Letting Spirit Speak Though Me

There are days when connecting seems a little bit harder than usual. And days when Spirit speaks so plainly that it is unmistakeable. I work hard to get more of the second type of day than the first.

I find that those people who doubt that we can connect to non-physical beings always point out a lack of consistency in messages. They use the reality that I can’t always get a perfect connection as the point in which they dismiss everything I say. Apparently it’s not scientific. For a long time I was frustrated with this dismissal. Of everything I knew was genuine for the Spirit World. I asked Spirit Beings to explain, over and over, why my connections could be hit and miss. They kindly gave me lots of examples and explanations.

Because connecting with a Spirit is subject to rules. Quite predictable rules. And yes, the messages and evidence can be variable over time and circumstances. But there are reasons why. Understandable reasons if you consider communication as a matter of exchanging energy. In the end, I found that the more I practiced, developed and understood the connections and energy the better I could make a link to Spirit. Today was one of the days when everything worked. The Spirit visitor was loud and clear, making his presence felt immediately. It was wonderful to witness the reactions of my client as the evidence and support flowed through the words I was asked to speak.

What I have learned from understanding the Spirit rules is that the best connections are when I step to one side and let the loved ones speak.

What this means in practice is that I do my very best to say everything I feel, see, hear and sense. Whilst I am in connection with a loved one I am busy being a reporter. Not guessing. Or saying what I think or feel. I’m not an interpreter of the message. I give exactly what they give to me. Because that way my client will know whether this is their loved one or not. After all, someone you have known and loved has their own ways. They use certain words or phrases. Or gestures. They have certain things about their lives that only the client will recognise. And when it all comes together the person getting the message will know for sure who is speaking to them.

So I’ve had a good day. Someone went away feeling the love of their Spirit family still around them. Encouraged to be hopeful about life and it’s challenges. I feel really blessed to be part of that communication process. It’s something I will always be grateful for. From where I started to where I am now has been an amazing journey. No wonder I want to go to work every morning hoping that my day is going to be full of plain speaking from Spirit.

Day 431 of my blogging challenge.

Haunted Houses, Spooky Events

img_2293Of course we are nearly at Halloween. The tv and magazines are full of haunted houses and spooky goings on. Tonight I saw an ad for a channel running horror movies to celebrate. It made me wonder why we like to scare ourselves.

From programmes like Most Haunted to films like Poltergiest it seems some people can’t get enough of the idea that Spirit beings are bad, aggressive or out to hurt us. I have to say that I’ve never aproached working with Energy Beings with that point of view. I have learned over time that Spirit people are still people. Good, bad or indifferent, much as they were in life. When I’ve visited places to check out for haunting or spooky goings on I’ve often found that there is more imagination involved than actual Spirit communication.

That’s not to say that haunted locations don’t exist. I feel that we often rush to grasp onto the idea of ghosts and poltergeists before looking for the ordinary explanations. I love working with orbs. Though I am also very aware that light anomalies can be the reflections of light from physical sources. Sometimes sources we aren’t aware of. I’ve caught a few orbs on my camera that have turned out to be the glitter of a ring or a bounced back reflection from a mirrored surface. In the same way I consider very carefully before I look for a paranormal explanation. Creaks and bangs can be the result of buildings cooling down especially where wood or central heating is old. Things disappearing can be memory lapses not ghosts.

When I go anywhere to investigate I want to be sure I have ruled out all of the normal explanations for phenomena. Especially where it seems that people are getting themselves scared about what is happening.

Not everything seen in the movies is real. In my work with the Spirit World they talk about how we seem to want to be fearful of communicating with them. And I have to agree. It’s almost as if there is a need to make our loved ones into spooky, haunted apparitions. Perhaps it began as a way to stop us connecting with them? After all, some religions much prefer that I didn’t have a direct line of contact to the Energy Beings. So perhaps it’s not so strange that a pagan festival to celebrate the turning of the year has been portrayed as a time of fearfulness. I feel the message is ‘run and hide, the boogie man is coming to get you’. What about ‘yippee, hard work is over for three months’ instead?

