Reviewing Twelve Months Of Letters: Time To Celebrate

Reviewing Automatic writing It’s been a kind of reviewing day. Not least because I have complete a full year doing my live broadcasts on Facebook. I started Letters From The Light Side with some apprahension. And a feeling that it wouldn’t last more than three weeks. I guess I was lacking in enough faith and belief.

So here I am twelve months later with fifty two videos and a great number of views. More that I ever anticipated in those wobbly days when I was setting out. I’ve been through the loop of wanting to appeal to everybody. Also of wanting everyone to like my channelling. I’ve been stressy with my Guides in case I wasn’t doing it right. Even short with myself for the way I look, speak and dress. Yet I’ve also laughed an awful lot. I’ve felt the presence of so many Energy Beings. Reading the positive feedback and the lovely comments I’ve felt humbled. And reviewing it all I’ve been satisfied that I’ve tried. That I’ve done my best. And  that the videos have reached anyone who needed them.

That’s my work for Spirit in a nutshell. Today I was getting rid of old papers. I came across all sorts of memories connected with my journey into mediumship. Reviewing some of the places I’d been, the people I met there and the work I’ve been able to do I knew I had tried my best. Even when it didn’t quite work out as I thought it would. Or when it worked out better than expected. My Guides have never asked me to do anything perfectly. They have always asked me to do my best. Because they have always said my best is good enough. I know they have smiled when my perfectionism has rushed to the surface. And kept on encouraging me.

Reviewing the last twelve months I know that my perfectionist part has shrunk. A lot of my apprehension was about getting the broadcasts wrong in some way. I am very privileged to be able to speak on the behalf of Energy Beings so I really want to get it right. But they have shown me that faith and belief are not the only things that matter. I also have to try. And keep trying. Then I will always be good enough.

Day 819 of my blogging challenge

Embracing Light and Dark: The Point of Balance

Embracing both sidesI’ve had a quiet day. Lots of time to reflect. Noticing the light and dark within and without. And embracing it all. Because balance is the lesson I’m learning.

Sometimes doing a kind of nothing lets me process better than rushing around pushing myself into activity. So I’ve enjoyed a day of reading, a short visit to the shops and a chat with a new acquaintance. Nothing too taxing for my mind or emotions. I’ve been embracing time off. Yet bubbling underneath has been an internal discussion. My Spirit and my Ego Mind have been debating my light and dark attributes. Sorting out my charateristics. Those inherent parts of my personality that surface to steer my life.

Of course what I regard as light and dark very much depends on the judgements I make about myself. But I also recognise that many of these come from what I’ve been taught. Embracing my abilities and finding a balance in who I am means checking out those learned beliefs. I’m like a blank card in some ways. Free to define myself in any way I choose. As if to help me there were rain clouds scudding across the sky. Some were dark, almost black, whilst others were whispy white against the grey. A real mixture. Exactly like I am.

Embracing all of my abilities is all about seeing that there are positives even in the darker bits. The land need rain to be fertile. The clouds are brining that blessing.

I require the dark bits so that my creativity can blossom through the challenges I set myself. My abilities need to grow and develop. But that will only happen when I have to work at it. Get through the tough stuff. And give myself a break. Embracing my inherent goodness. That’s important to me. I believe we are all good hearted. That we want to be a community caring for one another. Doing my best to help and be of service. So knowing I have some dark attributes, stuff that perhaps I might not like about myself, gives me something to overcome.

I can do that best by also embracing my light attributes. Recognising and crediting myself with those things I use to make a positive difference in the world. And somewhere in the middle is the balancing point. The place of being me that honours my whole personality. Not to be holier than thou. Or better than everyone. But to be a more complete me. If I deny my dark attributes I am presenting a false front. One that isn’t going to be as effective  as the whole me can be.

Reflecting only my light attributes is a dead end. Embracing my dark attributes is the way forward. I’m looking forward to that balancing point. Now it’s time to go back to my reading and let my Spirit and Ego finish their conversation.

Day 614 of my blogging challenge 

Sensing the Veil Between the Worlds

I’ve been chatting today about the veil between the worlds. Understanding the energy that divides us from each other and from other realities helps us to learn to cross backwards and forwards through that veil.

