Sugar Sharing: How Good Vibes Come Back

sugarOne of the hardest things to do is to get in a positive flow of energy when you are feeling stuck. That’s when I remind myself of sugar sharing. My way to increase the good feeling in me and around me.

One day I was talking to a group of students about how we give out our energy vibrations. Even when we don’t realise that we are doing so. I know that all of us tend to take one another at face value. That what I say and how I appear may make people think I’m fine or ok. But what my energy may be saying is the opposite. Intuitively that will be picked up and people will go away feeling rather confused. They may also pick up my energy vibe and pass it on to other people too. That’s the way energy works and transfers. So what about sugar? As i tried to explain the idea of energy transferring my Guide stepped in. Thankfully the Team are always ready to help. And I was given a great illustration.

Imagine you live in a row of houses. Your neighbour pops in and says they have run out of sugar. They ask if they can borrow a cup. You smile and give them a bag of sugar. They promise to return it and you say it’s ok. You ask them to pass on the kindness. They take the bag of sugar home. Next day the next neighbour in the row calls into their house to ask for a loan of some sugar. In the spirit of kindness the first neighbour gives them the bag of sugar and asks for it to be treated the same. Passing on the kindness in return. The bag of sugar goes along the row of houses until the morning you run out of milk. And the neighbour right at the end of the row gives you a pint of milk with the request that you share the kindness to the next person who needs something.

What has happened is a good vibe all along the row and your original sugar returned in kind. You have been sweet and got that lovely energy back.

However, there is another aspect to this. What if your first neighbour had not passed on the sugar? If it ended only satisfying the first person’s need? You might be reluctant to share again. The other neighbours might have stopped asking your first neighbour for help. And may have refused to help that neighbour in future. What is being transferred is not the sweetness the sugar can bring. But the sadness of looking only after number one. In that scenario the only person who benefits from any energy is the first neighbour. But it is a short term fix. And there is unlikely to be any more positive flowing their way.

I love this explanation for giving with gratitude. What I give will eventually return to me. What I give can be large or small. A smile, a small or large loan or a roof over someone’s head in an emergency. There are so many ways to share the sweetness of the sugar. Each time I do it I know that I can look forward to when it returns. And not care when that might be. Or how it will be returned. I am sending out a positive vibe, sharing and caring for it’s own sake. Not with my eye on getting anything back. Because I know that there is a great balance going on. If I feel happy and someone else feels happy we are sending that wave of kindness out as far as it can go. Eventually that wave will remove the low vibrational energy flowing around the world.

So make today the day you think about sharing that bag of sugar. Remember how much it can shift your vibration. When you focus on what others might need you forget your own stuckness for a little while. You never know. What you might get back could be exactly what can clear away the thing that keeps you stuck.

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Goddess of Compassion: Believing in Yourself

I’ve taken myself off for a couple of days. House-sitter in place and cats in charge. Letting myself have some compassion for me.

That’s the hard part. When things are tough I can slide into picking at myself. I believe all of us have that little negative voice that pops up when we least expect it. It was there today. Nagging at me. Because it’s been a bit of a hard week. Energy wise and work wise. I’ve been getting the tests from the Saturn energy. Old issues that I thought I’d settled ages ago. But back up in my face once more. At least I’m getting better at recognising the negative voice and the issues it brings. So I’m please with myself for deciding that I needed some time out. Actually some time away. Grounding myself once more. It’s about compassion.

I know that we find it hard to put ourselves first when we believe in being of service to others. That often leads me to try to do too much. I also know that I’m not the only one doing that. So many people want to do their best for others. Like me they practice random acts of kindness. And perhaps take on too much responsibility for the outcomes others expect. Yet where is the self compassion? Random acts of kindness I do for myself? I find it hard to praise myself. It seems big-headed. I also find it difficult to say no. That feels like an unkindness to the other person. But I say no to myself so much. I tell myself I can’t have this, do that or enjoy myself too much.

The worst of it is that I know better. I understand that compassion is for me, you, everyone. Kindness is a blessing we are all entities to.

Several times this week I have found myself in echoes of old situations. Circumstances where I have felt that someone has been trying to take advantage of my good nature. Or actually has managed to do that. They have been blind to their actions or the feelings it led to. And I have been left to deal with how I feel as a result. One two occasions I’ve actually been unable to voice my feelings. Not at all like me as I am now. Yet very like me some years ago. It made me think. Actually it stopped me in my tracks. I started to argue with myself. Because I felt I was being unkind. To the other people involved. In an instant that negative voice was there. Telling me how awful I was. Worst of all I felt as if I’d lost all that ground I had already made.

That’s when I asked my oracle cards for help. Really I was calling for my Guides to give me a nudge. How had I let that negative voice upset me? They sent me the Goddess of Compassion. As a reminder and a prompt. I was forgetting to be compassionate towards myself. Of course I know that making spiritual progress is more like an upwards spiral than a straight line. So I was certainly being harsh on myself to think I had somehow slid back into old habits. Although it was also a reminder to make sure I use my voice and make my requirements very clear in future. Sometimes an old pattern is hard to break. Because it makes me feel safe.

Though an old pattern is also a temptation. To stop making changes, especially if they are challenging, and to play safe. My compassion for me is to recognise the ‘safe’ patterns are restricting.