In the end, I usually find that there are extremely good reasons for a house to feel haunted. But incredibly rarely by actual Spirits. Mostly there is stuck aura energy from past experiences and people who don’t understand what is happening so fear something bad. Now and again the Spirit people trying to make contact have been trying too hard. They haven’t realised that their usual signals are being misinterpreted. When I do find Spirit visitors I always ask what they want, often tell them to be a bit quieter and usually pass on their messages of love and support to the occupants. Of course there is always the house that has a resident Spirit. These are the ones who like to keep us company. Or love their old home so much they want to stay around.

I have enjoyed a few great chats with the ones who choose to stay close to their old place. They watch what is happening and are glad that people sometimes realise they are there.

It makes sense to me really. There are one or two places I’ve lived that I would want to take a look at again if I was a Spirit. Probably because I’m rather nosey and would want to find out if anything had changed. I’m not sure I would be the quietest of haunting if there was something I didn’t agree with. I suspect I might be quite naughty in getting someone’s attention. It’s quite a funny thought really. Perhaps the owner would have to get the ghostbusters to come and talk to me. Now that would be very spooky!

Day 350 of my blogging challenge.

Toothache? Collective sensitivity?

imageOne of the things I love about stepping out of the world is that I have time to notice the synchronicities more. Opening up my intuitive side, paying attention to my energy field and connecting with others was an eye opener. I found that lots of people seemed to experience what I was. Today the issue is toothache!

My Facebook newsfeed has been full of mentions of toothache. I have been battling with toothache too. So have my friends far and wide. My logical mind is very dismissive. It would tell me that I’m seeing all of these mentions of toothache because that is my focus at the moment. Certainly it’s true that when we focus on something we notice instances of it more often. Like the game kids play when travelling called car bingo. Looking for all the red cars there seem to be loads. That’s because we are looking. However, looking for all the cars that are red VW Beetles and seeing three in a row, might be a bit more special.

When I consider all the incidences of toothache they seem to be my sensitive, intuitive friends who are affected. And all of us seem to have been dealing with it over the last week or so. What has happened to bring this to the surface? Too much sweet stuff? A fear of visiting the dentist? I’m fascinated by the idea of Carl Jung that there is  collective unconscious. To me is suggests there is an ocean of energy underneath our everyday energy that sometimes sends a wave of shared energy up to the surface. Those of us who are sensitive enough ‘feel’ the wave and react. So a wave of toothache might represent some throat chakra issues being brought to our attention.

But why toothache? Why not a sore throat or chest infection?

When I started to get aches it was a couple of months ago. I got it checked. No reason for the toothache. Then I had a conversation with my Guides. I usually do this if I have aches and pains but there is no physical cause. Being clairesentient I find I can occasionally mistake the presence of a Spirit being for my own physical symptoms. So I asked. The answer I got was that the pain was related to the need to speak. Either I, or whoever was with me when my teeth, gums or jaw started aching needed to speak out about something. I wasn’t convinced. But I also found that most unusually the pain didn’t respond to Reiki.

Eventually I asked people if they had something they needed to get off their chest. Or I thought about what I needed to say. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when discussing something actually made the pain disappear. My Guides were spot on again. So I asked them about why this signal was being used right now. They explained that the energy waves being sent into our consciousness at the moment are about releasing very old, stuck stuff. Releasing is faster when we find our voice and speak out our issues. They told me to get ready for much more of this when Mercury went retrograde and the Earth’s throat chakra began it’s clearing too.

When you think about it, holding back words often involves clenching our jaw. Even grinding our teeth. No wonder the signal is aching teeth, gums or jaws.