Because when I consider myself as an energy being I can understand more about the way I experience both the ebb and flow of all the other energies around me. So it starts with recognising my own energy. Then recognising the energy of other physical beings. Finally I can sense and understand the energy of the non-physical beings and places too. I can learn to cross the veil in some way so that I can communicate and experience other realms. Part of this sensing is also learning to pay attention to the Earth’s energy flows too. In a conversation with my good friend Mindie Burgoyne this evening we discussed the Thin Places. Areas on the planet where the veil is easier to cross.

There are lots of locations where energy recordings have been captured. Sometimes called the stone tapes theory it’s as if the events of a place are accessible every time I press the play button on the recorder. This is definitely one way to see beyond the veil that speparates us. Yet the recordings are just that. Repeatable certainly. But providing the same information over and over. There is no opportunity for me to interact. To move the information forward. It is what it is. And it can’t ever be anything more. What I do find interesting about these recordings is that they are often laid down by extremes of emotional energy. And sometimes because the place containing the recording is a high energy point.

That’s also what interests me about the veil places. To move between energy realities requires a lot of additional energy. I have to shift my rather slow human vibration up a level or two just to be able to sense a thin place. To engage with it takes even more of a shift.

It’s much easier to have this experience if I happen to be at a place where there are plenty of ley line connections. These energy lines grid the Earth. Some are extremely powerful. Especially if they are an energy node (a collection of powerful energy streams). Quite a few are damaged. And some have stopped transferring energy altogether. In such a place where the energy is strong it’s possible for most people to sense the veil. That sizzle of energy keeping one reality apart from another. And it’s also possible, if you wish to do so, to cross through the veil in some way. Many people have experiences where they feel they have stepped from one time into another. I know they have been able to sense an alternate reality.

In that other reality our Ego mind feels out of step. Perhaps even a bit threatened. The connection with our usual energy flow has altered. Yet the intuitive mind is, for once, able to process the energy of that place in interesting ways. I know that I have travelled back in time to interact with the Energy Beings of places where our ‘times’ overlap. I’ve also stepped into completely otherworld places to talk to Energy Beings from other planets. Or the Spirit World. Often I’m given guidance. Or knowledge. Even energy to bring back to my personal reality.

These Thin Places can expand our understanding of what human and Spirit life is about by encouraging us to access altered states of consciousness. To explore beyond the surface of life.

When I make energy connections on this side of the veil, or beyond it, I am open to being much more than a human being. I am exploring the Spirit within me from different realities. I’m not religious. I feel religion is something we have manufactured to keep ourselves small. But I do believe in Spirit. And that the Spirit within each of us is a spark of some Divine existence. Connecting all of these sparks on this and every other side of the veil, in every reality, is important to me. That way we become a cosmic oneness once more. Not the illusion of individuality that I currently sense in my physical body.

Have you tried stepping into your energy? Have you visited a Thin Place and travelled beyond the veil? I know that if you do you will understand the beauty of the energy you are. And the beauty of the energy ocean we all share. Once you connect to the vast possibilities of alternate realities I know you will take to heart the idea behind “what you give is what you get”. There is more you and I than we can know in this life unless we use our energy to approach the veil and find out. I know that we can change the world for the better with our combined positive energies. Let’s look at ourselves differently, approach the veil and allow our beautiful energy to flow.

Day 454 of my blogging challenge.

Random Conversations

A lot of my time is spent in conversations. I’m chatting to the Spirit World, often on behalf of others, or discussing life, the Universe and everything with people who call by. A lot of my conversations wander off in all sorts of direction. Yet they always make me consider spirituality.

I’ve spent a lot of my life trying to work out what spirituality means. And how to live it. I’ve had long conversations about religious beliefs, about morals and ethics with deeply thoughtful people. We’ve argued examples back and forth. I’ve read and read and read. Yet it still boils down to something I’ve written about before. I am a spark of Divine Spirit in a human body. That’s my belief. No one else is obliged to agree with me. I have a consciousness that exsists whether I am in a body or not. That’s my understanding because I communicate with other conscious beings who have no apparent physical presence.

That lead me, in the conversations today, to think about that part of our human nature that we call the Ego. Because there is a lot of talk about this particular psychological construct. And often the Ego takes the blame, so to speak, for a wide range of behaviours. I find it really interesting to consider how much the Ego, or as it translates the I Am, seems to be in control of all our thoughts and actions. Yet some people say they reject their Ego. Or have too little Ego. Others point the finger and say there is too much Ego around. Or that a person is all Ego. What do they mean? And can I have an abundance of or a lack of Ego in my life?

