Protection is more than a Crystal or Two

There’s so much talk about ‘protection’. I need more of it, so many people need more of it. It’s something I have had to get my head around. Yesterday I had another conversation about it.. But what’s it REALLY about?

Do we need to get into loads of fear around it? ..always have our bra stuffed with protective stones.. or else!!? What does it MEAN when we need protection? A therapist and healer (whom I respect) said to me once, ‘Oh such a big deal is made out of it’. Okay I thought, all the while looking at the huge obsidian ball on the windowsill, to help balance the energy coming from the pylon outside! I think I understand what was meant. We create these ‘issues’ around things through fear, but only because we don’t understand them.. but who wants these issues? I don’t.

I’d say that the need for ‘protection’ in this context is about maintaining healthy boundaries. Making sure that in the natural energy exchange that happens in everyday interactions, we don’t come off worse.. so that we are less drained and depleted by situations or people we engage with daily. So how do we get past the issue to the nitty gritty? What can we practically do? A conclusion from my current experience is.. a lot of self-reflection and questioning. Through developing the necessary self-awareness around energy exchange and boundaries, which comes over time. Wearing crystals helps, but they are not the ‘pill’ which you can take that sorts the problem out.

Having protective stones can work wonders, in so many ways. They are practical and something I use on a day to day basis and recommend ALL THE TIME to people who ask me about protection. But what about the deeper ways in which you can leave yourself ‘unprotected’ or literally ‘leak’ your energy, which results in depletion? I’m sharing a few questions I’ve found useful to ask myself..they bring up more questions of course.. I’ve found them a good starting point for realising where the boundaries are less than healthy. Have you any insight to share?

Where do I try to fix, when it’s not possible or necessary to fix?
Where do people give me responsibility for their choices and decisions?
Where do I choose to take on responsibility that’s not mine? ..enabling others not to
Who do I give my energy to freely, where it’s not reciprocated?
Who is always happy to receive but never chooses to give?
Who expects or demands my time and energy but doesn’t reciprocate?
Who do I choose to give a little too much of my energy to? at the expense of myself
Where do I look to other people for approval? ..leaving myself open to the world, their opinions and judgements!

As the awarenesses come to light and my inner boundaries become gradually better, I’m easier if I find myself without my crystals (usually black tourmaline or labradorite), as they are there just to assist.

This is a guest blog by Natalie Seager who took part in Annie Conboy’s Inspired 2 Write 28 Day Challenge. Well done Natalie.

Feelings: Mine, Yours, Theirs?

One of the questions I’m often asked is about how I know what Energy Beings are communicating. For me it all started with noticing my feelings. And then realising that some of them didn’t belong to me.

In fact it’s one of the things that I explain very early on when I’m teaching. Perhaps because I had to develop as a medium from my clairsentient ability. All that time I spent working out if it was my pain in my back or the back pain the Spirit person was trying to tell me they had did eventually pay off. I became very aware of my own feelings when I was working. That helped me to be aware of my feelings when I wasn’t working too. It made me aware that I often soaked up other people’s emotions. So much so that I got muddled most of the time.

Realising how much my psychic senses were switched on all the time I began to understand that I needed to sort all the emotions out. Sometimes a person with a strong ability to tune in to other people’s feeling is called an Empath. Highly empathetic people can have real difficulty switching off the emotional energy from everyone around them. In the same way, I can also switch into how Energy Beings feel.  As I learned more and opened more to the messages I was getting I knew I had to protect my own energy.

Since we have feelings all the time I knew I had to be able to close off from other people’s feelings.

Sifting through what I was feeling every day made me much more aware of what was my stuff and what wasn’t. So I started to ignore the feelings that seemed to belong to others. I also made an effort to be in a bubble of positive energy. If I knew I was positive any negative feelings that popped in were suspect. Of course there are always going to be times when I’m negative about things. But being aware of and thinking about my emotions really helps to own only mine. I also learned to work with the intention to mirror back any feelings that weren’t mine.

Imagining myself surrounded by mirrors I could reflect back those stray, random emotions. It meant my inner world became a lot clearer and much more manageable. Strong emotions are still a part of me but those are all mine. And I’m happy to deal with what I feel. Especially as I work to release the emotions in a way that doesn’t send them out into the world. I know that if I radiate energy outward it will come back to me. So I want to have the positives coming back. And not anything else.

This carries into my work with Energy Beings too.

At the beginning I could easily be swamped by the emotions they were sending me. It was all information to help me describe them. But it could be too overwhelming at times. Especially if they were experiencing an emotion I was feeling too. So that I could connect for them I had to ask for an agreement that they came in very gently. That they let me acknowledge the emotional energy gradually and that it cleared as soon as I had given it as information. Over time it has become possible to pick up the emotional information from very small blasts of energy.

So now I only get extra feelings when I’m tuning in for work. The rest of the time I’m protected from confusion, over-reactions and mistaking mine for theirs. I still feel. And react. But now I own that it’s all my own stuff.

Day 390 of my blogging challenge. 

Closing Down? Protecting Your Energy’

imageTo day I went for a trip to Leeds. It was a pleasant train journey. I got done what I wanted to get done. Yet I still found myself irritable.

