Deeply Refreshing Sleep? Restless Nights!

DeeplyI know that after a few nights of restless sleep I’m running on empty. I look forward to a night of deeply refreshing sleep. But sometimes it’s as if that’s the last thing in the world I can get. Because I have Spirit visitors dropping in to chat.

It happens less often nowadays. Yet when I first opened up to my ability to connect with Energy Beings I used to get contact at all time s of the day and night. Even when I was deeply asleep. I needed that sleep. But my visitors didn’t. And they didn’t have much sense of time either. When I told them it was the middle of the night for me they were very apologetic. But still wanted to talk. Until I realised that I was leaving myself open. I had to be the one shutting the door and putting up the ‘closed’ sign. That’s not so easy when drifting off to sleep is a natural drift into an altered state of consciousness.

As I drifted down into unconsciousness I would ‘see’ lots of faces appearing in front of my mind’s eye. Then I would feel like there was someone in the room. Or sat on the bed. And a conversation would begin. Falling deeply asleep the conversation would continue. Until I was woken up so they could continue explaining something or other to me. Eventually I realised that I had to be more firm. I had to make my nighttime off limits to the Spirit people. Discussing this with my Guides I also realised that they had been waiting for me to ask for their help. If I put up with being woken when I was deeply asleep then they would let it happen.

Now I make sure that when I start to drift into sleep I have closed down my psychic senses. I shut out the Energy Beings just like I close my mind to everything else that has been active in my day. If, by chance, someone tries to wander in I ask them to come back when I am awake. And when I am awake I spend a little time asking for contact. That way the communication happens at a time of my choosing. And stops restless nights!

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Resisting The Impulse: Feeling Like I Have To Fill A Day

Resisting rest?Some days I find myself resisting the impulse to fill my time with activity. Part of it is about running my own business. Part of it is that Spirit people often drop by unannounced. Asking me to do something for them.

A common challenge with working for myself is to ensure I take enough time for myself. The flow of work is unpredictable. I can be very busy then on what seems like a go slow. So it’s tempting to say yes to everything I’m asked to do in case a quiet spell is on it’s way. But that isn’t good for me. It’s too easy for me to become exhausted by chasing all the work. Or feeling like I have to be there for people at all times. Since I am also someone who enjoys being busy it can be very seductive to follow that impulse to work as much as possible. But I have been resisting both of these drives for some time now. Because I know I’m not effective if I’m tired.

In the same way, my impulse when I get Spirit visitors is to give them my time and attention. It’s a natural reaction as I want to help anyone I can. Yet, again, I’ve had to understand that resisting the impulse to pass on messages at inappropriate times is important to my wellbeing. I know that in the beginning I was frightened that if I told the Spirit people to go away they would never come back. But I now know they always do. Because not too many of us are prepared to communicate with them. And they really want to get their messages through to us. Over time I have become much better at setting ‘working hours’ for the Energy Beings.

So it has been a strange experience to find that I couldn’t sleep last night. At all. Not because my mind was active. Or that there was work to do. But because I was resisting letting myself relax.

I realise I needed a little lesson. A reminder that work of any kind isn’t the be all and end of my life. There has to be down time. I have to give myself a break. Of course I ended up doing something during my wide away night. I read a novel. Finally stopping myself resisting my wide awareness. Using it instead. But understanding that I must take it very easy on myself during today. Which I have done. And I have had chance to consider where this busy, busy, busy side of me comes from. Because it is part of my personality to enjoy being active. But it’s also become over exaggerated by my desire to achieve.

Ambition is a great energy to use to get things done. However, we live in a world where ambition has become a major driver in people pushing themselves past their limits. I have done that in my work in the past. Trying to achieve what I thought would be good for me. Resisting the signals of my body and mind that ambition and achievement had pushed me passed my limits. I was clearly rejecting those signals because my balance was off. I had no ambition to relax properly. Over the years since I have become much better at being busy doing nothing. Yet there must be a little bit of push left. And my sleepless night gave me plenty of time to recognise it.

Resisting a balanced life is an experience many of us share. The energy waves of the moment are asking me and you to notice where we reject rest and relaxation. To understand how our mind tries to keep us busy and active. With no time for contemplation  or relaxation. I’ve enjoyed a day without ambition or achievement. Tonight I can sleep.

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