And, of course, to keep on making the changes. I can do that best if I honour my abilities. So as I drove to my retreat I started to think about all of the wonderful things that I have received in the last few years. I am blessed with loyal and truthful friends. They help me remember what I’m good at. The Universe has sent me transport when I needed it, a retreat when I wish to clear my head and work that I love. I have a family who are caring and compassionate. My pets comfort me when I’m stressed. And I have Guides and Inspirers who push me just that little bit further out of my comfort zone every time. For everything I have given I have also received.

Although the negative voice has tried hard this week to remind me that I haven’t given this or that, or got that or this, I looked at the scenery I was driving through and knew I have everything I require. My life is happening in a way that is bringing me all I’ve ever wanted. Because I have decided to use my abilities. In spite of my fears trying to hold me back. I have let myself discover what I’m good at. What I’m excellent at. I’m living more and more of my life in that excellent zone. So of course the tests will be there to see if I can stick with it. The negative voice is actually scared of me. And my compassion towards myself. Because it knows it’s getting quieter. It has less influence. That voice is disappearing.

So I feel like I’m back on track. The Universe will keep delivering it’s random acts of kindness for me. And I will stay compassionate with myself. If I believe in my goodness I can also believe in the goodness in others. Life will rebalance itself without effort.

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The picture with this post if of one of the cards from the set ‘Angels, Gods and Goddesses by Toni Carmine Salerno. I have adjusted it slightly with a photoshopping app. 

Kindness: A Moon Wish

imageToday I’ve been channeling ArchAngel Nushiel. I know I’m on holiday but it was the right time to do so. Tonight I’ve watched the full moon and thought about one of the things she said. It was all about kindness.

Kindness is such a tricky thing to handle. I want to be helpful, kind, supportive. Yet what if being kind to others isn’t being kind to me? How do I make sure that I am kind to myself. Or is that me being selfish really. It’s interesting when I think of all the times on my life I’ve been told to be kind. Or someone has said letting people overstep my boundaries or treat me badly is really the way for me to be kind. I feel we all struggle to know how and when to be kind, not just to others but also to our selves as well.

So when ArchAngel Nushiel asked me to consider kindness from an energy perspective I decided it would be worth a look. After all I work with energy, deal with Energy Beings and believe that what you give out you get back energy wise. So what about the flow of kindness. How does it fit into our ocean of energy. I immediately think of kindness as a warm, embracing flow of energy. Random acts of kindness have the benefit of blessing both the giver and the receiver. Especially if the receiver also passes on the energy by generating another random act of kindness.

So kindness might be thought of as a warm, enfolding energy. An energy that uplifts all who feel it pass over them.

Yet, as with all energy, it’s important to balance that flow. Someone else’s judgement about what is kind or not when they are on the receiving end matters. But it shouldn’t get in the way of being able to send kindness as an energy form. They may say no thanks, I can do it for myself. Yet I can still send the kindness wishes to them. At the same time I can send the positive wishes to me too. I can accept any good wishes and kind acts that come my way and I can be kind to myself too. The heart of being kind is about wishing for yourself and others all of the choices that will bring about a good life. Then following this up with actions to bring it about.

I can certainly make kind wishes for myself and others. And that’s what I did when I was moon gazing tonight. If we all practices being kind to ourselves and others a little bit more the momentum from that energy wave would bring about amazing changes in our lives. Remembering that we all share the same ocean of energy, one warm, uplifting current can make a huge difference. As I’m touched by the warmth of kindness I can be inspired to create more kindness. Pretty soon being kind is on an upward spiral through this process. So my biggest wish tonight is for each one of us to find more reasons to be kind, to receive more kindness from ourselves and others and to float in the wave of kind energy that can push us along.

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Random acts of kindness

imageSome days stand out for all the wrong reasons. That’s when I like to challenge myself to practice random acts of kindness. I know that I aim to find as much positive in every day as I can. This is so that the energy I share with everyone else is positive too. Sharing the positive has the result of bringing the amount of positive around me up a notch or two. It may even brighten up more that those around me. I believe that our energy flows around us and in to each other. That’s why if one person is really negative a whole group of people can end up focused on negativity. The negativity gets passed on to everyone who they meet and on and on. Random acts of kindness can balance out the flow of low vibration energy being sent out for all of us to share in.

If I find myself in a lower mood, perhaps stressed or fed up or angry, I consciously look for a way to be kind to someone. Can I let another car out in front of me at a junction? How about letting someone else go in front of me at the checkout? Or smiling at the lady who is serving me in the shop? Or, perhaps my favourite one, making some time to be a listening ear to someone. Any of these things are my way of recognising I’m not giving out good energy so I’m going to find ways to change my mood. I can also give myself random acts of kindness. I can go and sit in the sunshine instead of finishing a task. Or I can spend some time reading my favourite quotes to energise myself. Or I can let the low vibration feelings have a bit of room, let them express themselves and love the part of me that is feeling that way. In the end it’s all about my choices. I can indulge the low vibrations and accept that I’m sharing them with everyone or I can work to change the way I feel and hopefully spread a nice wave of kindness around for all of us.

Randome acts of kindness are a concious act. We have to choose to share the joy, happiness, love. Yet when we do it’s amazing how many random acts of kindness we receive in return. I wonder how the world would be if every single one of us performed 5 acts of kindness every single day? Randomly being positive to ourselves and others? It could become a habit. Perhaps we would get to like it so much that we managed 10 a day the next week, then 20 and 30 each day. So much kindness going around and around the world. What a way to change our day, week, month, year. Tomorrow, no matter how you feel, try a few acts of random kindness. See if it changes your feelings, choices, actions. Then wait for the wave of kindness to come back to you. I’m certain it will.

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