Tracking down an answer I thought back to my psychology and counselling training. As a student I discussed theories of personality as I wanted to understand what made us tick.

The modern use of Ego can be traced back to the work of Sigmund Freud. He was a man who very much wanted to understand what made us tick. He described a model of the psyche in which the id is the primitive and instinctual part of the mind that contains sexual and aggressive drives and hidden memories, the super-ego operates as a moral conscience; and the ego is the realistic part that mediates between the desires of the id and the super-ego. So my Ego is the referee between the ‘savage’ part of me and the ethical part. My Ego guides my actions by balancing my basic drives against my need to conform. So I will hopefully make the best choices.

Yet I feel we have taken the Ego much further than perhaps the explanatory model that Freud proposed. The Ego has become a living thing, no pun intended. Because we judge ourselves by how much or little Ego we think our actions represent. And that judgement also gets applied to the actions of others. I guess it’s quite handy to describe someone’s behaviour as being driven by Ego. That means I don’t have to have any conversations that make me uncomfortable. I can put behaviour I don’t like down to Ego being in charge. And carry on exactly as I like. Yet there is another thing to consider. What about this thing we call being spiritual?

I’ve noticed that being spiritual tends to mean giving, giving, giving but never to oneself. The moment I give to myself I may face a chorus of Ego judgements. It’s an interesting sort of double standard.

And it’s really important to unravel this because if I’m trying to live a positive, loving and caring life I need to know how Ego and Spirit interact. There must be a balancing point. I must be able to expect to receive as well as to give. Though that’s not what some religions would have you believe. Of course I’ve had long conversations with my Guides about this. I want to make the most of this life in case I still have to come back and be human again. Taking the best possible actions for the greatest good of all includes my greater good too. And often I know that I am too close to the action to see or understand all of the consequences of what I do.

So I’ve settled on understanding Ego and Spirit in this way. I believe the Ego is a useful survival mechanism. It has evolved to enable us to assess risks and navigate threats. My Ego keeps me safe. It likes me to follow patterns and habits. As far as the Ego is concerned I don’t have to be happy I just have to exist. When change happens my Ego rushes to get me settled back in old patterns as soon as possible. The Ego can survive me being miserable until I want to step out of life. Then it will welcome change. But the Ego will never drive change. Because it is, in itself, a fearful aspect of my human personality.

When I consider the Spirit within me I find a very different energy. I find the source of my hope, my willingness to evolve and an endless unconditional love.

My Spirit is the part of me that connects with a wider Universe, Divine or Source of energy. I experience my Spirit as a force for good in the world. That part which recognises that I am connected to everyone and everything. I share an understanding from my Spirit that to hurt others is to hurt myself. And the reverse, that to love others is to love myself. So my Spirit encourages my freedom to choose. I can embrace the love or the hurt. That is my decision. And my Spirit shows me where my Ego is actually restricting my growth. Or stopping me being in the full flow of unconditional love. My Spirit is the part that lives completely without fear. It rejects the restrictions the Ego is trying to impose.

The conversations between my Ego and my Spirit must be fascinating. The one advocating that fear will keep me safe and the other reminding that love will set me free. It’s taken me a lifetime to learn to love myself. To really set myself free. Most of the time. Because the Ego won’t give up. It wants me back in the box it built for me. My Ego wants to press that self-sabotage button and drag me kicking and screaming back into fear. But I won’t go. Not this time. I have experienced the power of my Spirit. I have seen my Higher Self in her true glory. So I’m determined to honour my highest nature by living as a Spirit first in a human body. The Ego will have to ride along in back. Despite the whispers of the Ego I am a survivor not a victim.

Day 437 of my blogging challenge.

Joyful at the New Beginning

This month I have three anniversaries of loved ones passing over to the world of Spirit. Although they have happened over a number of years it took me a while to feel joyful about their loss.

