Recycle, Release, Rubbish: Zooming Through Clearing

RecycleThe upgrade continues. Today I found myself emptying boxes and containers looking for possessions to recycle, release or throw in the rubbish. Fortunately I wasn’t doing it all on my own.

I’m a bit of a hanger-on. I keep all sorts of things in the hopes that I can use them again. Or because they are still nearly new. Or have sentimental value. Even the replacement buttons for cardigans that I’ve sent to the charity shop years ago. I have a sort of ‘just in case’ mentality that I’m sure came from my Mum and Nanna. When money was tight they saved and reused everything they could. It was their way to recycle. So I acknowledge I’ve learned to be a hoarder from an early age. But not any longer. Because I know that stuck ‘stuff’ in my physical space also blocks the flow of abundance.

However I also recognise that even with the best of intentions I struggle to recycle my stuff. That’s when it’s wise to acknowledge  the barrier. So I asked someone to help me. My lovely friend Rosie enjoys decluttering. She also, obviously, enjoys a challenge! For three hours today we unpacked, uncovered and dived into boxes, bags, drawers. In an orderly way I designated things to be sold on Amazon, items for the charity shop, bits for the recycling bin and unusable or broken objects for the bin bag. Inspired by this clearing I also identified 3 items of furniture that can be offered to new homes. And we moved my room around a little so that it felt light and airy.

Tonight I feel like it’s a recycle job well done. I hardly noticed the items leaving me as Rosie and I chatted. She valiantly put all sorts of ‘hard to let go of’ objects in front of me (books and CDs especially) and encouraged me to let go. As the clearing of energy goes on why not find a friend to help you let go too? It really can be so easy!

Day 625 of my blogging challenge 

Things that go bump!

imageHave you heard noises in the night? A bump or bang that doesn’t belong? Footsteps when there’s no one there? Many people report unexplained noises at night when their home is quiet. A lot of people say these noises are being made by ghosts. Some people get quite frightened by these random noises and worry that they are being haunted. I’ve been called out to a lot of locations to investigate for people who have been told all sorts of scare stories about bad energies, nasty Spirits or evil spells. So how do you work out which bump or bang is a Spirit and which is the plumbing playing up?

The emergence of the TV coverage of the Paranormal Investigator (or team) has been a key part in raising awareness that homes & businesses can have unusual activity taking place that may be connected to non-physical beings. It’s not that this activity is something new on the Spirit scene (investigations of bumps & bangs are at the heart of the beginnings of Spiritualism in 1848) but acknowledging that the noises may be a form of Spirit communication interests people. Sometimes in a positive way but often this kind of contact is portrayed as spooky, scary and dangerous. So before deciding that there is anything to worry about its always best to approach things that go bump in the night from a practical point of view.

When I visit anywhere to see what is happening it’s obvious that talking to the people who occupy the place will help to rule out anyone playing jokes, noise transfer from other properties and the natural noises of a home or premises. The natural noises can include things like the radiators cooling down, wooden floors expanding or contracting due to changes in temperature, loose or rattling fixtures and fittings. Sometimes people have become used to some noises but react to others. Again, talking to all of the occupants can give a better picture of what each person hears & therefore focuses on. I also like to check how psychically open each occupant is. Sometimes one person or more will hear the noise but others don’t. This can be because the person(s) hearing the noise are receiving info on a clairaudient channel – they have clear hearing for psychic noise. As with all psychic senses the ‘hearing’ can seem as if it’s outside of the person (objective) or as if it’s inside their head (subjective). I may need to give info about how clairaudience works and ask the person to monitor the noises they hear for a few days.

If everyone is hearing the noises I next have a look around the property, especially at any place where the noise is reported to be coming from. And I want to be clear what is being heard – footsteps, music, banging as if with something on the floor, rattling of a door handle or as if there is a muffled conversation going on in another room. In the area where the noise appears to be located I will ‘read’ the aura energy to see if there are traces of Spirit energy. I will also ask my Guides to link me in with any Spirit people in the property so I can ask them for more info. Or, if I feel it might be a loved one trying to make contact, I ask to be connected to anyone who wishes me to pass on a message from the Spirit World.

What I often find is that a loved one has been trying to get a message through and will happily tell me what it is. Once I have passed it on they will withdraw and the noises usually stop. Sometimes I find that the Spirit I am talking to is paying a visit to their old home. If we loved somewhere when we were alive why wouldn’t we want to pop back now and again for a memory lane visit? They usually haven’t realised that the current occupants can sense or hear them and are rather embarrassed to have created a fuss.  Occasionally there is an aura recording of events that took place in the property – like a CD – that keeps getting switched on by one of the occupants. This isn’t a Spirit causing the noises at all. Triggering an aura recording usually happens when someone is very psychically open (something I will already have checked on) and I can help by giving them the info about how to shut their psychic senses down. Very rarely there is an energy portal – a way into and out of the Spirit World – that acts a bit like a train station. The boundary between our world and theirs is thin in the portal area so Spirits pop in and out when visiting us. They also don’t know they can be heard so I will sort out a ‘Quiet Please’ sign for the portal or close it if absolutely necessary. Finally, even more rarely, I will make contact with a grounded Spirit who hasn’t yet crossed over to the Spirit World. If they need my help I will make sure they can cross over.

So when things go bump in the night it’s not ghosts out to haunt you – it’s a real phenomenon arising out of one of several reasons. There is no reason to be afraid. Taking the right action can return your home or premises to a peaceful, quiet place. And you may decide that you like having the Spirit people around enough to learn how to chat with them too.

Day 98 of my blogging challenge.