Raising My Vibration: Getting In The Zone

raising vibrationOne of the things that really helps with Spirit communication is raising my vibration. Today, on my rest day, I have been feeling a bit flat. So I took my self off to the local cinema to watch a feel-good movie. And it worked!

I’m typing this with one of the songs from the film running round my head. I have been to see The Greatest Showman, a film full of energy, sound and movement that has lifted my energy too. That’s what I love about being human. We are so creative in the ways that we can shift our energy states – our emotions – from low to high in an instant. I didn’t understand the importance of my energy vibration until I started to develop my mediumship by raising my vibration. My teachers and Guides helped me to see how hard it was to communicate with Energy Beings on a different vibration if I was weighed down with lost of ‘heavy’ energy. In other words, when I got lost in sadness, fear, anger or hate I dropped out of the communication system.

Yet if I filled myself up with laughter, joy, happiness and love the discussions took place very easily. Raising my energy levels became a big discipline. Because I wanted to talk to these non-physical beings as much as I could. So I listened to music that made me feel happy. I shared the laugher with my friends. I went to places that felt positive. More importantly, I started to work on releasing any low vibrational energy that I was carrying. And I lined up lots of things to help me keep on track. Like positive affirmations, books that made me laugh, photos that reminded me of great memories. Eventually I became able to get into the zone – the communication vibration – at will. Stepping easily from here to there.

Tonight’s film was a reminder for me to make sure I am raising my vibration. But not only in my work communicating with the Energy Beings. When I am filled with positive energy I attract more of it to me. I also have a connection with the Universal flow of positive energy that will allow me to bring in and pass on even more positivity. How wonderful. And how exciting that there are such enjoyable ways of picking up positive boosts.

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History, Seance and Spiritualism: Learning From The Past

HistoryI’ve taken the chance in my quiet time today to continue reading ‘The Darkened Room’ by Alex Owen. It’s a book full of the history about seances, spiritualism and the role of women mediums. For me it’s also tapping into the development of mediumship as I know it today.

I like to research and look back at the history of things that interest me. It’s like following a thread back into the past. And it gives me an understanding of why things are the way they are right now. What conditions caused spirit contact to be interpreted the way it was. Those foundations have built in to what I do currently. Influences I might not necessarily agree with shape how I work. Or how Spiritualism has been explained to me. I can choose, if I understand the background and context, to move forward in a different way. Even free myself from the limitations those influences might impose. Researching the history also gives me access to alternative views too.

That is very important. I have to remind myself to read wider than the most popular books. My experiences may have a different meaning when considered from an alternative historical perspective. After all, the winning side gets to write the story. And I’m fascinated that the history of Spiritualism really should be her-story instead. Most of the well respected mediums were women. Especially in the first forty or fifty years of the development of Spirit communication. Although I also know that much of the written history, with a few exceptions, has been collated by men. That in itself interests me. It seems the activity in the seance rooms was presented publicly by the men present. Yet the communication was most often by women.

I enjoy looking back into the history of Spiritualism. It’s something I will keep on doing because it helps me to make choices about the way I work. And how I present my work to the public. In the end I hope more and more people access the background to mediumship. It can save them a lot of time in trying to understand why, what, where and how it all works.

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Drawing Back: Service In A Different Way

drawing of fox sistersFor a while I’ve been drawing back. Encountering endings with a tinge of sadness but a heart full of hope. It’s the year when I needed to make changes. Ready for a fresh start in a few weeks.

I’ve found myself drawing on all my reserves this year. As I head to the end, in this last couple of weeks, I’m noticing how weary I have become. Never weary of serving the Spirit and Energy people. But definitely weary of the way people demand that I give and give. Then turn round and demand that I give their way even more. Funnily enough, my Guides have never demanded anything of me. They asked me if I was willing to serve their higher purpose and, after a lot of thought, I said yes. Then they showed me where to go, what to do and who to connect with. Always with the respect that I could say no to anything they asked.