I know it might sound strange to say that their loss was joyful. I felt the pain of their going. An empty space was created just at the point of the year when I feel the connection most to family and friends. Grief at a time of celebration is hard to handle. With each loss I struggled to immerse myself once again in the festivities surrounding the turn of the year. Sitting around the dinner table knowing that these people had gone beyond my means of connection. Remembering that they were frozen in time now. Lost to me as my years clicked by but theirs didn’t.

This was long before I understood about the Spirit World. The afterlife that I now believe waits for all of us. I walked through my grief thinking I had lost these loved ones forever. Each December I remembered their absence with a pang. Death happens. It is a certainty in an uncertain world. Yet I struggled to understand why these people had been taken away from me. I wanted them back. There were lots of natural reasons for my desire to make the world back into what it had been. In some ways I was still a child, afraid of the unknown, wandering in the dark.

Eventually I started to discover my ability to communicate with Spirit people. It was a frustrating and joyful process.

My views about the exsistence of an afterlife changed as a result of my experiences. I learned that there were Spirit people ready and able to talk to me. So long as I paid attention to them. I also learned that they enjoyed making the connections with us. They wanted to remind us of their love. But I found it hard to get to speak to my own loved ones. Over and over I asked them to talk to me. It seemed that they had gone silent. I wondered if they were really there. Or if they did still love me. It was my lesson in patience.

Of course I asked my Guides to help me all the time. Even they seemed slow to respond. Until one particular day. They must have decided I was ready to hear what they needed to tell me. I’m not sure I was listening as much as I should. But they have told me exactly the same many times since. My Guides asked me to think about death from the perspective of the person who had passed over. They asked me to think about this change as a birth. A new beginning or a return to where we had left off in the Spirit World.

My Guides wanted me to consider what it would feel like to wake up dead. And to find myself surrounded by loved ones.

It was a question which I thought about a lot. How would it feel? I thought at first I would be a bit shocked. Perhaps sad that I’d had to leave the Earth. But I would also feel glad to be seeing the people I loved once more. Maybe I would wonder if I’d left anything unfinished. Perhaps I would be relieved that all physical pain had disappeared. Or wanting to go back and be with someone I’d left behind. I began to see that moving from this life to the next would provoke such a mixture of feelings.

At this point my Guides reminded me that I would be reunited with people I had missed, perhaps for a long time, and there would be catching up to do. I finally had a light bulb moment. It would be a celebration to find myself back with those people. I would be joyful to see all of them again. And surely they would see this as a joyful occasion too? Even if there is no such thing as time in the Spirit World they would be meeting me as a changed person from the one they knew. One of my grandma’s died when I was a child. I wonder what we would talk about if I met her now?

That became another interesting question. How joyful to finally reconnect, share, and discuss our life together with a lady who I will always remember from a child’s point of view. Inside or perhaps hidden underneath the grief is an opportunity to once again share the love we had in this life. I am remembering my loved ones tonight with joy knowing that they found joy in returning to their loved ones. And I will share in that joy when it is my time to become Spirit once more.

Day 401 of my blogging challenge.

Underneath we are Spirit

img_2344Some thoughts that had been bouncing around my mind finally clicked together today. Since the election in the USA I had been mulling over what is underneath the idea that we are split into us and them.

A few years ago I was fortunate to attend an event where the Dalai Lama was the speaker. He was keen to make the point that underneath everything he, like all of us listening, was a human being. He asked the young people present to ‘Be the change’ needed in the world. His words have stayed with me. What makes it so difficult for us to remember that all of us are the same once you remove the skin. I remember asking my Guides why we had developed the idea of separateness. It seems to one that makes life harder for most of us because it stops us reaching out for or to give help to each other.

My Guides have always encouraged me to understand that this world is the way it is because we have chosen to forget that love is the only energy that sustains us. That was one of the strands of thought going around my head last week. I wondered where the love had gone in an election that seemed aggressive, vicious and unkind. How could people make an important decision if the debate was all about the wrongness of a candidate rather than the best person for the job? In the aftermath of the election there was a huge outpouring of feelings.  As I listened to people talking about their feelings I noticed that us and them came into the discussion a lot. I felt that the idea of us and them had created fear. Fear for the future no matter who won.

I went back to the idea that love is the energy that sustains us. It made me think about what that really means.

