Detective Work – Finding Stuck Energy

detectiveSome days I get to play detective. When I’m mentoring or working with Reiki I can sense stuck energy in the person I’m working with. It’s not always clear to them why the energy is stuck. Or even what the energy represents. However it is getting in the way of moving forward. That’s when I get my investigator head on.

Using my clairsentience always helps. I can ‘feel’ where the energy is stuck with my own body. Then I can reflect this back to my client so that they can ‘feel’ the stuck energy too. Because it might be causing all sorts of symptoms – some related and some not – for that person. That’s when the detective work begins. We can discuss the symptoms and I can relate them to the chakras that might be affected. I can also sense the energy as it flows around the stuck point. Is it blocked completely? Does some energy get through the blockage? Are there more than one patches of stuck energy?

That can prompt a useful discussion about how the person is experiencing these waves of energy. And for how long they might have been getting these signals from their body. Some energy can be age related. Especially when I consider the way we all have intuitive ability open and closed at different points in our life. It can also lead to a discussion about the energy of other significant people in my client’s life. We do take on each others energy. And even the energy of total strangers. The detective work also includes tuning in to their past lives. Karmic threads are still active in our present life. These can create situations of stuck energy too.

As I analyse the information, like a detective, I can usually find a probable cause for the issues my client is having. Knowing what is happening, what is creating dis-ease, is the starting point for dealing with releasing the energy. I enjoy this aspect of my intuitive work. Helping someone find a way to come into a better balance is very rewarding. Especially as I can ‘see’ the lift in their own energy as everything starts to flow again.

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Chocolate: I’m Sure It Was In My Contract!

chocolateIt’s been a mentoring and Reiki attunement day. Lots of lovely energy flowing through to get all of us self-healing. I really enjoy energy healing and took the opportunity to think about the way I tumbled into doing it. It brought to mind my contract for this life. And chocolate!

I had no ambitions to be a medium, psychic or energy healer. When the opportunities came in I had no idea why I’d been nominated. I often wondered if I had somehow been volunteered because everyone else had said no. I asked my Guides lots of questions about how I got picked for the Spirit Team. And they had many moments of laughter at my expense when I learned I picked this for myself. Apparently I signed up to exploring my spirituality. And to getting into it so much that my intuition woke up. It seems in my plans I agreed to be human again because I could have chocolate.

Now, I love chocolate. No doubt about that. But love it enough to go through a long, complex process of waking myself up? Especially when I suspect it might have been easier all round to carry on sleeping. Apparently so. I forgot to read all of the small print. I just saw the word chocolate and jumped at the chance to be reincarnated. So having got myself here it’s a bit of a laugh that sugar has become one of the substances that my body really doesn’t like. However I have found I adore having the contact with my Spirit Team. Doing so has made my life a lot simpler and clearer. I wouldn’t change that for all of the chocolate in the world.

I believe we all sorted out contracts. That each of us is working on having a simple, clear and loving life. Our reward is whatever we put into that contract to keep us going through the difficult bits. Is it time you had a chat with your Spirit Team to ask them what your contract says? And to check that you remember what you asked for as a reward. Don’t miss out!

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Leaving, Joining, Growing

It’s been one of those strange days. I have them now and again. Leaving or joining? Which ever way I look at it I’m growing.

Leaving or joining comes with a question on these days. Sometimes when I let go of control over my life it’s a chance for fate, destiny or whatever to step in and turn what seems to be a loss into a gain. In the deep flow of energy whilst I was doing some Reiki healing for myself and others it seemed that whatever I let go of went easily. Leaving was just about a temporary parting. Anything that was necessary to me was still with me. I felt myself joining the Universal flow. Understanding that the grief of loss was also a temporary feeling. That there is really no loss at all.

This evening I was doing a demonstration of mediumship in a spiritual centre. Leaving once again seemed to be around me. Of course the Spirit people who came in had left this Earthly life. Yet in their leave-taking they had also been gifted another life. They had joined another community. They were continuing to grow and thrive in these new surroundings. So they came, one after the other, in groups large or small, to show that their going had been a progression. To give us the hope that we will join them eventually. When it is our turn to leave they will welcome us as we join once more with them.

I know that to leave and to join are the challenges we face in our human form too. Connection is what we desire. Belonging. A sense of place. Of community.