This evening my work in the Spiritualist churches and Centres was drawing to a close. I visited a lovely place in Sale to do my last public service. I know it will be some time before I return to public demonstrations of message mediumship. Because the Guides have asked me to work on the kinds of mediumship that offer evidence rather than messages. And I have agreed. With some relief. I have loved meeting people across the country in all sorts of Spiritualist groups. But I was, and may always be, a reluctant medium. Standing on a stage giving messages is something I’ve done as a service. Not because of a religion. A service to my Guides and the Spirit people who queue up to console their loved ones. And the people who have received comfort from what evidence and messages I can give them.

I won’t miss drawing back from those people who have seen this service as only to themselves. Who have let Ego blind them to the wonder of getting a message at all.

That really does happen. My messages are judged, and sometimes found wanting, by people who have never tried to communicate this way. The evidence I bring has been scrutinised, pulled to bits and rejected because a loved one didn’t say a particular word. Or, worst still, although my message has been correct it’s not what the person wanted to hear so they have dismissed it completely. What a waste. For all of us involved. I feel the worst of the worst though, is the expectation that I am there to entertain. Drawing on a common misconception, that it’s all a bit of fakery or foolery, some people expect to watch the people getting the messages. They want tears and laughter, often embarrassment or secrets revealed, all as long as it’s not them.

The Spiritualist Movement has missed a big opportunity. The chance to show what good and excellent mediumship can be. Out in the grass roots there are many honest, ethical mediums working day in and out to serve the Spirit World. Drawing on the best of these unsung heroes would go a long way to showing people what is at the heart of mediumship. The dedication, love and thoughtfulness with which each medium works to serve a loving purpose. Yet many places are driven by the Ego needs of individuals who are not mediums. Both in the management and attendance. I’ve talked before about educating sitters, the people who get the messages, drawing on all that knowledge contained in the Movement. But still we struggle to get people to understand what is happening.

Drawing back to serve in a different way is my answer. I know that my Guides want to educate people about connecting with the Energy Beings. Once it is better understood they hope that people will value the communication in a more reflective and considered way. Not as something to pass an hour on TV, in a theatre or in a Spiritualist venue. But as a genuine experience of comfort. And support for the notion that life does continue after physical death.

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Poltergeist, Ghost Or Other Apparition?

I’m often asked about poltergeists, ghosts and all sorts of other phenomena. Usually because something is happening that has made someone feel worried or anxious.

Occasionally I find that someone has become so frightened they feel like they are being hurt or harmed by the presence of ‘something’ in their home. I know it can feel scary when things are being moved. With lights and other things being turned on or off. When there are noises. Or someone is sensing or seeing another non-physical person around them. However I know that our Spirit loved ones never intend any harm. They often do all sorts of things to try to tell us they are still around. I know they are busy still taking an interest in our lives. Wanting to share our ups and downs. Hoping to express their love for us. Yet they can be considered by the person here to be a poltergeist, ghost or apparition.

A poltergeist is considered to be a troublesome Spirit haunting a particular person. Although confusingly it can also be linked to a particular place. Ghosts tend to come under the same sort of category. As do apparitions. Sometimes these visitors are said to bring a warning about death or to want to scare the person who is seeing them. Or sensing them. What is noticeable about them is that the activity they cause usually happens when someone in the household is psychically open. Because they can sense, hear of see with their intuitive senses it can attract the Spirit people who then try to get our attention.

The Spirits usually want to communicate but it can be a bother when they are being too noisy. And the more everyone notices what they are doing the more the Spirit people think we are willing to communicate.

Most people assume the activity is bad but it’s all about wanting to talk to us. I usually ask the person contacting me to think about any changes in the house recently, any problems they has been having and asking for help with or any anxieties about the future. The person doing the stuff will be trying to reassure them. In which case I explain that the best thing to do is stay calm. Would you be frightened of your Nanna, Grandpa or other loved ones?  Also to tell the visitor very, very firmly to be quiet.

If the person really wants everything to stop it’s at this point that they have to stop paying attention to what is being done. After all, if they really don’t want to have all the ‘poltergeist’ activity it’s not fair to encourage it and then complain! If the person is happy to have some contact I suggest they tell their ‘poltergeist’ that there are house rules to follow. This could be the times they are welcome to visit and what room said they can be in. With a firm request that the belongings in the house are left alone too.

