Poltergeist, Ghost Or Other Apparition?

I’m often asked about poltergeists, ghosts and all sorts of other phenomena. Usually because something is happening that has made someone feel worried or anxious.

Occasionally I find that someone has become so frightened they feel like they are being hurt or harmed by the presence of ‘something’ in their home. I know it can feel scary when things are being moved. With lights and other things being turned on or off. When there are noises. Or someone is sensing or seeing another non-physical person around them. However I know that our Spirit loved ones never intend any harm. They often do all sorts of things to try to tell us they are still around. I know they are busy still taking an interest in our lives. Wanting to share our ups and downs. Hoping to express their love for us. Yet they can be considered by the person here to be a poltergeist, ghost or apparition.

A poltergeist is considered to be a troublesome Spirit haunting a particular person. Although confusingly it can also be linked to a particular place. Ghosts tend to come under the same sort of category. As do apparitions. Sometimes these visitors are said to bring a warning about death or to want to scare the person who is seeing them. Or sensing them. What is noticeable about them is that the activity they cause usually happens when someone in the household is psychically open. Because they can sense, hear of see with their intuitive senses it can attract the Spirit people who then try to get our attention.

The Spirits usually want to communicate but it can be a bother when they are being too noisy. And the more everyone notices what they are doing the more the Spirit people think we are willing to communicate.

Most people assume the activity is bad but it’s all about wanting to talk to us. I usually ask the person contacting me to think about any changes in the house recently, any problems they has been having and asking for help with or any anxieties about the future. The person doing the stuff will be trying to reassure them. In which case I explain that the best thing to do is stay calm. Would you be frightened of your Nanna, Grandpa or other loved ones?  Also to tell the visitor very, very firmly to be quiet.

If the person really wants everything to stop it’s at this point that they have to stop paying attention to what is being done. After all, if they really don’t want to have all the ‘poltergeist’ activity it’s not fair to encourage it and then complain! If the person is happy to have some contact I suggest they tell their ‘poltergeist’ that there are house rules to follow. This could be the times they are welcome to visit and what room said they can be in. With a firm request that the belongings in the house are left alone too.

Someone might also need to understand about thier intuitive psychic abilities. There are blog pieces I’ve written that they could read. Or they could look for a good book to read about it. Not necessarily the scary stuff about poltergeist or ghost activity.

Even attend a workshop or find a development group to learn how to close down their psychic senses if they don’t want the Spirit people to connect with them. There are lots of ways that can help resolve the issue of communicating with the Spirit trying to get your attention. In fact I’m sure that a small part of the activity will be to encourage someone to explore their psychic side. Because our loves ones would prefer to connect with us direct instead of through a third party. I know they like to offer us their support as much as possible. At the moment that often means finding a medium every time.

Very rarely the Spirit who is trying to connect is unsettled, lost or confused. As in life so in death. So that Spirit may need help to communicate what they need. Especially when they may not be sure what has happened to them. In those circumstances I will talk to the Spirit to explain that they are being a bit noisy or disruptive. I will also offer to help that Spirit sort out what has happened or to return to the Spirit World if that is necessary. I find that any poltergeist activity stops as soon as that Spirit person realised where they are and that they have been upsetting people.

One day I hope that any poltergeist or ghost will be able to announce exactly who they are. And why they have popped by. Because I and everyone else will be on their ‘wavelength’ able to communicate clearly.

Day 591 of my blogging challenge 

Australia Calling! Across the Miles in Moments

This morning I had an online call to my friend in Australia. We were able to chat and catch up with news. It got me thinking about modern technology.

It’s now so easy for me to be in communication with people all around the world. Many of my readings are done online. I keep in touch with family and friends near and far with my phone and its online apps. How easy it is to check in with one another. Or to reach Australia without waiting weeks for the ship or plane to deliver the letter. Yet it’s something I almost take for granted now. Back in the day, when I was young, I had a pen pal in Kansas, USA. We exchanged regular letters but it might be a few weeks before I got the next one. I felt like I was venturing out into the world even if I stayed in my own bedroom. I used to imagine what is was like for her. Now I call online with my phone any time I want to speak to my American friends.

Australia, America, Spain, Malta, Hong Kong, Peru. The world has certainly shrunk as far as communications are concerned. The internet and mobile phone technology has made it so much easier. But I wonder if we have changed our mindset yet? I feel we still think of these places as far away. It makes it easier to ignore what might be happening in other far away places. Unless, of course, it’s happening to one of my family or friends. Our global news is compressed into little soundbites – like 140 character tweets – added in after our national and local events. But we are all human. So do we need to know more about what is happening? Should I catch up with events in Australia too? In the age of global economics I certainly have a reason to.

Not only are our communications global. Our finances are too. What happens in Australia may have a knock on effect in the UK.

