Discussion, Debate, Deliberation: Reaching Consensus

discussionI went out to lunch today with a good friend. We do so as often as possible so we can enjoy a good discussion. I love how we debate and deliberate. Our words flow out and back, around and under as we search for a consensus. She is one of the people who fans my flame.

I’ve always loved a good discussion. All my life I have wanted to explore how other people understand the world. I am fascinated by the way that we can experience the same events but understand them so very differently. So much so that we often agree to disagree. The nature of reality is a very slippery subject. That means I have often found myself talking at cross purposes with someone. Getting further apart in our understanding instead of closer together. I watch this happen often on Facebook threads. A deceptively simple question and answers can turn into a fierce debate or intolerant argument rather than a more considered deliberation of the question being posed.

One of the lovely things we shared today was a video by the actor Will Smith. He was talking about a quote by Rumi and particularly the line “Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.” It got us into a great discussion about the people around us who encourage, inspire and praise us. I am very aware that over the past few years my relationships have changed. When I look at who is in my life now I see people who are supportive of me. They also challenge me. To do more. And to be more. I also find that I want to be my authentic self around them. Because they deserve the best of me. In part because they are giving me the best of them. But also because our discussion draws me on to a deeper understanding of myself.

It’s wonderful how the people around me fan my flames. They give me the positive energy I need so I ask more from myself. And for myself. Every discussion is a new insight. The debate and deliberation feeds into my writing too. It gives me a chance to process my life from a shared perspective. It is wonderful when I find I am in agreement with people who throw another log on my fire. Then I know we are working together to inspire each other.

Day 806 of my blogging challenge

Raising My Vibration: Getting In The Zone

raising vibrationOne of the things that really helps with Spirit communication is raising my vibration. Today, on my rest day, I have been feeling a bit flat. So I took my self off to the local cinema to watch a feel-good movie. And it worked!

I’m typing this with one of the songs from the film running round my head. I have been to see The Greatest Showman, a film full of energy, sound and movement that has lifted my energy too. That’s what I love about being human. We are so creative in the ways that we can shift our energy states – our emotions – from low to high in an instant. I didn’t understand the importance of my energy vibration until I started to develop my mediumship by raising my vibration. My teachers and Guides helped me to see how hard it was to communicate with Energy Beings on a different vibration if I was weighed down with lost of ‘heavy’ energy. In other words, when I got lost in sadness, fear, anger or hate I dropped out of the communication system.

Yet if I filled myself up with laughter, joy, happiness and love the discussions took place very easily. Raising my energy levels became a big discipline. Because I wanted to talk to these non-physical beings as much as I could. So I listened to music that made me feel happy. I shared the laugher with my friends. I went to places that felt positive. More importantly, I started to work on releasing any low vibrational energy that I was carrying. And I lined up lots of things to help me keep on track. Like positive affirmations, books that made me laugh, photos that reminded me of great memories. Eventually I became able to get into the zone – the communication vibration – at will. Stepping easily from here to there.

Tonight’s film was a reminder for me to make sure I am raising my vibration. But not only in my work communicating with the Energy Beings. When I am filled with positive energy I attract more of it to me. I also have a connection with the Universal flow of positive energy that will allow me to bring in and pass on even more positivity. How wonderful. And how exciting that there are such enjoyable ways of picking up positive boosts.

Day 781 of my blogging challenge

Storm Eleanor, Full Moon: Wave Upon Wave Of Energy

stormI saw the moon last night, nearly full and incredibly bright, and basked in waves of energy. Tonight I’m in the middle of Storm Eleanor, the night is cloudy and the rain is pelting down. More waves of energy!

Somewhere up above the clouds the moon will be full tonight. Beaming positive energy in my direction. Whilst the wind and rain bring a huge blast of clearing storm energy. It’s time to send out my biggest dreams for this year. Ideas that have been floating around in my mind now need to get out into these waves of energy. So they can be carried far and wide. In time they will loop back to me, on a breeze or a sunbeam, a moonbeam or a tide, bringing me all that I’ve asked for. The secret is for me to dream big and then bigger. With so much positive energy around anything is possible.