Someone might also need to understand about thier intuitive psychic abilities. There are blog pieces I’ve written that they could read. Or they could look for a good book to read about it. Not necessarily the scary stuff about poltergeist or ghost activity.

Even attend a workshop or find a development group to learn how to close down their psychic senses if they don’t want the Spirit people to connect with them. There are lots of ways that can help resolve the issue of communicating with the Spirit trying to get your attention. In fact I’m sure that a small part of the activity will be to encourage someone to explore their psychic side. Because our loves ones would prefer to connect with us direct instead of through a third party. I know they like to offer us their support as much as possible. At the moment that often means finding a medium every time.

Very rarely the Spirit who is trying to connect is unsettled, lost or confused. As in life so in death. So that Spirit may need help to communicate what they need. Especially when they may not be sure what has happened to them. In those circumstances I will talk to the Spirit to explain that they are being a bit noisy or disruptive. I will also offer to help that Spirit sort out what has happened or to return to the Spirit World if that is necessary. I find that any poltergeist activity stops as soon as that Spirit person realised where they are and that they have been upsetting people.

One day I hope that any poltergeist or ghost will be able to announce exactly who they are. And why they have popped by. Because I and everyone else will be on their ‘wavelength’ able to communicate clearly.

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Paranormal Passion Investigated?

One of the things I enjoy doing is going on a paranormal investigation. In other words looking for things that are impossible to explain by natural forces or by science.

In some ways I was a paranormal investigator long before I found out I could connect with Spirits as a medium. I always wanted to know why places were said to be haunted. And how. Also what was causing the supposed haunting. It all came back to my mind today when I was looking at some listings for paranormal events. I thought how differently I view my previous passion for disproving (or proving) the paranormal exsisted. Now that it’s an every day part of my experiences the passion has faded a little. I still enjoy visiting new sites, hearing the stories and waiting to see if anything happens. But I have an extra layer to my experience. I know if there really is something there or not.

It seems I’ve become a little sceptical about the claims around paranormal activity. In fact I wonder sometimes if there are two distinct Spirit Worlds. The one I know and trust completely and the one where all sorts of apparently scary stuff happens. Especially as the scary stuff seems ever more extreme. I know that Spirits interact with this world. It’s my job to connect with them and experience their interaction with us. However I have very rarely come across Spirits who can throw chairs, knives or get me running screaming. Most of this seems to be a form of hype. Because for most investigations not a lot actually happens. Except you get cold. And, if it’s a late night, tired.

Please don’t misunderstand. I feel that paranormal investigations serve a useful purpose. First they get people thinking about the possibility of an Afterlife. Or none.

After all, if you are certain that there is nothing when you die there really is no need to investigate further. By visiting a place where phenomena are reported to occur there is always the scope to find something happening to change your current position. I find that we are on a line between there is nothing at all afterwards to a complete vision of what it is afterwards. Over the years I’ve moved along that line. Even forwards and back a few times. Until I found enough experiences to help me decide I believed in what came afterwards. I think I managed to bypass the scary for scary’s sake type of events. Mostly.

Because that’s another reason people go along to see what happens. They want to be frightened. Watching a horror movie isn’t enough anymore. It’s all about fear. Although it’s really difficult to investigate anything when someone is screeching in your ear every five seconds becuase the lights are off. Paranormal meets Hammer House of Horrors. Not necessarily the best way to explore interesting occurrences. Setting aside the scare factor I feel paranormal investigations are good for another’s reason. They push at the boundaries of science as we currently understand it. Whether the theories are proved correct or not doesn’t really matter. Scientific enquiry helps us learn more about our reality.

Which brings me back to knowing if there is Spirit present or not. My way of investigating has turned into a different passion. Because my perception of reality has changed.

Investigations led me to experiences that finally got me talking to Spirits. Over a period of time my intuitive psychic senses woke up, started working and provided me with a means of communication. I still like all the equipment, meters and cameras. But I have better internal senses now. I can also ask for and get the kind of effects that the Spirit World use to show us they are there. I have those experiences every day. Most of the day. Now my passion is for communication through my direct experiences. I believe it’s the best and only way to investigate.   But I encourage everyone to go on a well conducted paranormal or ghost event. You might surprise yourself by developing a passion for finding out more.

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