Phenomena Created By Spirit People As Evidence

phenomenaOne of the things I have been working for over the last twelve years are phenomena created by my Guide Team that have a physical impact on the world. When these happen each one is a piece of evidence that our two worlds really can interact with each other.

I had no plan to go looking for physical occurrences that had no human interaction involved. I was too much of a sceptic to allow that Guides could affect my physical reality. Even when I was learning to communicate with them. But I had a lingering fascination with what is called physical mediumship. And probably not much understanding of it either. Yet physical phenomena have been reported since the beginnings of what we now call Spiritualism. The dictionary describes a phenomenon as ‘a fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen, especially one whose cause or explanation is in question’. In reports from seances all over the world there are physical events that seem to defy any explanation.

Most people have heard of ectoplasm, a substance produced by a medium when in a trance. Some people have heard about noises and tables moving. Yet there are also other things like apports (objects appearing that where not there before), temperature changes or voices speaking around the room. Most of these are said to happen only in blacked out rooms or with red light. And often these phenomena occur very infrequently. Or not at all if the circumstances aren’t right. So I was bemused when I started to find physical things happening around me rather than in me. Being clairsentient I was, of course, used to feeling like I was being touched by my Guides and the visiting Spirit people. Discovering that they could also affect the temperature and light in the room was a surprise.

Over time I got used to the phenomena happening around me.

Working as a Trance medium also helped me to understand how the phenomena could occur. So it was through that interest that my Guide Team led me into the production of physical phenomena. They created the circumstances where I could work with different groups of people, in all sorts of settings and conditions, where these physical things could happen. Over and over agin I have been present when noises have been produced, lighting altered or ectoplasm started to form. Unusually for me I have been less questioning than normal. It’s is hard to dispute with the evidence I have observed for myself. Instead I have been interested about why my Guide Team spend so much effort letting us know they can also work in our physical world.

The answer has always been the same. Whenever I have asked they have talked about their desire to let us know that they exist. That some part of me will continue after my human body disappears. Interacting with our reality is a good way to say, unmistakably, they are still here. And to say it in ways that I can understand. Because I have been present as it has happened. I have to say that their approach has been the best one for me. I am much more open to their presence because of what I have experienced. And keen to show and share with other people the phenomena that can provide evidence to them too. This kind of physical activity gives me a lot of comfort. I have heard the sounds, seen the tables move, had morse code tapped out using a glass ornament. Along with a lot more.

I enjoy working with my Guide Team to produce these phenomena. It is a very tangible and substantial way to evidence the presence of Spirit people. Along with being a great way for any Doubting Thomas like me to discover life is really eternal.

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Silent Whisper: An Evening Of Trance

silent tranceThis evening I visited Silent Whisper Spiritual Centre to do a demonstration of trance mediumship. I love this way of working. It was actually the first public mediumship I ever did. And it has been a fascination of mine for the last twelve years.

It was a really special evening in many ways. First of all my daughter sat with me for the first time. She has seen me work as a platform medium since she was very young. However tonight was the first time she sat and joined energy with me to help the transformations occur. We both felt the bond between us strengthen in the loving energy that flowed from the Spirit people and out Guides. Secondly, my Guides organised everything wonderfully because there were some people who were attending a trance demo for the first time. Because my Guides treat the demo as a time for laughter and love they were very keen to break the initial silence people feel they must hold. My trance demos are never silent.

Except, of course, if you count me. As I am also developing my physical mediumship and direct voice I normally stay silent. It’s a good thing for another reason too. There are usually so many people wanting to show themselves and be acknowledged that they don’t get time to talk. My Guides try to let each Spirit person alter my appearance as quickly as possible until their loved ones see and recognise them. Then my Guides move on to the next in the queue. Even though I am silent I love the way that the Spirit people do manage to give a yes. They always lift my index finger to say that it’s them. Except tonight. For one very special moment when a loved on from the Spirit side made a thumbs up with my hand. A piece proof with love for the person on this side of life.

Being silent doesn’t mean that our loved ones can’t whisper to us in their own special way.  That’s what trance is all about. Seeing the face of someone you miss appearing on the medium in front of you is like a great big shout. A shout of ‘I still love you. I’m still present in your life. And I’m safe and well.’ No wonder I love doing this work!

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Discovering Physical Mediumship

img_2289There is one kind of mediumship that grabbed my attention a long time ago. Long before I even thought about being a medium. During my study of psychology I discovered physical mediumship.

Of course at that time I was very firmly standing in the science camp. So I thought that the historical records of physical mediumship were most likely misguided reports. Or fraudulent attempts to pass off magic tricks on vulnerable people. I was firm that no such things as I had read about could be true. Then I started to discover my own abilities. Eventually, after a number of years, I even started to want to develop my intuitive abilities. That’s when I first discovered, through my own efforts, trance mediumship. It seemed it was something I could do. Not that long after I began to find that physical phenomena happened when I worked in trance.

