Requesting Help: It Matters That I Do

RequestingI found myself chatting today about the flow of money energy. Requesting what you require from the Universe often revolves around resources and finances. Much of life does.

I often think how much time I’ve spent in my life trying to make sure I have the resources I need. Requesting more abundance as my finances swing up and down. But often feeling that enough money hasn’t found it’s way to me. Yet whenever I needed to pay for something somehow I, or the Universe, made sure the funds were there. Throughout my spiritual journey of the last eleven years I have come back round to this point time and again. If I trust enough in abundance I have enough. If I wobble I struggle to have enough resources. Money and I have had a love/hate/love sort of relationship. Because it’s something I can’t quite do without.

Yet I’m also hampered by all sorts of social conditions around requesting money. You see, asking for money appears to be classed as begging. Or as some sort of statement that I can’t manage financially. Whereas requesting help is much more acceptable. So long as I let people give me the help they want to. Even if it turns out to be the wrong kind of help. And abundance seems as far away as ever. It’s interesting. So I’ve had many a conversation with my Guides about the energy of money, what ‘help’ actually is and the ways in which I hide from dealing with money as a form of energy. What I’ve learned is perhaps obvious when I’m detached from events that are happening. But easy to forget when abundance seems a long way away according to my Ego Mind.

Requesting any help at all is the first big hurdle. I had lots of values around being independent, working to pay my way and dealing with life’s earthquakes on my own instilled in me.

I feel that I am expected to cope. Many of our social systems are set up to penalise those who have the misfortune to be stranded by a turn of life’s tide. Because the emphasis is on being self sufficient. Especially around money and finances. My Guides have reminded me many times that until our world values every person according to their contribution to the community, rather than as a resource to be used, the power of money will persist. What they mean is that I should look at what I offer to my community as the valuable thing. Not what my community pays me. Hard to swap to when the requirement for money is so entrenched.

Yet they also remind me that when I work at what I’m passionate about I am always rewarded. And if I am doing the things I am best at I will always have all of the help I could possibly need. So long as I’m requesting that help. That’s where those values turn around and bite me. If I don’t ask I don’t get. It took me a long time to ask the Universe, my Guides, my loved ones in Spirit, my family and my friends for help. It didn’t feel right. Or easy. So I soldiered on. Until I couldn’t go on any more. Once I hit that point I did start to ask. Slowly at first. Hesitating to find the words. How many times had I said to people ‘I’m here to help’ and wondered why they didn’t ask? They were stuck for the words. Just like me.

Requesting help was a starting point. But I had a lot more to learn. Especially about the way I asked.

Often my voice got lost. Or I asked when people weren’t listening. Even when I asked directly I would fluff the words. Or pretend it didn’t really matter. And I asked in a confusing way so that the other person didn’t really understand. Or was unaware how much help I might need. Then I would refuse the help that was being offered. Or decide it wasn’t what I  really wanted. No wonder the Universe had a full on challenge sending me what I requested. Until my Guides started to sort me out. They got me thinking about my reluctance to accept help, money, support, positivity or anything else.

And they got me to deal with all the limitations I had placed on myself. Last month, for the first time in my life, I asked clearly and loudly for help. Help with all sorts of things. I asked my family, my friends, my financial people, my Guides, my loved one’s in Spirit and anyone else I could. Help came pouring in. Abundance became my new middle name. I didn’t suddenly win the lottery. But I ended my month feeling like I had done. Requesting all sorts of things moved me forward way beyond what I expected. I do love the way my Guides like to make a point. That wonderful flow of resources has continued. It followed me into this month too.

I’m determined to keep requesting help. The conversation today was a reminder to trust that I will always be given what I require and desire. And that everyone in my community will benefit if I share my abilities in order to help others recieve what they are requesting too. Never mind the energy of money. How can I help?

Day 693 of my blogging challenge 

Bumping Into A New Direction At Last

Bumping carSometimes it takes a bit of a jolt to get my attention. Bumping my car yesterday was one of those moments. In a weekend of strange and weird moments this was one that really got me thinking.

Of course, when I looked at some files this evening it all made perfect sense. But bumping into a wall was the key point for me to make a decision. I have to say it wasn’t a serious accident. I’ve had a bit of a stiff neck, shoulders and back today. And my car needs some cosmetic repairs. But the jolt of sliding into a stone wall certainly electrified my mind. For the rest of the day there was a little voice in there asking me how I wanted to spend the rest of my time on the Earth. A kind of invitation to check in with the direction my life was taking. With a view to making sure I was enjoying myself.