I have no idea what it’s like to live in a war torn country. There has never been a day when I have had nothing to eat or drink. What I believe in hasn’t cost me my home, my family or my livelihood. I am a white, heterosexual woman. Whilst I might have challenges because I am female mostly I have been accepted as a person. I can’t imagine how it might have been if I had a different colour of skin. Or a different sexuality. Or lived in a country where my religious beliefs were unacceptable. Yet those factors are used the world over to split the human race into us and them.

Failing to recognise that we are all the same creates division. Deciding someone is different and that the difference makes them apart from me is the first step away from love. Perhaps the first way in which I open the door to fear. My judgements about ‘them’ become the way that I act towards ‘them’. Eventually it becomes the way that I can dismiss, disregard or harm ‘them’. After all, ‘they’ are not like me. I believe this is the reason why women and children are mistreated. Why domestic violence continues. And why women and children can be bought and sold, one way or another, by others.

I also believe that we talk much too easily about love. And not enough about fear. It is our fear that drives us to persecute others.

Surely my beloved child is still my beloved child no matter what their sexuality, religion, colour, values and beliefs? Why do I need to fear who my child is? Each generation has new ways of being. If those ways are all about loving one another then why would I stop my child from living like that. If my love is a real feeling surely I will want to share the love towards the people my child also loves? No matter who they are or where they come from. Even if I find them so very different from myself. Even if I fear them because they are not like me. Underneath the fear I have to find the love. And I have to show and share the love.

I really do. Because each one of us, as well as being human, is a Spirit being. Underneath this world we have another existence. This Earth is only my home for a short time. I will return to the Afterlife and rejoin all of the Spirit people who are living there right now. In a place where there are no bodies, no countries, no gender or sexuality I will be a being of light. In a realm where there is no us and them love is the only energy. If I can approach my human life in the same way as I live my Spirit life then I have to oust the fear. I have to be strong enough to reject the fear which breeds hatred.

In me is an endless supply of love. It comes from my Spirit which is supported by the Divine flow of love. Now I need to learn to speak the language of love, not fear. We are all one. We are Spirit. And we are Love. Humanity will survive so long as we remember and live that universal truth.

Day 368 of my blogging challenge.

Evidence of Survival

img_2301Survival is such an interesting word. It means the state of continuing to live or exist, typically in spite of an accident, ordeal or difficult circumstances. It’s also a word used a lot in Spiritualism.

In fact mediumship is said to be all about providing evidence of survival. The links a medium makes with Spirit Beings are intended to connect those in the Spirit World with all of us who have been left behind. When I work I always ask the communicators to tell me about themselves. As I understand where they fit around the person here I also ask for evidence that the Spirit person knows the person they want to talk to. I believe it’s important to make sure that I’m connecting people who really are related to one another in some significant way. It will make the message more meaningful. And, hopefully, help the people left down here think more about an afterlife.

So providing evidence of their survival is a key part of my work. Of course not everything that I have to say may seem significant. It’s an easy mistake to make. To dismiss something as rather meaningless. I remember when I first started going to a Spiritualist church. I though it was a bit ridiculous for the mediums to be talking about the colour of curtains or that someone had a new carpet. You see, I wasn’t the one getting the message. I had no idea how much meaning that might have had to the person getting the message. Small details, insignificant details are there to show the person here that their loved one is still taking an interest in what’s happening.

When I realised that these details mattered I was busy developing my own mediumship. I decided that I would work hard to make my connections evidence based. That I would pass on whatever was coming in because it was all about the survival of loved ones.

Today I was also reminded about another kind of survival. I started my journey into mediumship when I began working as a person-centred counsellor. Working with people who had been involved in all sorts of life events made me think about how we survive those things. What is it that has got me through the tough times? How have I held the bits of me together so that my life can continue? It’s certainly something I hadn’t thought about before. There is something courageous within all of us. Call it a survival instinct. Or an ability to keep hope alive. Talking to my counselling clients today then doing readings this evening I felt inspired once more.

My life for the last eighteen years has been about helping people to find the hope inside them. Sometimes I’ve failed. Most of the time I’ve had the evidence that people have been able to hold themselves together. Pulling the bits into place until they have healed themselves. Like the Spirit people my job has been to say I’m here for you and I’m interested in you. I’ve also been here to remind them that they are survivors. I know from my own life that it is sometimes easier to feel or think I’m the victim of life events. That I don’t have to take any responsibility for what is happening. And that I can collapse in a heap waiting for someone to rescue me. Yet the evidence shows that I have turned victimhood into surviving instead.