I’ve seen people stick hard to being part of a family, a group of friends, a club or a community. I know I’ve done that myself. Working to fit in and be accepted. Yet it hasn’t always worked. Part of my experience, my growth, has been to find myself sometimes on the outside. Still looking for like minded people. Joining and leaving time and time again. For a long time I wondered why I moved from community to community. Then I realised that each move, each set of new faces and views, added something to my understanding of me. I began to find it easier to take my leave. Because I knew fresh adventures were waiting.

Sometimes I grieved deeply. Other times I realised it was a relief. That the particular group or community had become a restriction. Today I sensed it was time to embrace more leave-taking. To look forward to fresh joining opportunities. As I sat in the Reiki energy I felt the shift in my energy. I’m letting go without resistance so the new energy can flow easily into my life. It made me smile to remember that it’s the Chinese New Year and we have a Fire Rooster. It’s the energy I need right before my Dog Year next January. I hope the fire energy pushes the leaving and joining along for me. After all,  no matter what, I’m growing, changing, progressing. As above, so below ?

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Healing Energy Given to Give

One of the best things about opening up to my intuitive ability has been the chance to be part of sharing healing energy with others. Through my connection with Reiki, the Earth’s ArchAngels and Spirit beings I am often given energy to pass on.

Although I enjoyed my work as a therapeutic counsellor and knew I was part of a healing process I did sometimes feel that something was missing. At that time I hadn’t started to see the world as an energy environment. I knew about thoughts and feelings. I understood that these would influence choices and actions. But I didn’t recognise the energy that flowed as I thought or felt something. Healing support was given by medicines and talking therapies. When I opened up my connections to Energy Beings it shifted the way I understood my world.

It also changed the way I understood what healing meant. I became aware of dis-ease as an energy form. And that other energy could be given to release, change or disperse that energy form. As I explored more about energy healing I realised that I was being given regular blasts of healing energy. In the first place that healing energy only worked to help me remove stuck and damaging energy from my aura and physical body. Over time, however, I began to get more healing energy than I needed. That’s when my Guides suggested I learn to give that energy to others.

That began my journey into Reiki and Spirit healing. Learning to transfer what I had been given across to other people.

Even though I’ve been doing this work for a long time I am still awed by the way that the healing energy flows for all of those who come along for a treatment. Or the feedback from the videos I’ve issued that send out the healing energy too. I love that we are surrounded by all the positive flow of energy that we could ever wish for. That it is available to every single person. And all we have to do is be willing to receive it. So when I get a day like today, working to pass on the healing vibrations, I always enjoy giving all I am given.

My healing energy work has also given me the opportunity to become a healing teacher. I try to encourage every one I can to find out about the Energy world. Each time I do another Reiki attunement I know that another person will find that what they give out they also get back. I know that if we all approached our wellbeing from an energy point of view there would be much less need for medical intervention. If you are feeling like you’re out of sorts, out of balance or in need of a boost please think about asking for healing for yourself. I am sure that you, like me, can benefit from what is given to all of us.

Finally, please share in the discussion and information about energy healing. There are many ways to access help and support. You don’t have to suffer through things. Energy is being given so that you to can learn to give to yourself ?

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Achieving an Energy Balance

img_2192One of the themes that came up today in my Reiki Reresh group was how often we get our energy out of balance. Achieving the harmony between Spirit, mind and emotions that keep us in a healthy condition can be a challenge. That’s why I love to offer people a chance to receive Reiki and Earth ArchAngel energy.

ArchAngel Nushiel is the ArchAngel of Harmony in all things and is here to help us understand balance. She came into the session too so she could help me in achieving a balance in the healing energy being channelled in. I know that we are learning to think of ourselves as energy beings, with a physical body and an energy aura. It’s also important to understand how the aura can collect all sorts of low vibrational energy that creates dis-ease in the physical body. What I feel we notice less is how quickly our energy/body connection gets pulled out of alignment. Noticing this as soon as it happens is quite an achievement.

Yet I know it’s something we have to develop so that we can remove the mismatch and restore our wellbeing. My starting point has been to look at myself much more closely. So I try to notice every little thing around me. And every little thing within me. By placing my attention on the energy of small things I have started to see the imbalance in the energy of large things. I’m open to the intuitive information that Nushiel also brings to my attention. Sometimes it’s to do with the way I am thinking or feeling. Sometimes it’s about how others are behaving.

