Lite of Spirit Spreading Light

imageI’m of on my travels once again. It’s the annual PartyLite Conference in Harrogate this weekend. Time for me to meet up with my team and enjoy a bit of down time.

Although I love my work for Spirit I also have to make sure that I have time for me. Keeping my feet on the ground is very important. It’s easy to end up spending all of my time “up” in the energy connecting to the Energy Beings. I sometimes forget to ‘get a life’ so to speak. One of the things my Guides encouraged me to do was be involved in candles and fragrances.

That may seem odd. But they want me to have a life outside of connecting for others all the time. So off I go, with my bag of candles, every once in a while, to meet new people and have some fun. I also get to work with some fab people who share my love of scents and candles too. Since I’m selling candles it also means that the income supports my Centre. That’s one of the magic bits about it all. I’m surrounded by lovely positive people. With their support I do something I love and the money is used to support other people. We are all sharing in the love one way or another.

Every time I go to the conference I have a chance to think about the year that has just finished. How much Spirit Light has gone out in the last tweleve months?

I guess I’m always a bit surprised at how much I have achieved. Even in the times when I’ve been really challenged by life, the universe and everything. It certainly hasn’t been the most smooth or easy year. Several personal challenges, business challenges and a lot to grow through. Yet I’m still standing. Doing better than I ever expected. Ready to move forward once again with a set of great goals. And some big dreams.

That’s the other thing about spending time with my PartyLite colleagues. I’m able to catch up with all they have also achieved and find out their new goals. This year we all have a new beginning too. The way in which our candle businesses work is changing. It’s definitely going to be an amazing step forward. There is a lot to wrap my head around. Yet the excitement we are all sharing is a powerful energy. It’s been so positive to feel the electricity of a new dream being shared by everyone in the room.

Life is always about balance. Finding the Spirit within and shining it through our clay overcoats.

No matter what I or anyone else do our underlying task is to be the best possible person we can. Not the most perfect. Or the most famous. Or the most spiritual. It’s about being our authentic self. Letting our skills and talents come to the surface. Being comfortable to be unique. Encouraging others to be unique, true to their abilities and doing what they can to make a difference for everyone they meet.

I love that my PartyLite friends are working their best to change their lives in so many different ways. It doesn’t matter why I started this work, or why anyone else did either. We have come together to share the party, share the fun and share our talents. That way we can contribute our own Light into the world. I know the world desperately needs more positivity, caring and sharing. How great that my teammates and I are focused on sharing just such a wave of energy!

Day 272 of my blogging challenge. 

Voice of Power

Voice PowerOne of the discussions I’ve had today has been about power. The use, abuse and lack of power. I’ve talked about the needs of the many out-weighing the needs of the few. I’ve promoted positivity. I’ve steered clear of fear and doubt. Looking after my aura energy I want to be an effective human being. How do I do that if I have no voice?

Anyone who has been following my blogs will know that they started as my way to find my writing voice. By taking on a challenge to write for 30 days I hoped to overcome what seemed like nearly unbeatable writers block. Shaky at first, then gaining more strength my writing voice is now firmly in place. I love doing my blogs. I’m passionate about ending my day with a thought-provoking hour of personal reflection. I watch amazed as the words fly onto the page or screen. Wow. I feel so powerful to be able to express myself. I don’t care that no one else might be reading them. This is my introspection time.

The feeling of power has been there all along. I just didn’t acknowledge it. That’s something that spins into the voice I use in other areas of my life. I’m a medium so my job is to go where I’m sent to represent the voice of the Spirit World or other Energy Beings. I have to say it’s not a job I actively applied for. It sort of descended on me in stages. Bit by bit I got used to standing up in rooms full of people to speak. I had no oomph at first. No real volume to my words. Unsteady, slightly embarrassed, almost apologetic. I was as unsure of my ‘subject matter’ as of my ability. Yet I stood as tall as I could and spoke. I worked to get better. One day I felt powerful enough to decide I’d done a good enough job. Wow again.

Here we go once more – I’m a slow learner!

The same process happened with my painting. I was dragged rather reluctantly back to my love of colour & paint. My Guides had to send someone down here in to help me. Yet as soon as I put paint on the canvas the first time I felt a stirring of excitement. On my way home I had to stop to get paint and paper. Of course I went through the same loop of uncertainty, gradually finding a comfort with expressing myself in art until I was painting only for myself and loving it. The pile of paintings grew. I moved into exploring pastels, watercolours, collage, glass painting. Anything and everything I could think of. My artist voice was beaming out from my paintings loud and strong. Wow once more.