I had a good day with the Thin Places group. And a chance to stand on a high point to see things from a higher perspective. As well as recognising the fun of sharing my ideas with other people. When I got back to the office today I started pulling out the files I use to keep my work organised. One after another, like bumping into the wall again, I saw the titles bouncing me around again. They were activities I have wanted to do all year. All dated 2016. It’s taken me a year to get back to the focus I had when I made up the folders. But I’m coming back to them very much clearer where they fit in my bigger picture.

Because I’ve spent a year bumping into the bits of me that have held me back. All sorts of beliefs and values muddled in with doubts and fears.

Yesterday gave me a chance to think about my work. And ask myself again why I do certain things. Especially if I’m not really passionate about them. I know it can be hard to let go of what I feel I should, must, ought or have a duty to do. Yet I also know that often those SMOD’s are the needs and demands of others. Not my own. The last year has been about releasing myself from other people’s expectations. Because I have to be able to do what fits for me. Rather than try to fit with what fits for others. That way leaves me bumping against their interpretation of my life. And how they think I should live it. Not in a nasty way. But because that’s what we tend to do to each other.

Placing conditions on what is given and received. Stepping back over the last few days I’ve been able to appreciate that conditionality. And to choose to remove the barriers to what I require or desire in my life. Now it’s full steam ahead for Embrace Intuitive Mentoring and my writing. There is even a little space left for my painting. Out go the groups and workshops of the last ten years. Although there will be a little online teaching work for part of 2018. The folders are ready. I’m ready. All that remains is the tidying up of loose ends and clearing of space. Although I know that will be made much easier because I am ready to make the changes I need in my life. So the Universe will make sure it unfolds in exactly the way it needs to.

Bumping the car reminded me not to waste the time and energy I have. It gave me something immediate to focus on. In the moment my sub-conscious mind made a string of decisions. And confirmed my intuitions of 12 months ago. Time to drive a new route!

Day 658 of my blogging challenge 

Pressure: The Push To Bring In The Dreams

PressureToday has felt hampered by all of the Eclipse and Mercury retrograde energy. Yet underneath I have been feeling a pressure. Something reminding me that dream do happen.

My internet and mobile phone connections continue to play up. Letters I’m waiting for haven’t arrived. I felt like energy was draining out of me. All that stuck stuff I’ve been carrying finally disappearing. But it left me feeling tired. Because it takes energy sometimes to move energy. The final piece of frustration was trying to complete the upload of my book so it could be printed. Nothing was going anywhere. Certainly not the cover art or the file I’d formatted. I noticed I was starting to feel a pressure to get something, anything completed. But it ended up that I didn’t.

Instead I walked away from my desk and took a break. Yesterday was busy and lots happened. Then overnight, as well as dreaming I was in New York, I had some contacts with Energy Beings. They kept moving things around and wanting to channel information. In my barely aware state I let them get on with some of it but after about an hour I told them to come back later. I know they are helping me manifest all of the things I’ve asked for so I’m willing to give them space to work. But there are limits! No wonder today I felt a bit spaced and distracted. As well as low in energy. However, I also feel the excitement of new beginnings. A pressure on me to be ready, get clear minded and able to set off at a moment’s notice. I’ve no idea of when, where or how.

So what about those dreams? Have I built from a solid foundation? Have I asked for everything in the best possible way?

This afternoon, to take the pressure off, I sat down and listed out my requirements and desires. All of the things I want to have in my life. Even those things I don’t know about yet. Yes, I’ve put a sentence to allow me to receive all that is best for me even when I don’t know what it is. I believe in covering everything. Because I know I don’t know everything. My list is as complete as I can make it. I’ve asked my heart what I desire and pretty much left my head out of the debate. There is no time to let my Ego mind throw up lots of objections or distract me. I don’t want to have my abundance derailed by fearful thoughts. It’s important that I stay focused on recieveing all of the good things into my life.