I can offer that evidence to the people I work with. I can remind them that they are still standing. Wobbly perhaps. But alive and moving forward.

That is a powerful confirmation. Because if I, or they, can live through anything then it’s easier to believe that life continues. That brings me back around to the afterlife. Death isn’t the final chapter. Instead it’s a new beginning. Just as we survive life events we will survive death too. Surviving is actually what we do best.

Day 355 of my blogging challenge.

Remembering Death

img_2281This evening I went to Wakefield to do a demonstration of mediumship. I enjoyed bringing in the Spirit connections but the best part of the evening was the conversation with my daughter as we drove home.

It started because one of the Spirit people wanted to let their loved ones know that there was no memory of actual pain when we die. As the physical body is vacated the Spirit experiences a falling away of any pain experiences. Physical pain becomes a faded memory. And like any memory it can be replayed rather than re-experienced. That’s why sometimes I ‘feel’ the aches and pains of the person who is communicating. It’s a form of remembering for confirmation purposes only.

In the car I was reminded of something that happened this weekend. My daughter asked about reality. What is it? Would it be different if we were in another dimension? How do we know our reality is the only one? Good questions I thought. But I wondered about how to answer. Then I thought about the paranormal night on Saturday. With a group of people I found myself in a cell in the prison under Nottingham’s courts building. We were hoping to make contact with Spirit people. As I tuned in to the energy I picked up some who were ready to communicate. However, there was also low vibrational energy – entities – trying to connect in too.

One thing I feel needs remembering is that we have to guard against making assumptions about the nature of Energy Beings. From our reality it is difficult to make sense of their reality. Although some rules seem to apply they may be more about our perceptions than their actual reality.

Based on my experiences and the guidance I have received one of those rules is about pain. A visiting Spirit makes light of any human pain they have experienced. Although they may tell me, or occasionally show me through my clairsentience, what illnesses they had or how they died they don’t focus on the pain involved. The information is used only to confirm who they are. The conversation rapidly moves on. However, I also know that entities place a great deal of emphasis on anything painful or fearful. They want to create an energy vibration that they can soak up and recharge their batteries from.

So when someone started to discuss seeing a Spirit being in great pain I responded very cautiously. As the communication went on it was clear to me that the communicating Energy wanted to generate feelings of sadness and fear. Remembering the rules I checked for the Energy Beings present in the room. There were still Spirits but the low vibrational beings were there too. As people assumed that the cells would contain unhappy people and children the sadness grew. Yet that was only one reality. For some prisoners and their children it is possible that they had better provision than they would have experienced outside. Certainly not compared to modern standards. But when I have looked into social history for some a prison might have meant a prolonging of life rather than loss of life.

And that is the point. My understanding of the reality for a person 200 years ago is filtered through my assumptions about what reality I am living. From another point of view I might make very different assumptions about the nature of what I experience as reality.

So when I connect with Energy Beings I have to be very careful how I translate the information I am getting. Remembering not to assume anything is the key. Perhaps most importantly of all, I have to be open minded about the nature of reality. It isn’t fixed although we often behave like it is. Making room in my mind for debate has been a good way to learn to accept the communication experiences I have had. After all, which reality is real? Mine or theirs? All I know is that when I and my colleague focused on the positive energy around us we had a glorious game of chase the orb with the Spirit beings present in the room.

Day 344 of my blogging challenge.

Feeling the Spirit Burn Within

img_2239I’ve been feeling the burn today in more ways than one. Through exercises, walking and shamanic work I’ve been tuning into my body so that I can connect with my Spirit.

For a little while now I’ve been doing some physical training sessions to improve my general wellbeing. Today I also added in a two mile walk dropping off  then picking up my car from the garage. The walks were a great way to burn off some extra energy. And also to be amongst the trees by the river for a while. I often find I’m joined by ArchAngel Shimea when I’m out in Nature. He loves to point out perky little flowers still bright amongst the fall of autumn leaves. Or the way the river takes on the sheen of peat from the moors. If I have my camera he often shows me orbs. My body feels revitalised from the Earth connections too.