Paying attention makes achieving balance a lot more possible. Because as soon as I notice that I am off centre in any way I can use my Reiki to self-heal. Or I can ask for balancing energy from the Energy Beings who work with me.

They are happy to join in this process of rebalancing. They helped me to understand that I can connect with my intuition better when I am balanced. So that means I can get clearer messages much easier – a must if I want to be able to offer people that kind of service. I do know what they mean. On days when I’m feeling a little off par the connection seems like a mobile phone link. One that keeps cutting out, as if I was in a tunnel, and some questions I ask have to be repeated more than once.

On the days when I’m feeling centred within myself the information flows as fast as I can receive it. It’s accurate. There is significant content for the listener. And I don’t even have to ask any questions. I love those kind of days. To make sure I get more of them I check in with my energy every morning. If I feel sluggish or off balance I meditate to find the energy part of me that has drifted off. It could be that I have a cold, or aches. It might also be that I have drifted into negative thinking. Or that I wasn’t keeping my aura clear of other people’s energy.

Whatever the source of the energy drift I know that achieving balance again will only take a few moments. If I am willing to take action.

I guess that’s the point really. If I take rebalancing action as soon as I can there is less to consider later. Because I am sure we drift off balance quite a lot every day. Leaving energy to get stuck means a longer repair job. Especially if we are so out of alignment that our body is affected. I also,close every day by sending out healing to all those who wish to receive it. Balancing my energy means not just giving but taking too. Please join me in being open to receive that’s balancing, healing energy ?


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Toothache? Collective sensitivity?

imageOne of the things I love about stepping out of the world is that I have time to notice the synchronicities more. Opening up my intuitive side, paying attention to my energy field and connecting with others was an eye opener. I found that lots of people seemed to experience what I was. Today the issue is toothache!

My Facebook newsfeed has been full of mentions of toothache. I have been battling with toothache too. So have my friends far and wide. My logical mind is very dismissive. It would tell me that I’m seeing all of these mentions of toothache because that is my focus at the moment. Certainly it’s true that when we focus on something we notice instances of it more often. Like the game kids play when travelling called car bingo. Looking for all the red cars there seem to be loads. That’s because we are looking. However, looking for all the cars that are red VW Beetles and seeing three in a row, might be a bit more special.

When I consider all the incidences of toothache they seem to be my sensitive, intuitive friends who are affected. And all of us seem to have been dealing with it over the last week or so. What has happened to bring this to the surface? Too much sweet stuff? A fear of visiting the dentist? I’m fascinated by the idea of Carl Jung that there is  collective unconscious. To me is suggests there is an ocean of energy underneath our everyday energy that sometimes sends a wave of shared energy up to the surface. Those of us who are sensitive enough ‘feel’ the wave and react. So a wave of toothache might represent some throat chakra issues being brought to our attention.

But why toothache? Why not a sore throat or chest infection?

When I started to get aches it was a couple of months ago. I got it checked. No reason for the toothache. Then I had a conversation with my Guides. I usually do this if I have aches and pains but there is no physical cause. Being clairesentient I find I can occasionally mistake the presence of a Spirit being for my own physical symptoms. So I asked. The answer I got was that the pain was related to the need to speak. Either I, or whoever was with me when my teeth, gums or jaw started aching needed to speak out about something. I wasn’t convinced. But I also found that most unusually the pain didn’t respond to Reiki.

Eventually I asked people if they had something they needed to get off their chest. Or I thought about what I needed to say. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when discussing something actually made the pain disappear. My Guides were spot on again. So I asked them about why this signal was being used right now. They explained that the energy waves being sent into our consciousness at the moment are about releasing very old, stuck stuff. Releasing is faster when we find our voice and speak out our issues. They told me to get ready for much more of this when Mercury went retrograde and the Earth’s throat chakra began it’s clearing too.

When you think about it, holding back words often involves clenching our jaw. Even grinding our teeth. No wonder the signal is aching teeth, gums or jaws.