After I had written my list I felt a lot better. The pressure had eased. I know the push that is coming will be really helpful to my life. But I also understand that I will get what I ask for. So picking the right things matters. No wonder that intutive part of me was kicking up a fuss. Working to get me to notice the shift in manifesting time we are all experiencing. Often what has frustrated me is that it seemed so long between asking and receiving. So long that I’d forgotten what I asked for in the first place. Now the things I ask for are popping up almost immediately. Sometimes no sooner thought than visible in my life. That’s fast. And I have to be quick to accept and be grateful for what I have received so that I keep that lovely flow of materialisation going.

Are you feeling the pressure? Do you need to sit down and write your list of dreams? Over the next few weeks there is a great opportunity to reconfigure your life. But you have to be clear about what you require and desire. Then it can be delivered to your doorstep straight away.

Day 638 of my blogging challenge 

Flowing Through Full Moon Energy

It’s been a day of flowing high energy. The moon is full and affecting all of us more than usual. Perhaps that’s why there is confusion and uncertainty about the UK General Election.

But I decided early this morning to step back from the debate and discussion of what went right or wrong. I am sure that we are being asked to think deeply about our choices and who makes the key decisions in our lives. I also feel that this uncertainty is going to pull us, eventually, into talking instead of division. That’s the challenge now. To hold with a positive view that things will work out. The energy flowing from this election can be, like the full moon energy, a force that reveals the truth of our future. What I would like to see happen is that all sides finally recognise that we all have to live, work and thrive together. Dividing along any arbitrary lines will keep us stuck in uncertainty.

The benefit that the full moon energy brings to us is that it can boost our good intentions. If I set my thought to the desire for a good outcome for everyone the energy can amplify that wish. I can use the energy flowing through me to really boost anything that I require or desire. Manifesting will be much easier with the extra power of the full moon to back it up. So today I took some time to think about what I wanted next. Not just in the government but in my own life. Where am I going to? What else do I want to bring around me? What purpose would I like to serve with my next actions? I feel it’s important to be clear about my intentions. Because I’m not only asking for myself. I want to ensure positive energy is flowing out to all of those people I connect with.

Things will settle down in a bit. Some of the uncertainty will disappear. Life will go on. By using the full moon energy I hope to ensure that abundance is flowing towards all of us. How wonderful if we all help that intention too. Then election results wouldn’t matter. Because all of us would be wishing for the best for the whole world.

Day 564 of my blogging challenge 

Unhappy? Only in Passing Moments

It’s been another clearing day. What with Reiki and Meditation then a lovely discussion in the Drop In session. Has it been unhappy? No, not at all.

Although I have been clearing out more of my old paperwork and the stuff at the back of the cupboards. In amongst the lovely memories I found things that reminded me of times when I was unhappy. How strange to hang on to sadness like that, I thought. Did I intend when I put them away to keep reminding myself of unhappiness? If so then I’ve failed. The miscellaneous bits of paper, photos and items seemed very distant now. They happened in another life. In my past. And whatever the past I know I can’t change it from here and now.

But it also got me thinking about feeling unhappy. It’s a normal feeling caused for a variety of reasons. Often when my outward world fails to match my inner world in some way. When did I learn to move on from unhappiness? I know there were distinct periods of my life were the pursuit of happiness seemed just than. An endless round of ‘doing’ that never quite filled the sad or empty place inside me. I can recall years of being stuck in misery. Such deep unhappiness that I had no hope or desire for my life. Somehow I had the strength to pull myself through these times.

What shifted that unhappy feeling? So much that it’s now quite a rare thing for me to experience.

As I threw the unhappy memory stuff into a box I realised that I have learned to accept that  unhappiness is the shadow of happiness. Without one I could not experience or understand the other. I’ve discovered that being unhappy passes if I let it. If i acknowledge what I am feeling I can let it go. And I can also try to understand what assumptions were underneath that feeling. Because there is everything I actually require already in my life. Even if I can’t see or touch it. It’s there in the background waiting for me to notice. If I take a good look at my inner world.

I know that this is where my feelings really originate. Not from the outside world or others. But from the choices I make when processing what is happening to me. If I feel content, loved, peaceful and grateful then happiness follows. If I feel upset, deprived, angry, fearful or a victim then unhappiness is what I will get. Not from the causes of the outer world. But from what I choose to inflict on myself. I’ve written many times in my blogs that I have to learn to love myself. My life will only flow positively when I do that. Today as I released those memories I recognised that I don’t require them. I love myself. I am free to choose. So I choose happiness.

Day 550 of my blogging challenge