I learned a lot about Kansas from my friend. I told her lots about my life in the UK. It seemed that we both had similar experiences and life dreams. She talked about the vast fields of wheat. I talked about the cotton mills. She wanted to go to college. I wanted to go to university. Both of us knew this might be a challenge because of our family income and the fact that we were girls. I learned how similar we were despite our different homelands. Her country produced a space program which changed the technology in our world. And produced a space race because, apparently, who holds which bit of land is important. There are ‘resources’ to be had. Poor Mother Moon!

Even without the internet our lives were linked in all sorts of ways. MY physical location didn’t matter. Nor did hers. So now that we have almost instant communication has it made anything better? I have to say that I love keeping in touch with Australia at the click of a mouse. Or a finger touch to a phone screen. Staying connected means that I can share my news to someone more easily. I can be there in times of need when being physically present is impossible. And I can be the listening ear, loving support or sounding board when someone needs it. Sharing the news of their lives I can remind myself that there is more that unites us than ever divides us. A sentiment that is much in the news at the moment with the first anniversary of the death of Jo Cox MP. Global issues hit home globally.

Of course, working with Energy Beings I have another form of instant communication. I can call the Afterlife as well as Australia.

The connections we have to non-physical beings are hard wired into our bodies. I can switch them on whenever I want to have a catch up. And the one thing they are always keen to remind me is that human beings are all the same under the skin. Even if only a few of us are using our intuitive technology at the moment it will spread. I remember mobile phones the size of bricks. They were very limited. But look at what they can do now. The worlds is open to me if I wish to explore. So too with my psychic senses. I can connect with Australia as easily as all of the non-physical energy places that surround us. The hope is that everyone will eventually use their intuitive energy senses to connect and communicate.

I know that when we do we will slide past the differences and discover that what holds us together is love. Always love. When this becomes our first thought, our realisation, I know we will strive to turn the world around. Humanity will become that global tribe that we are already partially experiencing through physical technology. It’s such a great hope. And a great dream. But I want to help it to come into being. That’s the point of my blog today. I knew my friend would benefit from a call. And I knew I would too. I sensed it in the energy between us. The Earth is still a big place and I can’t offer or receive a physical hug so easily. Yet I can still send and receive the love online. How wonderful to be in a time when that energy hug can be sensed and felt through our clairsentience.

I encourage everyone to explore their energy connections. They are faster, more effective and especially more loving than physical technology can ever be. Australia, Russia, Brazil. Everywhere and everyone is wishing reach now. It’s time for that global shift!

Day 573 of my blogging challenge

Honouring My Energy

It’s been another day of honouring my energy. Whether having a catch up, sorting out bills or working on new events I have been noticing the ways in which my energy flows.

I’ve written a lot before about energy. Because when I look at the world using my intuitive senses I see things very differently. My brain processes the energy flows and pops the information alongside what I’m seeing and hearing with my physical senses. And there can be quite a mis-match. It’s my job to make sense of these details. Yesterday it was all chaos. Too much information. Today it’s become a lot clearer. That’s because I’m honouring the intuitive knowledge I’ve processed.

Living this intuitive life means I have to weigh everything by it’s energy. Am I putting myself in the flow of positive energy? Or stepping back into old or stuck energy? Also, am I balancing both my feminine and masculine energies? When I consider a new opportunity or refocus on things I’m already doing what energy am I giving and receiving? I know I’m asking myself lots of questions but how will I know what to do if I ignore my intuitive information. I might fall into the trap of following my Ego Mind. And that is dangerous. Because my Ego Mind has no intention of honouring my feelings. It wants to keep me safe by limiting me.

I know it can be difficult to accept the information from our psychic senses. I had a battle to get myself honouring the way I was receiving these details. And to even consider that they might be facts to pay attention to.

Even if I accept the facts are there do I use them or ignore them. How do I trust what I am sensing? I know that it has been a slow and steady process for me. Noticing the energy I am living in. Trying to do things differently so I change that energy. Getting it better. Finding out it’s worse. Lots of trial an error. Until I’ve reached a point where I completely accept the intuitive material and let it help me steer my life. Today has been about revisiting quite a few things I do. Checking if I am honouring my intention to give and receive positive energy flows. Making sure that I balance my natural preference to be in my masculine energy with enough of a feminine boost.

For I’m at the beginning of a whole new phase in my life. I can take my work in any direction I please. More of this and less of that. Starting new projects or sticking with the tried and tested. It’s like starting all over again. Yet exciting to be deciding things differently. I’m moving into choosing what I want from my life once more. It’s important for me to include much more feminine creativity in what I do. To be able to express passion in my work and play. And to generate a feeling of wellbeing within myself. I know that if I do that it will spill over onto the people I connect with. I can send them that positive energy boost to use in any way they like. That is a great goal to have. So I’m going for it full speed ahead.