So am I and all of the people in my newsfeed sharing in the stuck energy of the Earth’s chakra? What would Mother Earth want to say to us? Perhaps some not very kind things about the way we are treating her gift to us. And I also thought about all of the stuck words that human beings carry. I know I have a little voice inside my head that tells me to be polite, be kind, don’t upset anyone, say little. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has learned to keep back the angry, upset or sad words in case it upset anyone. What happened when we all start releasing that energy? Perhaps all us sensitive, intuitive and empathic people (those labels all boil down to the same thing in the end) are feeling the swell of that releasing wave of words.

And perhaps the words aren’t only from this lifetime. How many of past lives involved holding back on speaking out? I know I’ve had a few. So much so that finding my own voice in this life has been very challenging. As I think about all of these possibilities I understand that Reiki will clear the stuck energy once I give it the right intention. I don’t want to hold back on clearing my past lives or my present life. I’m sure I’ll feel so much lighter when that energy has gone. I also understand that being part of the collective unconscious I will also have to help release all the stuck energy generated by human beings. I was part of who created that energy in the first place in all my various incarnations.

And I do see the abundance that our Earth Mother provides us with. I know that I will have to help with releasing her pain too.

I have a feeling that my creative work whilst I’m off the grid will be about our home, the planet that we sometimes care so little for. It will be interesting to embrace, love and release these teeth, jaw and gum pains. If we all do our best to find our own true voices, if we speak up for ourselves, one another and the Earth, how wonderful that would be. I can turn an ache into a voice. A voice into a chorus of voices. We can speak with one voice and change the way we share our planet and it’s abundance.

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Focus in on the basics

imageIt’s been another full on day. Lots to do. And lots to think about. I’m going through another big energy shift to get me ready for the next step with several strands of work. It’s exciting but confusing too. Finding a focus point is a challenge.

Part of the shift is me deciding what I want to follow up in all of the work I do. Part of it is me agreeing to the new work that is coming my way. And certainly a chunk of the change is about me stepping closer to living as my authentic self. Alongside that is the background reality of who I am as an Energy Being. It’s all about what I choose to focus on. I found myself discussing that with my daughter this evening.

We were talking about whether the grass really is any greener on the other side. She pointed out that grass is always grass anyway. We reasoned it out. Whenever I feel that there is a better opportunity in the field someone else is standing in I need to remind myself that my field is all of my making. If my grass is thin and weedy it’s because I haven’t focused on taking care of it. If I’m standing in my own lush green meadow why would I want to bother about anyone else’s field. It’s important to remember that I am me in whichever field I move to.

That point also came up in conversation this morning. I get a lot of people coming along wanting to become mediums. They expect me to teach them. But they also expect a transfer of skills to happen overnight.

I listen very carefully to what they say. I am often amazed by the amount of courses, development and workshops they have done. They are full to the brim with knowledge. I also know that they haven’t actually used any of that knowledge. They have focused so much time and energy on looking for the magic short-cut to instant messaging that they have ignored the discipline intuitive work requires. When I explain there is no way to shorten the learning curve they rush off in the next direction. Sticking with it as a way of developing seems to be a bit old fashioned somehow.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s actually a lack of respect for me and themselves that drives them on still looking for a quick fix. I have time and energy for anyone who really wants to be of service to others. I will help them by providing experiences, suggestions and sharing knowledge to the best of my ability. I also understand the excitement of rediscovering my intuitive senses. How fascinating using them can be. And how frustrating. There are so many ways to apply intuitive skills. It’s like being let into the sweet shop after a strict diet. Where to start? Yet I also know that until you focus in on the basics nothing else can be built on top.

I’m glad to say that my morning conversation ended up with me recommending some further reading to help that person refine their focus. Then an afternoon doing a Reiki Master attunement for someone confirmed the benefits of sticking with it.

My Master candidate has spent nine years growing and learning between Reiki One and Mastership. Sometimes there was a clear focus and sometimes a lack of focus. Perseverance won out in the end. My candidate respected themself enough to keep going. So a big effort to focus on healing service means Universal energy will go out to far more people. I guess it’s very simple. Do I respect myself enough to keep looking after my own grass even if I don’t know why at times? Am I still able to support those who respect themselves enough to do spadework on their grass? Do I honour the basic building blocks of my life enough? The basics make all the rest possible. Love, forgiveness, gratitude and service. The meadow is beautiful and abundant in my field!