Perhaps it was the hot weather? Or too many people? Could it have been all the walking about? Or a lack of coffee? I don’t spend time around large crowds nowadays. Unless I’m with a lot of positive people. That’s because I know that energy can affect me. However I thought, when closing down my aura this morning, that I had done enough to keep my energy clear. Maybe I wasn’t as closed as I should have been.

One of the first things I learned, and what I tell everyone to do, was how to stop the flow of intuitive info that comes in simply because we are all giving off energy. Yet I had put on my bubble of protection. Actually I never take it off, lol. I had added in my invisibility shimmer so my I and my energy would slide past everyone. Finally, I’d armed myself with lots of love energy so I could give out what I wanted back. Tripple measures should have been enough. So why was I getting irritated?

Closing off from the energy of other people works well when they are people you don’t know. However, closing down to the people you care about is a lot harder.

As I wandered around Leeds trying to solve the puzzle of my feelings I finally noticed that my daughter was being a bit snappy about everything. I guess that’s when the penny dropped. We share an energy link. It’s impossible not to be connected when you love someone. That link is a way for energy to be passed backward and forward. Closing down to that connection is a lot harder. Yet my experience today confirmed that I have to put a filter in place.

It’s lovely to be able to share positive feelings in the energy. But it’s uncomfortable or intrusive to share negativity. Just like when I sit and talk to someone who is negative and end up feeling that I’ve joined them in their misery. Staying positive means keeping a little distance, energetically speaking, so that the negative doesn’t spread even further. Of course, this morning I forgot to check that my negativity filter was in place. It wasn’t so I lost a little of my positive momentum. Until I realised and adjusted my aura once more.

There is one other step to consider. What if we stay ‘open’ all of the time?

I’ve met quite a few people who prefer not to close down. Or who are wide open without knowing it. They don’t consider the energy they are in to be anything to do with them. I encourage everyone to think about being able to ‘receive’ all of the feelings and thoughts of all the other people around who are around. I can confirm, after one particular difficult week when I did just that, that it’s a nightmare. Too much energy is exhausting. Trying to sort out what thoughts and feelings are actually yours is confusing. It’s a situation likely to end up with you firmly negative about everything.

If you haven’t yet noticed the world as an energy place I encourage you to do so. Pay attention to your own personal energy, as I do with mine. Finally, pay attention to the energy of the people around you. The make sure that you detach from any negative, toxic or fearful energy. A little bit of attention to the detail of what you are experiencing can shift your day into a whole new positive perspective.

Day 274 of my blogging challenge.

Promoting Positive Energy

imageHappy Alternative Christmas Day! The sun shone. Crowds of people turned up. Carols got sung. Christmas dinners eaten. Bands played. Cheerful chat and laughter filled the air. Best of all, the positive energy flowed through the streets of Hebden Bridge once more. I love being in positive energy. Promoting the flow of positivity is so important. It can be too easy to notice all the little or big things that niggle, irritate or annoy. Doing so brings your mood down as surely as a deflating balloon.

This evening at the Psychic Club the Guide team wanted to talk about promoting and protecting positive aura energy. I know all too well how easy it is to take on board other people’s energy. And that it can be a struggle to clear low vibrational energy. Swapping a rain cloud for bright sunshine can feel way out of reach. Yet we can block, return or hide from low level energy so easily if we only practice. The first thing is to promote within yourself an awareness of feelings. I ask myself what I’m feeling at any moment and why. I want to see if it is really my feeling related to something that is happening now or has happened to me in the past. Or if I’ve picked up on what someone else feels.

This is because I have a choice of what to do once I know where the feeling comes from. If it’s mine from the past I can choose not to react, or to act by letting the feeling go. Alternatively I can convert the energy of that feeling into a way of taking action. It can be the ‘push’ I need to get something done. Or to make changes. Thinking about my feelings I can choose to find a positive alternative too. Added to this is that what I feel turns into the energy I give out. What you give out you get back eventually. Promoting positive energy within me then sending it out is a benefit.

Secondly, if all of us are sending out positive energy the world becomes a much more enjoyable and peaceful place. So it’s also important to protect your own positivity. I like to imagine myself in a bubble of white and pink light. I focus on making sure I feel as good about myself as I can. Promoting self love may feel a bit strange at first. Especially as making judgements seems to be a habit we get quite early in life. Self love means I have to remove the judgements I make about myself. Then I need to remove the judgements I’ve been making about other people. When I approach any contact with others doing it from a loving point of view can only be positive.

I also stay away from as much low level energy as I can. Avoiding negative conversations, news or comments, I know I will have to deal with negativity at times. We are so good at focusing on fear, anger, hurt that it tends to creep in almost everywhere.  So when I find myself in the thick of toxic energy my positive approach along with my protection is what will see me through. Even if the energy is really grim at times. When it’s really bad I look for allies. Those people present who also have a spark of positivity. I focus on sending my positive energy in their direction so that more of us can promote a positive attitude. It can be amazing to watch this work. The room gets lighter. People start to smile. Perhaps even relax out of the low energy.

At the end of today I’m tired but energised after spending time with positive people in a sea of positive energy. I know that whatever I gave out came right back to me multiplied. The Light shone inwardly and outwards too. I hope these few words can encourage you to promote your own positive energy. Life really feels much better for all of us when you do!

Day 222 of my blogging challenge.