So am I and all of the people in my newsfeed sharing in the stuck energy of the Earth’s chakra? What would Mother Earth want to say to us? Perhaps some not very kind things about the way we are treating her gift to us. And I also thought about all of the stuck words that human beings carry. I know I have a little voice inside my head that tells me to be polite, be kind, don’t upset anyone, say little. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has learned to keep back the angry, upset or sad words in case it upset anyone. What happened when we all start releasing that energy? Perhaps all us sensitive, intuitive and empathic people (those labels all boil down to the same thing in the end) are feeling the swell of that releasing wave of words.

And perhaps the words aren’t only from this lifetime. How many of past lives involved holding back on speaking out? I know I’ve had a few. So much so that finding my own voice in this life has been very challenging. As I think about all of these possibilities I understand that Reiki will clear the stuck energy once I give it the right intention. I don’t want to hold back on clearing my past lives or my present life. I’m sure I’ll feel so much lighter when that energy has gone. I also understand that being part of the collective unconscious I will also have to help release all the stuck energy generated by human beings. I was part of who created that energy in the first place in all my various incarnations.

And I do see the abundance that our Earth Mother provides us with. I know that I will have to help with releasing her pain too.

I have a feeling that my creative work whilst I’m off the grid will be about our home, the planet that we sometimes care so little for. It will be interesting to embrace, love and release these teeth, jaw and gum pains. If we all do our best to find our own true voices, if we speak up for ourselves, one another and the Earth, how wonderful that would be. I can turn an ache into a voice. A voice into a chorus of voices. We can speak with one voice and change the way we share our planet and it’s abundance.

Day 304 of my blogging challenge.

Under Construction – Hard Hat Required!

imageToday my blog was very much under construction as I made my way home from a church service. So many Spirit Beings had stepped forward to bring in evidence after evidence of being present. It really gave me a pause for thought.

Sitting in the traffic jam of a diversion because the motorway was closed I listened to a song containing the nickname of my Gatekeeper Guide. I laughed at some of the other music being played because it reminded me that twice this week I’ve had to give a gift from Spirit to a loved one. That gift was a hard hat. Usually when I get something two or three times it’s a prompt for me too.

That’s one of the things that amazes me about the Spirits who come to talk. They are also willing to put things in their messages to family that are understood by other people who are listening. There is a lot of sharing in the Spirit World. Along with so much love and healing. As I tapped on my steering wheel along with the music I considered the significance of a hard hat. One was definitely a tin helmet from the First World War. The second was the kind you get on a construction site. Both are required for protection. And both have made the wearers more visible.

Of course I have quite a few things under construction. Some have been being built over a number of years. Some are brand new. I also have a knack of getting in the middle of debates about all sorts of things. Sometimes the strong words bounce onto my head too.

Its hard to keep building my dreams when I am having to take time out to remind others that I’m not the enemy. We all have a right to make our dreams happen. I might not agree with your dream but it’s yours to manifest. You might not agree with my dream but similarly, it is my dream to bring in. There is room for all of us to build, grow, evolve – whatever you want to call it. If only we actually did live and let live.

It’s also hard to be visible. I had to be pushed very hard to get myself publicly speaking for Spirit. So it’s lovely to feel at home now working in churches and centres knowing that I do my best every time to work to the best of my ability. My next bit of being visible is to get my book published. The manuscript deadline is fast approaching. It’s one I set for myself so that I would finish this particular piece of building. It pushes me further out of my comfort zone as it explains my journey into mediumship. Yet it’s my dream so I’m making it happen.

So when I get cross with myself for pushing me perhaps I need a hard hat to remind me that I’ve chosen to do what I’m doing.

Really that’s what I need to understand. My dreams won’t please anyone else but me. They may fit neatly with the dreams of the people around me if I’m lucky. That is a bonus. I still have to move ahead doing what I came here for because the Spirit people tonight showed me, once again, that there is a bigger plan. It’s still under construction and I don’t quite know what is being built. However, if I keep a clear head and trust that I can do my best whatever emerges will be good enough.

Day 279 of my blogging challenge.