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Parashiel’s Balm

imageBalm. Something comforting or soothing. Parashiel. One of the Earth’s ArchAngels here to remind us of our wisdom, love and community. Today I have been working in close connection with Parashiel’s own balm.

I have been working with spiritual healing energy and Reiki for some time. I know that some people are uncertain about energy healing. There are all sorts of issues around the idea that we can rebalance our own energy and promote our wellbeing in this way. I make no claims about what I do. I observe what people say the effects of my work with them produce. They appear to find benefits in having sessions where energy is transferred from me to them.

When I am doing Reiki that is what happens. I feel as if I am receiving additional energy and it is passing through me to the person I am working with. I feel like I have specific Energy Beings around me who connect me to the Universal flow. Almost like being dropped into a current of warm water. As that warmth fills me it ends up mostly in my hands. Then my hands radiate the warmth through to the aura and body of the person having Reiki. Each person experiences what I transfer differently. That is the nature of the energy. It goes where it is needed.

When I met Parashiel doing Reiki treatments I felt a difference at once. His energy was somehow more powerfully loving. I felt calm and comfortable.

Of course, at the time I was also busy discovering the other eleven Earth’s ArchAngels. Getting accustomed to all the different energy signals was a challenge for me. They sometimes appeared all together and sometimes in ones or twos. I had a lot to learn. As I learned about all of them I also began to experience a difference in my healing. Parashiel somehow gave things a bit more umph, a bit more power, an ‘added extra’. It’s actually hard for me to describe what exactly it is. But it comes from a fully open heart chakra.

Working with energy vibrations isn’t a hierarchy. The energy of an Angel isn’t better than the energy of an Elemental or a Spirit. They all bring in healing Rays of the one Universal energy. I believe there is only one Light. I believe it is the energy of Unconditional Love. Each Energy Being brings a flavour of how they experience the Universal flow. Somehow what I got from Parashiel was more deeply loving. I felt he cared very much how humanity needs to find a way to rebalance our love for ourselves. His balm was to bring this rebalancing as an experience for me.

I feel I am very blessed. Parashiel’s balm is part of my daily life. He stands alongside me when I am giving my Reiki treatments. He reminds me that healing energy is for everyone because it is really the transfer of Unconditional Love.

So I do my best to send out this energy in as many ways as I can. My blog, my art, my Centre – all are part of the energy of the Light. Theses are ways of providing comfort and soothing when life is turbulent. Not only for me but for anyone else I can help. I’m really excited as I end today. Tomorrow I’m doing a live broadcast on Facebook that will be a first for me. Parashiel wants me to transmit his energy through the channel of the Internet so that people can share in his balm. I have no idea how it will go but if even one person shares in the comfort this wonderful ArchAngel can bring I will have done what I know I came here for. Roll on 8am BST ?

Day 231 of my blogging challenge. 

Psychic Pain

imageThere are times when my body aches. Or I get stray random pain. My teethe ache. My shoulder feels sore from the inside. My feet feel tight and uncomfortable. There are times when these aches and pains seem unconnected to anything I might have been doing. Or to any illness. At these times I always consider if I’m having psychic pains.

There is a type of pain defined as psychosomatic. In other words the mind is making the body feel physical pains. Often there are strong emotional causes for the thoughts which in turn create the pain. In some conditions the emotional trauma of certain events can be displaced into physical discomfort. Treating that also requires identifying and working with the underlying cause. Often the solution is to release the emotion or thoughts creating the sensitivity. The psychical aches go away when the person feeling them stops reacting to the thoughts and emotions causing the soreness.

In any situation where there are aches, soreness, discomfort it’s important to listen to the message your physical body is sending you. Ignoring pain may actually end up making the symptoms much worse. But what if the physical issue has no apparent cause? What if your body is fit and well but there is still an ache somewhere? Is it always a psychosomatic reaction to emotions and thoughts in you? I am suggesting another way that we experience painful physical symptoms. That is the acknowledgement that we can also pick up psychically through our intuition on the aches of other people.