I’m also excited about the wild energy because it brings the possibility that the storm will blow new things my way. Inside the chaos it carries infinite possibilities. Energy that can power me forward if I let it. All I have to do is let go of my expectations and go with the flow. As an air sign I’m used to being carried on the wind but in a wild storm I know I can end up anywhere. Am I headed for Oz? Or the stars? Will I be flung far out into the Universe? Or swoop across the oceans to the mountains? Wherever I’m carried it will certainly be an adventure. I’m open to all possibilities and looking forward to the calm afterwards. Because I know that I am learning to surf the energy waves successfully.

Full moon storm energy is blowing through my life right now. Empowering me to use the waves as I need. Encouraging me to achieve my desires. Enhancing my abilities. And gifting me as much forward momentum as I need.

Day 768 of my blogging challenge 

Kick Off 2018: Start As You Mean To Go On

KickWelcome to 2018. The first day of a whole new year. The point when I can kick past the restrictions of 2017 and move into new energy. And instead of resolutions I’m focused on making the most of every day.

I used to make resolutions. Promises to help me kick start changes I wanted to make. Things I thought I ought to do better, or should stop doing altogether. But they often faded out far too quickly. Because I hadn’t thought them through. I wasn’t setting these promises for the best reasons. It turned out most of what I was promising came from other people’s expectations of me. In other words, I was trying to deliver on what other people wanted of me. Not what I wanted of myself. And that’s why I found I couldn’t stick at it. Which, strangely enough, had me kicking myself for most of the rest of the year. Believing I was a failure by not sticking with what I promised.

However, I now realise that setting resolutions ended up being a negative cycle for me. Instead I kick off my new year with actions. The things that I want to do to make the most of my life. Perhaps the most important actions I take relate to being kind to myself. So today I have continued to read a novel I’m enjoying. When I’m back at work there might not be as much time for reading. I took my vitamins and pencilled in a visit to the swimming pool because I want to look after my body. Then I also made a shopping list for my meals this week to make sure I give myself good fuel. I also spent some time working on the details for the launch of my ebook. I’m really excited to write this year and kick off in a very different direction for me.

So I’m starting as I mean to go on. I’ve had two weeks rest and enjoyed every moment of it. Soon I will be back to the busyness of life. But with a very firm kick to keep being kind to myself. I want 2018 to be a year of balance in all areas of my life. Each day a new start. Each evening resting in positive energy. I have a feeling it will be a great year!

Day 767 of my blogging challenge 

Transforming A Negative Into A Positive

TransformingI had a chat today about transforming negative energy into positive energy. Something I need to do from time to time. But it’s not always as easy as it sounds.

Sometimes I wake up grouchy. Or I discover I’ve taken on someone else’s unhappy energy. I find I have low vibrational energy that I don’t want. Mainly because it’s not good energy for me to live in. But also because it’s not good energy for me to pass on to anyone else. Then I have to think about transforming the energy into kindness, or happiness or compassion. I have to find a way to balance and release the negative energy so that I’m back to my usual self. And I can start to send out the good energy again. One of the key things that does help is when I can identify that the energy isn’t mine. That allows me to release the feelings the energy is creating for me. They aren’t mine so I don’t have to have them.

Then I know I will be left with only my own low vibrational energy. So it’s much easier for me to deal with. Or it can be. Of course sometimes I make it harder for myself. If I drift into self pity, lack and nobody loves me mode it can take me a while to move myself out of those Ego thoughts. However I try to look for the reasons that my happy mood might be transforming into misery. Have I stepped out of my comfort zone? Am I tired? Or hungry? Have I taken something on board that someone said? Perhaps I’m being judgemental? I want to deal with whatever is causing me to feel low as quickly as possible. That’s when I find meditation can help. Sitting quietly for ten minutes asking myself to show me what the low energy comes from. And being prepared to recognise that I am creating the energy that is pulling me down.

