools has never been a cause for concern. However, if you approach using cards with a closed mind you are only going to find your prejudices reinforced. If you do want to try to use Tarot or Oracle cards then pick a pack you like the look of. Check the guide book that comes with them (some packs don’t have any notes at all – not useful if you are a beginner) to make sure the written interpretations are straightforward. Beware the packs where you also have to buy another book to interpret the guide book that comes with the pack. That might mean that’s the cards are really best for people who have a bit of experience of working with cards.

So I know what to focus on for a while. How about you?

Day 70 of my blogging challenge. 

My psychic life: Day 2

12234944_10200870479441824_6765952252498023577_nToday I’m at the Centre (in my pink slippers) to catch up on a bit of admin & follow up on readings I’ve done over the past few days. I always record any readings I do as there tends to be a lot of info in the sessions. It’s too much for anyone to remember perfectly so a recording you can listen to again is a great way to help people get all the guidance they need. I often say that readings are the bread & butter of my work – it’s where I started my psychic life & a key part of bringing support & information to people. It’s also the way in which the Energy Beings give others evidence of their existence.

And that is a key part of my psychic life – encouraging others to wonder how I knew the information I gave them. I’ve often been told it comes through cold reading, or that I’ve researched someone on social media, or that I’m a lucky guesser. But there is always something in a message that the person says no to – then comes back, sometimes a long time after, to tell me that the message info was completely accurate. I’ve learned not to worry about info that the person can’t understand & to be patient for the confirmation to turn up. So how did all this readings work get started?

In 1992 I was working away from home & lodging in a shared house. Margaret, the lady who owned the house, & I had many interesting discussions as she had had a Near Death Experience. This had led her to find out more about the afterlife. As part of her research she had found out how to read playing cards. She encouraged me to give it a try too. So I got a pack of playing cards & a book. It was strange to me then but the cards seemed to give correct info every time I tried a reading for myself or Margaret. I started trying them out on other friends. The people who had readings kept saying how accurate the readings were. I was hooked!

I dived into the world of Tarot wanting to understand how it all worked. I still didn’t believe in the Spirit world or any other kind of energy beings but the cards also seemed to help with my past life work too. Soon friends of friends were asking me to read their cards or tell them about their past lives. As I discovered more & did more readings I noticed that I could also sense their aura energy. It was quite a slow process to understand what I was sensing & then translate it into anything meaningful. Even though I got a direct message from another Tarot reader that it was time for me to sit in a development circle I resisted. I still don’t know if I was too afraid to find out more at that time or if the sceptic in me was in charge. So it was’t until 2005 that I opened up to the fact that I could get messages from Spirits.

Once I did readings work became full on. In 2007 I decided to work full time doing readings as there seemed to be so many requests that I couldn’t fit them all in around my other (non psychic) work. I’m grateful to say that the readings work continues to be a big part of my mediumship. I can work over Skype, the phone or face to face. I love connecting people up with their loved ones in Spirit & also, on occasion, their Guides. I love that my Guides work with me on evidence based readings so that the info is clear & understandable. And the privilege for me is meeting all these Spirit people as it has changed my world view. From sceptic to believer. From fearful of death to looking forward (lol, eventually) to my next (after) life.

As I burn each CD (with a cuppa & biscuit & cosy feet) I recognise something else about my work too. In with the readings is another challenge – to educate people what is a reading & what isn’t. To help everyone understand how readings work, what to expect & why a reading might not be possible. To explain about energy & why we need to understand our own psychic energy so we can get guidance & support from Energy Beings. I can do readings, that is, tune in to Energy Beings – but so can you. Be prepared to listen to your intuition, explore in my world & be open minded. You might find you are hooked too!