It’s clear that I have been disempowering myself in major ways for most of my life. Taking back the power, even finding it in the first place, meant looking for my voice. The inner journey is never straightforward. I had to remove the voice of doubt, the voice of comparison, the voice of not good enough, the voice of you can’t, the voice of you won’t ever. No wonder it was hard to find my powerful voice. Every layer of voice that I discarded contained a belief about myself that I had soaked up from experiences, judgements, social conditioning. Hard beliefs to remove. Especially when the final voice I had to silence was the voice of fear.

Fear steals our voice more effectively than anything else. Fear takes away our power to act. Fear pushes us into being passive.

I’m a bit of a social media addict. I love reading my Facebook newsfeed to see what my friends are up to. Over the last few days fear has stalked my newsfeed. People are uncertain. The language they use may be of anger or hate or intolerance. However the root cause is fear. If I feel fear I also feel powerless. My words go unheard because I express myself in fearful terms. Being able to speak out is to regain my power. Every time I achieved that in my writing, speaking and painting the fear disappeared. It’s time for me and everyone else to take back power through our ability to speak out. To reclaim the right to say ‘Not in my name’. I am on a mission to use my power to express myself for a positive good.

I want to offer people the vision of a powerful, united world where we can all speak our truth in whatever form that takes. Speaking from love rather than fear. Empowering ourselves. Respecting what is said. Agreeing to disagree if that is the reality. Putting the needs of the many before the power of the few. Turning our communications up side down. Leave behind fear and all of those other voices that steal your power away. Please love yourself enough to find your positive voice and speak powerfully.

Day 223 of my blogging challenge.

Promoting Positive Energy

imageHappy Alternative Christmas Day! The sun shone. Crowds of people turned up. Carols got sung. Christmas dinners eaten. Bands played. Cheerful chat and laughter filled the air. Best of all, the positive energy flowed through the streets of Hebden Bridge once more. I love being in positive energy. Promoting the flow of positivity is so important. It can be too easy to notice all the little or big things that niggle, irritate or annoy. Doing so brings your mood down as surely as a deflating balloon.

This evening at the Psychic Club the Guide team wanted to talk about promoting and protecting positive aura energy. I know all too well how easy it is to take on board other people’s energy. And that it can be a struggle to clear low vibrational energy. Swapping a rain cloud for bright sunshine can feel way out of reach. Yet we can block, return or hide from low level energy so easily if we only practice. The first thing is to promote within yourself an awareness of feelings. I ask myself what I’m feeling at any moment and why. I want to see if it is really my feeling related to something that is happening now or has happened to me in the past. Or if I’ve picked up on what someone else feels.

This is because I have a choice of what to do once I know where the feeling comes from. If it’s mine from the past I can choose not to react, or to act by letting the feeling go. Alternatively I can convert the energy of that feeling into a way of taking action. It can be the ‘push’ I need to get something done. Or to make changes. Thinking about my feelings I can choose to find a positive alternative too. Added to this is that what I feel turns into the energy I give out. What you give out you get back eventually. Promoting positive energy within me then sending it out is a benefit.

Secondly, if all of us are sending out positive energy the world becomes a much more enjoyable and peaceful place. So it’s also important to protect your own positivity. I like to imagine myself in a bubble of white and pink light. I focus on making sure I feel as good about myself as I can. Promoting self love may feel a bit strange at first. Especially as making judgements seems to be a habit we get quite early in life. Self love means I have to remove the judgements I make about myself. Then I need to remove the judgements I’ve been making about other people. When I approach any contact with others doing it from a loving point of view can only be positive.

I also stay away from as much low level energy as I can. Avoiding negative conversations, news or comments, I know I will have to deal with negativity at times. We are so good at focusing on fear, anger, hurt that it tends to creep in almost everywhere.  So when I find myself in the thick of toxic energy my positive approach along with my protection is what will see me through. Even if the energy is really grim at times. When it’s really bad I look for allies. Those people present who also have a spark of positivity. I focus on sending my positive energy in their direction so that more of us can promote a positive attitude. It can be amazing to watch this work. The room gets lighter. People start to smile. Perhaps even relax out of the low energy.

At the end of today I’m tired but energised after spending time with positive people in a sea of positive energy. I know that whatever I gave out came right back to me multiplied. The Light shone inwardly and outwards too. I hope these few words can encourage you to promote your own positive energy. Life really feels much better for all of us when you do!

Day 222 of my blogging challenge.