One of our psychic senses is that of clairsentience – ‘clear feeling’ – where it is possible to ‘feel’ the emotions and physical conditions of others. It’s most often talked about as a form of mediumship where the aim is to connect with an Energy Being – usually a Spirit who has been human. However, what is less discussed is that our intuitive psychic senses also process the energy from the people physically around us as well as the Spirits who are no longer physical presences. As we start to recognise the energy of other people by paying attention to the info our psychic senses bring in we might also become aware of their pain.

I feel we are all more comfortable recognising emotional info that we pick up from others. Sometimes we feel that a friend is sad, or a colleague is angry or a family member is in a low mood. We are often prompted by that to ask how someone is feeling. Or to do something spontaneous to help them feel better. At the same time it is also important to check out if you have connected to their physical aches too. When I do Reiki healing I often find I am healing not only the person in front of me but also the person whose pain they are carrying in their aura too.

When we care about someone the energy link is strong so it is perfectly sensible that we get a bigger ‘hit’ of anything that might be affecting them. With this in mind, whenever I get an unexpected soreness or ache I always check if it might belong to someone else. Of course if I have been rock climbing (lol, not an activity I can do nowadays) and stubbed my toes I can expect the discomfort. If nothing else can explain what I am feeling I consider who I know that is in pain at the moment. Or when I might have been around someone in physical pain. Then I can send out a healing thought to that person and clean my aura by releasing the energy.

There is also another thing that I like to consider. If the soreness is reluctant to depart I also think about my past lives. The past life info in eighth chakra does filter into the aura. Especially if we are working to clear past life karmic consequences. It can recreate the injuries and illnesses we had in that past life. These physical symptoms are a reminder of something important that we discovered in that life. They appear to help us understand the wisdom. Clearing the really old stuck energy will end the karma they are helping us to pay attention to.

Becoming more aware of the source of the painful physical symptoms we experience has a positive effect. Knowing the underlying cause means we can take steps to deal with the experiencing of pain in a different way. Honouring our body’s mechanism for alerting us to dis-ease is a big step in removing that dis-ease.

Day 216 of my blogging challenge. 

ArchAngel Healing

Earth's ArchAngel Parashiel

Earth’s ArchAngel Parashiel

For the last two years I have been working with a strong, determined ArchAngel called Parashiel. She or he, depending on which energy I’ve needed, has been at my side every time I passed on healing energy to people, the animal kingdom and the planet. S/he is also the driving force behind my own self-healing. I’m a Reiki Master/Teacher. I understand the way we can call on Universal energy  to refresh and repair our own aura energy. The energy we receive kick starts our own self-healing process making it easier to release any stuck energy. Moving back into balance we feel better. We are less bothered by the past. We have energy to look forward to the future. Parashiel increases the healing energy that I have available. I can be a more effective energy worker for myself and others.

Parashiel is one of twelve ArchAngels who work closely with our planet. They are the Guardian Angels of this bit of the Universe. Looking after our solar system is their mission. Meeting these Energy Beings took some time. They approached very cautiously because their energy vibration is much stronger than we have been used to. I was introduced to them through smell, sound, colour and emotion so that I could take on the energy they transferred as comfortably as possible. It was still a challenge. Becoming accustomed to higher vibrational energy when you are used to being at human energy speed took me through some big ups and downs. They were patient with the process. It’s important for me to be able to channel their energy so they can have a voice. Being in their energy is the only way for a strong connection to work well.

Today I held my regular Friday Reiki Refresh group. As usual Parashiel stood by my side to boost the ener each person was receiving. We often chat while I’m doing this. Our conversation was all about releasing the fear of dying, of loss, of survival and the deep need we sometimes feel of wanting to hang on grimly to what has been. If we get stuck in the emotions and fears of grief we stop being open to the energy of change. Instead of being flexible and adaptable we resist everything that represents change. Parashiel is especially good at removing fear, at promoting change and supporting the transition from old to new. He reminded me that it was time to do what I agreed a long time ago (before I even got here). I am starting the training of others who will work closely with Parashiel. It’s exciting to offer Parashiel’s wonderful healing energy to others as well as to help people be the channels for this powerful work. It feels like exactly the right time in my life’s journey to be sharing this teaching on behalf of an ArchAngel who wants to shift the low vibrational energy from every single one of us.

Tonight I’m sending out the energy of peace to all on behalf of Parashiel. Please take your share ?

Day 214 of my blogging challenge.