Keen to learn more about physical mediumship I started to re-read some of my books. I also looked around for new books to give me more idea of what I could expect to have happen if I carried on developing through trance and into sitting for physical activity. I was fortunate enough to meet with Robin and Sandra Foy after reading Robin’s book about the Scole experiments. And I was also able to attend seances with reputable mediums where the phenomena were impressive. Out of this search came my willingness to sit for the Energy Beings to see what else could happen when I went deeper into a trance.

My journey over the past tweleve years has been fascinating. Full of stops and starts. Also full of intriguing phenomena. Most of which I haven’t known until I resurfaced from my altered state of consciousness.

That’s the most interesting thing of all. I am in a deep meditative state so that the Energy Beings can work through me to make things happen in this world. They remain in their world but make it clear they can affect our world. I know they do this to encourage us to question the nature of reality rather than to scare us. In fact, if anyone is scared by what is happening the Energy Beings will shut the phenomena down. The more I sit in a group and work the more they will show us.

They often start by changing the temperature around the room quite a bit. Or making the room lighter or darker. There may be clicks, knocks or bangs. They like to show orbs or coloured lights. Or touch the arm or hand of participants. If the energy is high enough they may move objects. Or make ectoplasmic shapes. The Energy Beings are experimenting all the time and want me to join them in seeing how much they can do. I enjoy sitting with a group so that we all share this kind of connection. Even as I am typing this the Spirit people are making little clicks and small noises around my room. They know I like to know they are with me. They even showed up as an orb during a live broadcast video I did today.

I am excited about this kind of mediumship. Especially because it’s a way of bringing forward evidence of another existence. That there is intelligence or consciousness outside of the body.

At heart I am still a scientist. I’m prepared to look wider for my understanding of reality than simply physics, chemistry or maths. I want to explore how it all works. The Energy Beings who come through to work with us in our physical circle want to help us understand more.  I’m sure it’s because when we do we will change our way of living. I know that finding out I was more than I thought I was freed me to think and act differently. It helped me to embrace the spiritual nature of my being. Life has been a lot more peaceful since.

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My psychic life: Day 4

IMG_0536Today’s task has been to stay focused on the readings & healing I have lined up & not drift away into a trance. That’s because tonight I’m hosting an evening seance where I will be the Trance & Physical medium bringing in the Spirit people for others to see with their own eyes. A very different part of my work – but one that fascinates me.

Let me explain a little about Trance (also called transfiguration) & how I work in it. A trance is an altered state of consciousness – like meditation or hypnotherapy – in which the blend of me with Spirit can allow the Energy Being to affect my physical features, use my hands or voice and more clearly bring a representation of that being into our 3D world. A trance medium aims to alter their brainwave frequency from an awake, alert pattern to a much lower frequency (but not so low as to be asleep). Our own Spirit spark (what animates out clay overcoat) can then move to one side somewhat to make room in the aura & physical body for another Energy Being. At that point the new energy being can influence the physicality of the medium & be more present in the room.

There is a long history in Spiritualism of trance mediumship. This type of blending has been a useful way for Spirit to provide extra evidence that they can interact with our dimension & make direct changes. Trance mediumship has been investigated in many different ways – although the world of science remains unconvinced – and you will find many reports & pictures of seances from reliable sources if you want to look into this phenomenon more closely. Of course there has also been a lot of misinformation & misunderstanding about this type of work. It gets even more confusing if you then consider physical mediumship. A medium in a deep trance can often be used by the Energy Beings to produce not just facial or physical changes. Working together the blending of the medium & Energy Beings can also produce physical phenomena e.g. lights, cold & heat shifts, moving objects, noises like raps & bangs, voices in the air & through a trumpet.

There are traditions in this type of work about the ways in which mediums should work. However, many of today’s trance mediums are finding that the blending can be done in different conditions – so we are experimenting all the time. I don’t work in total darkness or with red light. I’m not disturbed by noise. I can work with ectoplasm as well as with energy to produce phenomena. My people seem to enjoy being photographed by digital cameras & phones – sometimes I feel they like showing off, lol. Occasionally they will let people video the seances. And they also love electrical equipment. I now have a light box and emf-type meter built by another experienced seance sitter so that the Energy Beings can show themselves.

Soon I will go & have a shower, a little rest & then get into my black clothes (black is a good background to pick up orbs). I have been meat free for 2 weeks so that there is no undigested food in my stomach; I’ve been drinking lots of water & avoiding coffee & alcohol; all of these help raise my vibration & ensure that the trance work can be carried out in the best possible conditions. The room has been set up with a circle of 15 chairs. There is music on hand to help raise the vibrations. And there is my trumpet alongside the musical instruments that might be used by the Energy Beings to make noise.

I love this part – the anticipation! Will the energy of the sitters blend well? Will the energy build up & be strong enough? What will people experience? Who will step forward & blend with me? Will all the equipment work? I never know what is going to happen. And I miss most of it anyway as I’m the one in trance – quite a challenge for me as I’m curious about everything. I’m looking forward to hearing what people feel & think about the seance. How it might have been improved. What to try next time. So much research to carry on doing!