The awareness of my physical presence in the world is enhanced by this connection to the Earth. So much so that when I exercise and feel the stretch or pull on my muscles I am reminded of that same process in the land too. The tectonic plates move, the Earth moves, land rises and sinks. The Earth reshape herself bit by bit every day. When I am present in my body I am ready to be all that I came here to be. I am prepared to do what I planned. I can accept myself as human and here. That is when I can turn my attention to the connection with my Spirit.

Today, using sound and flame, I tuned in to the promptings of my Higher Self.

Embracing my physical body and all it’s sensations I meditated on the sound of my heartbeat. Listening to a drum beat whilst I watched the dancing flames I felt the Earth beneath me. Allowing my mind to focus on the flames I became still enough to notice the promptings of my intuitive senses. It was as if the flame could burn away that part of me that refuses to let go of fear. The ego mind fights hard to exist in us as it fears we will die without it’s promptings. So it uses fear to push us into ignoring those inner promptings.

Holding to my desire to embrace and release any fear, pain or hurt I let these surface into my conscious mind. I reminded myself self that we have a lovely planet. I reminded myself that I have a lovely body. And I reminded myself that I am, always and ever, an eternal Spirit. Staying in the moment I repeated those thoughts out loud. I made them into an affirmation and repeated them over for a while. A feeling of peace filled my body. I mean that I felt it physically. My body became relaxed in a way that is difficult to describe. I knew I had meshed, however briefly, with my Spirit. That it was the being sensing the physicality of the world more fully.

When the body, mind and emotions are in balance then my Spirit will flow into a more consistent existence with me. It will shine through my human nature and change how I am in the world. I believe that is at the heart of the ascension process. Once we all start trying to shine more Light we can burn away the old fear patterns that prevent us from being at one with our planet. That is the future I’m looking forward to.

Day 338 of my blogging challenge. 

Intuitive Mind

imageYesterday after my blog I posted a picture I had made about stepping away from the ego mind so we could blossom. One of the conments I got on Facebook was the question ‘what other kind of mind is there?’. It’s an interesting question. We use the term ego to describe the focused, driving force of our mind. Of course there is no such physical part of the brain. The term ego is a construct, a model, described first by Sigmund Freud, to help us understand the workings of the mind. Freud had a model of the mind which is organised into three parts: the Id, the Ego and the Super Ego. The ID is the place of our basic drives – survival, food, sex, shelter, the Super Ego is the moral part of our thinking   or conscience and the Ego is the rational part trying to achieve balance between the other two parts. I feel that there is another part of our mind. The intuitive aspect which connects us to the energy flow that is all around us.

One of the things I know we can do is to tune into that intuitive information. It’s how I am able to ‘read’ psychic information about people and connect to Energy Beings. We all have this intuitive way of knowing and processing so it can be used any time we step away from the rational, logical ego mind. For me the connection to the intuitive information also means that I can pay attention to the Spirit energy that is within me. Philosophers have long debated what makes this clay overcoat a personality. Science has driven research down to individual cells to try to explain how electrical and chemical impulses build up into a personality, a concious being, aware and alive. We have many scientists trying to build artificial intelligence (robots, computers, even smart phones that respond to our questions) in order to understand what it is that disappears when we die. What spark stops when the body finally decays?

It’s a fascinating question. Perhaps it’s where we should be directing our attention if we want to understand how we might look at the world in a completely fresh way. The exploration of the intuitive mind has been going on but there is much less publicity given to the research or results. Often it seems that the idea of an intuitive or Spirit component to our mind or being is only discussed in religious terms. Stepping away from the different religious belief systems is important because I believe we can experience the intuitive mind for ourselves no matter what view we take about any Divine Being. If we start to acknowledge the intuitive info we are already getting we open up to noticing it more. As we do so there is finally a space for the ‘still, small voice’ of our Spirit to speak. This is the part that encourages us to connect to one another, to recognise the community of the whole human race and to work from a higher, altruistic, perspective. Of course the Ego mind will try to get in the way. It doesn’t like to be of service if that is going to put us at risk.

I have always believed that we are here for a reason. As I’ve learned to recognise my intuitive mind and to follow it’s prompts I am sure I have been of more service to others than I might have been if I stayed safe inside my ego mind. I hope you can also live life positively from your intuitive mind. It really is the only way to change and change the world.

Day 170 of my blogging challenge.