Day 484 of my blogging challenge.

Why Intuition Matters To Me

The thread of my conversations today has been intuition. Who has it, why it matters and how to use it. Of course, since I started to live an intuitive life eleven years ago those questions have come up again and again.

When I first began my journey I thought that intuition was nothing more than the gut instinct I got from time to time. Occasionally I knew, somehow, what the best choice was for me. Or I got a feeling that something wasn’t right. It was a random ping in my mind with no real back up of why I felt that way. As I started to explore my psychic senses I was told over and over that these senses were a gift that only some people had. But probably or possibly not me. What matters about that advice was that it turned out to be wrong. Now I know, from my own experiences, that we all have psychic senses. They pick up information. If we pay attention to that information we can make better choices.

At the moment I have to make decisions about what I’m going to be doing next year. Because I pay attention to my intuition I have a strong sense of knowing what will be best for me or not. Often I hear myself saying what I’m going to do before it clicks with me what is right. In my head I’m nodding away thinking that something I’ve only just heard myself say is exactly the best plan. Then if I’m not completely sure, if my ego is wobbling, I have a second use for my intuition. I can ask my Guides. That is one of the best things to emerge from using my intuition. My psychic senses connect with the Energy Beings who want to help me have a happy, purposeful life. They can have a say too.

I don’t rely on them to make my choices. But I am grateful when they confirm that I am making the best choice for now. What matters is that they can encourage me to try something new.

I take a lot of comfort from the fact that these loving beings want to help me. Even though I know I’m the only one responsible for my decisions. And that sometimes I get it completely wrong. However, I usually know quite quickly that I’ve made a false step. Then my intuition and my Guides can help me find a way to change to a more positive track. In the end, what matters most is paying attention to what I feel not what I think. To let inspiration come in through my thoughts and to check how I feel about that. When I feel passionate, excited and ready to leap into something I know it will be a good choice for me.

Even if it doesn’t end up feeling what I expected it to be like. Or being different than I thought. Because I’m here to evolve and grow. So sometimes I need the bigger challenges to help me be all I can be. And that’s the final use for intuition. If I let myself follow the prompts of my psychic senses I will learn so much about myself and my abilities than I thought possible. I’m going to keep paying attention to the psychic information. The last eleven years have been an interesting journey. I want more growth. More excitement. And more chances to help people just as my Guides have helped me.

If you find me sitting quietly with a distant look on my face you can be sure I’m tuning in to the energy flow. My intuition and I will be having an interesting conversation about what’s next.

Day 389 of my blogging challenge.

Room for doubt?

imageWhen I was developing my intuitive abilies I asked lots of questions. I asked those questions because I was full of doubt. I doubted that I had any psychic senses in the first place. I doubted that I would be able to pick up any information through my psychic senses. Then I doubted the information assuming it wouldn’t be correct. Finally, once it seems that what I was getting was correct, incredibly correct, I doubted that I would be able to do anything with my ability to connect. A lot of people see doubt as a negative quality. We are often told to have faith as if we can automatically stop asking questions and believe everything we are told.

I love that I have doubt. I’ve asked questions all my life. Whatever has been presented to me as the ‘truth’, the facts or the only thing to believe I have wanted to ask ‘who says that this is so?’ I have also doubted myself. Evolving my understanding of who & what I am as a spirit in a human body has often been through challenging the way I understand myself. Of course my doubts have let me say I can’t do this or that. Certainly I have passed up opportunities because I thought I couldn’t do something. Or that I wasn’t the one who should be doing it. Yet amazingly, after all the doubts, questions and self challenging, I have moved my understanding of myself and humanity forward. Out of the doubt has come certainty about my values and beliefs.

I love to share my experiences. Anyone who knows me will say I can keep on talking forever. I always encourage people to question what I tell them. My world view may not be your world view. That is refreshing. It’s wonderful to discuss different points of view. Not to convert someone to my way of thinking. Discussing, questioning, swapping experiences is a way for me to hear out loud my own doubts or questions. Also to hear my own opinions and sticking points. Voicing doubt is also a way to help me consider if I’m doing the right thing for me. We love patterns. Humans general prefer to live by routines. In fact in groups if someone is out of step with the routine there will be subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) pressure on that person to conform with the group. What happens if that pattern only suits some or a few of the group? How do we change the pattern if no one voices any doubt?