Transforming energy is something anyone can learn to do again. I know I did it naturally as a child. It starts from recognising what is my energy and being willing to change it if it’s not my best energy. Then calling in all of the techniques I have learned to boost me back to a positive frame of mind. I’m not positive 24/7. But I’m willing to work towards that!

Day 714 of my blogging challenge 

Keeping on the Bright Side: Avoiding Negativity

Bright dayToday has been a bright, sunny August day. One to lift my spirits. I always feel better when the sun shines. So what do I do to keep that light around me?

One of the challenges of being intuitively aware is that I can be affected by the energy around me. I feel it much more strongly because I’m open to recieve that kind of information. My internal sat nav is set so that I can navigate the energy environment. So it’s like having a voice going off every so often telling me to avoid this or avoid that. My intuitive mind knows it’s better for me to be surrounded by the bright, positive energy of others so it’s trying to steer me away from anything negative or low vibrational. But I can’t always avoid low vibrations. Especially when other people are busy broadcasting them.

I have had to learn to let any waves of negativity flow over me. By keeping my aura energy as bright and clean as possible. Just like the clouds float across the sky but then clear I let any low vibrations float past. On a practical level that means I don’t respond. Or get drawn into any drama. And I recognise that if someone wants to be in a low mood, argumentative or fearful that is their choice. I’m not responsible and I don’t have to take on their feelings. I remind myself that I have boundaries. Giving myself permission to stay bright even when everyone else is in the clouds. I also recognise when I am in the clouds. Because that is part of being human. So being able to let those feelings happen. But without it dimming my inner light.

Above the clouds there will always be bright sunshine. Even in the most negative times I remind myself to remember the sunshine. And to wait for it to be visible once again.

Day 629 of my blogging challenge 

When the World is Out of Step

We live in a beautiful world. As I looked out of my window today I saw in my garden the plants are budding. Daffodils are flowering. The energy of Spring is with us. So why did I feel like something was out of step?

I’m ready to march forward. I’ve been taking steps, with the help of my Passion Planner, to get my momentum going for all the changes I want to make this year. Yet this morning I felt slightly out of phase. Not quite connected into the world somehow. I went across to my Centre and started work. Still feeling slightly disconnected. As I tackled each task I wondered what was affecting me. Something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. But niggling away. Until I turned it around and considered if it was me out of step with the world. Or was the world out of step with me?

It might seem odd to look at it from that point of view. After all we are encouraged to deal with things at an individual level. If I’m a bit grumpy or exhausted it must be because of what I’m doing. Yet I also believe that I am energy. I move in an ocean of energy that includes all of the other people on the planet. Perhaps it should make perfect sense to me that if many people are feeling a bit grumpy then it’s no surprise that I do too. After all, there are a lot of people around the world at the moment very annoyed with global and national politics. No wonder I might find all that grumpy energy exhausting to experience.

I do a lot of work to protect my energy from the general flow of what is around me. That includes screening out the energy of the world if need be. Yet I want to access all of the positive energy I can too.

Protecting my energy is also about being able to receive the good energies as well. So eventually I realised that the flow of positive energy around the world has been a bit in short supply. Even though I have been remaining fairly positive myself. People are feeling out of step. Unsure of the direction we are going in with all the global events around fear and hate. I realised that I was feeling the pressure of many people marching in different directions and cutting across one another. It took me a moment to work out what to do. After all, I didn’t want to spend my whole day feeling this way.

I managed to take ten minutes for myself. Sitting quietly I reminded myself that I had a plan. There was a direction I could follow. It needn’t be the same as everyone else. I can choose what kind of energy I live in. Most importantly that I can reject the fear and stay grounded in loving kindness. I also reminded myself that if enough of us do that then the world will shift back into alignment with me. With all of us who want a positive future. That’s the power of love energy. It can pull us together to face an uncertain future with hope. My world is in alignment with me. Now to encourage the rest of the world to make that shift too.

Day 441 of my blogging challenge.