When I finally decided to investigate my psychic senses I stepped outside of my pattern. I was somewhat out of step with my group. Mediumship is still a stereotype for the table tapping, crystal ball gazing, ‘is there anyone there?’ lady of a certain age with loads of cats & jingling bracelets. The doubts I experienced were a powerful energy to move me forward in search of other patterns and new groups. I widened my horizons, stepped away from the conventional view of mediums & psychics and started to discover a whole new life. My doubt drove that journey. My questions were answered one by one and have led to lots more questions. I do have faith in my connection to the Energy Beings I work with. Faith that has emerged through the test of doubt. Faith that is stronger because I doubted. To me doubt is a fascinating road to travel.

Next time you doubt yourself give yourself credit for being brave enough to question yourself. Look at the feelings and thoughts your doubt reveal. Are you judging yourself?  Are you afraid to succeed? Are you uncertain of what you want & who you are? Give yourself time to find the answers to your questions. The positive power of doubt can help you find your connection, your support and your group. Keep asking the questions and enjoy being curious!

Day 111 of my blogging challenge. 

Developing Intuition

imageOne of the first questions that gets asked when someone realises that they can sense things without knowing how they are doing it is ‘How do I develop it?’ Finding out that you have intuition, that you know stuff without being told, and that you are accurate about what you sense can be confusing. We are told that psychic, or intuitive, senses don’t exist, or they are a special gift, or that they are possible a mental health issue. So a good first step is always to be open minded about what is happening. Notice how often you ‘guess’ things right, how you are tuning in to other people’s feelings or seem to know their thoughts, or always seem to end up meeting the right people at the right time. Then take time developing your ability to sense without seeing, asking or knowing.

Paying attention to what is happening is a great step forward. We all work on an energy vibration (quantum theory is showing us the way in understanding energy better) so becoming mindful of what you feel or sense even if you don’t understand why really helps to bring the information you are getting 24/7 from your intuitive senses into your conscious mind. As the information you get is confirmed by the events and conversations that unfold around you giving yourself permission to trust your intuition will also boost the amount of new info you notice. Once you have decided to be more active in developing your intuition there are several really good starting points.

I love to write down weekly predictions, seal them in an envelope and then put them aside. At the end of the week I open the envelope and check off how many were accurate, how many were partly right and how many didn’t happen. You can also do this on a daily basis if you want to start with sensing a smaller time frame. How do I get the predications? I sit quietly for a few minutes with my pen & paper at the ready. Then I ask myself a series of questions: Who will I meet with, see or speak to this week and why? What will I be doing on Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs, Friday? How much will I earn this week? What challenges will I get this week and how will I solve them? You can ask one, some or all of these or others that you think of yourself. The lesson is to write down the first thing that comes into your mind (second thoughts are always your rational brain interfering) without comment, query or doubt. The next thing is to forget what you wrote. Put the envelope & its answers completely out of your mind until it’s time to look. Stressing on what the answers were has the potential to affect your energy and your choices to such an extent that you might make sure that the answers all come out wrong. Remember, our ego brain doesn’t like the intuitive brain. It thinks it’s too free because it can step out of time and space.

Another way I like to practice using my intuition is to predict what colour someone will be wearing. When I have appointments in my diary I like to jot down the colours I’ll be seeing them in. If you know someone well it’s a bit harder to do because, if they are anything like me, they probably wear the same general colours all of the time. We all have colour vibrations that fit with the colours of our aura so we have a tendency to dress in our aura colours too. This can be a bit distorted by the world of work. Uniforms & business dress standards mask our true colour wearing tendencies. There is so much black, deep gray and navy blue on offer along with corporate green, brown and lilac. So sometimes when I get someone in their the ‘work’ colours Visiting me I make an opportunity to ask what colours someone is drawn to. Mostly my predictions fit with their answers ?

Finally, I’d like to share another one of my techniques. If I’m standing in the queue at the supermarket I like to see if I can sense which till someone will head for, whether they will stick in that queue or move and, if I can see their till, how much their bill will be. You can tell I spend a lot of time in queues. It doesn’t have to be in the supermarket either. I’ve adapted this exercise to coffee queues, train ticket queues, the lunch queue. I like to do run throughs based on random chance. In other words I guess. Then I try doing it having told myself that the information is there in the energy if I want to find it. The more you try this sort of ‘game’ the better you will find that you are in getting correct answers.

You might also find that you are getting extra info from the energy too. This is where I would add a little note of caution. You develop intuition by tuning in to energy. If you open the flow too wide you can get swamped in the other person’s energy. So in your mind it’s important to hold an intention to ‘read’ the surface energy only related to the small thing you want to discover. Narrow your focus to paying attention only to what you need for your intuition experiment. It’s also important to respect the other person’s privacy. You wouldn’t like someone ‘reading’ your energy to find out all those things only you want to know about yourself. In the same way treating the energy of other people with respect will help you develop far faster because you are learning how to be ethical in using intuition. I hope you enjoy experimenting with your intuition ?

Day 105 of my blogging challenge.