Still, Calm, Tranquil: Marking The Peace Of The Season

Still lightToday has been an opportunity to be still. I’ve enjoyed a tranquil, peaceful day away from the world. For at least one day the hectic energy of the world has been calmed. A little bubble of serenity to hold onto.

Underneath the surface energy for the last couple of weeks there has been a band of still, calm energy. As we approach all these festivals to recognise the return of the Light we can focus on what is stiil, what is below the frantic activity. Today I took a few moments to tap into the stillness. I wanted to get underneath the waves of action energy that have been pounding us all. Pushing us to the fear that our celebrations will not be good enough. I remembered that during the night it rained very hard. A cleansing energy. Removing the old stresses. Releasing 2017 and all it brought to me. Linking me into that deeper, more peaceful band of energy.

Sitting quietly I found that tranquility. Being still I let it fill me up. As it did I knew that I wanted to magnify and resend all of that energy back into the world.  An extra Christmas gift to me and from me. Because the Light we all feel is the energy of unconditional love. The power that fills of us. I know we are all capable of receiving and sending that unconditional love onwards. In that wave I held in my thoughts Mother Earth, the animal kingdom and all human beings. The strength of our connections are amplified by the love we can all send. As I expected, I was also joined by my Guides and loved ones. Here with me to share that loving connection. And bringing their unconditional love to all of us too.

I hope that in your enjoyment of all of the Light festivals you have found those still, calm moments to recieve and share the love today. Sending you calm, peace and much love.

Day 762 of my blogging challenge 

Changed Mind: Moving To A Different Way Of Seeing

changed worldHave any of us changed the world we live in? That was my question to me at 4am this morning as I drove home from an emergency call out. I wondered what it would take for everyone to finally live in peace.

The emergency had passed. My mind was free to wander. I was thinking about what had changed in my life since the big shift of Maya energy in 2012. That was the year to end all years apparently. Mankind was on the brink and whether we survived was debatable. It was also the year I stepped up my commitment to my spiritual service. And challenged myself to bring my actions into line with my spiritual beliefs. I have to say it’s been harder than I thought. It’s ok to say I believe in loving everyone because they have the light of spirit within. Far harder to do when people get hurt or die as a result of someone’s actions.

My Letters From The Light Side video guidance this evening echoes my early morning thoughts. How can I make a difference in the world if I’m swept away by the energy of fear? Until I have changed my inner state I can’t possibly approach compassion and forgiveness in any kind of realistic way. Yet I also realised that I am seeing the world very differently. Over the last five years I have learned to appreciate the strength that comes with forgiveness, even if forgiving somethings is still a challenge. Because it means I am letting go of hurt and pain. I am opening myself up to the energy of peace. Accepting that the person who harms me or mine is also a damaged, harmed human being.

That’s something that has changed. I know that people do what they do because they feel they have no other choice. Their life experiences have taught them to be limited.

Can I insist that they are bad or evil because of what they have chosen to do? Or can I see that they are individuals who make mistakes. Mistakes that sometimes have consequences almost too big for them to live with. And what about the much bigger spiritual picture? I have changed my view about life because I have started to live the wisdom that, whilst every human life is precious, we have many lives. In this one I can return to old karmic patterns or not. I have the freedom to make better choices this time round. So I can do my best to make a difference by recognising all of my choices. Then trying to take the best ones forward. As I’ve changed myself I have felt many more moments of peace, certainty and direction.

And I have also realised that I don’t need to change the world I live in. I need to change me. If I show respect and value to myself and others I operate in a different way than when I approach life in a fearful way. Especially when that fear is hidden deep inside, out of sight of prying eyes, as I assume confidence and certainty like a mask. I am much more open about my vulnerability because we are all vulnerable. Susceptible to being influenced because we want to belong. Yet as I have explored the vulnerability hidden in my shadow side I have also discovered a great strength. I have discovered that I can navigate through my own life. I am capable of choosing and living with my decisions. And I can forgive myself for wrong actions because the intentions were right.

Now I have changed myself I’m ready to answer that initial question. Yes, we have changed the world. By small, important and loving steps we are building towards a peaceful future. Peace is not only a possibility to dream of but something actually on the horizon now. And getting closer.

Day 751 of my blogging challenge

Breathing Peacefully

It’s been another workshop day. To help me get into the right place to work breathing peacefully is part of my routine. I love the way focusing on my breath can bring me calmness.

I’ve had asthma for most of my life. When I first started to experience that tightness of breath and lack of air I panicked. It took me a while to learn that the way I gasped for breath only made things worse. As did the panic. But it was understandable. Breathing is something we rarely focus on. Until the times when we can’t breath properly. So I had to learn to deal with the asthma attacks. Mainly by learning how to relax and breath through those awful sensations. I used to remind myself that I could breath. I counted my breath in and and. It was important to me that I faced my fear and overcame this debilitating condition as much as possible.

Eventually my breathing techniques became second nature. If I started to wheeze my breath would automatically change. I instinctively responded to the challenge of the attack. Nowadays I don’t even think about breathing. I feel that is progress. But those experiences taught me a lot about using my mind to bring me a sense of calm. And later also a sense of peace. I became easy with the fact the I have asthma. I have worked with energy healing to release a lot of the past life deaths that are connected to the weakness I have in my chest. But enough remains for me to keep clearing the stuck energy every time an attack happens.

The idea of learning to breath in the energy of peace came up again today. In the workshop exercises I asked the participants to focus on their breathing.

Doing this helps to induce a meditative state. It also allows the mind to focus on the intention to be peaceful. Because I know that many of us have stuck energy in and around our lungs. The old saying ‘get it off your chest’ meaning to speak about something is very true. When I don’t speak about things that are affecting me the feelings get stored in my chest area. They can become heavy enough to restrict my breathing. Or my ability to speak out at all. Spending a few minutes feeling myself take each breath in and then let it out can start a clearing process. And that clearing process can lift my spirits.

By allowing myself to release old energy I can choose what I replace it with. So I always choose peace. When I fill myself up with peaceful energy I can also radiate that energy out to others through my aura connection with them. In fact I can do this with all sorts of feelings. When it’s noisy or turbulent I can radiate calm. If there is a lot of fear about I can radiate positivity. All I need is to breath the feeling into me. Then imagine it is being shared out to everyone I connect with. I am grateful for my asthma. It has given me a different way of responding to all sorts of situations. And it has given me peace 💜

Day 524 of my blogging challenge 

War : Not In My Name

I wonder when we first start to make war? I remember as a child playing games that were about war. After all my Nanna still had an air raid shelter in her back yard.

It seemed so innocent when I was little. Organising my brothers and the neighbour’s kids into soldiers on different sides. Running around the yard and back street hiding then charging and yelling at each other. Using the shelter as a place to hide. Or the roof as the place to capture. None of us had any idea what war was really like. We had hear stories. And watched TV. War was a game. A competition. I know that none of us realised that war had consequences. That older people spoke in quiet tones about the men who hadn’t come back. They had seen the bomb craters as the bombers dropped the munitions designed to stop us fighting back. Watched the light show of ack ack guns defending the population of our town. What did I or any other child really understand about those.

My mother understood. She hated our war games. Because she had been there. Sitting in that shelter listening to the planes flying overhead. They were on their way to bomb Manchester and Liverpool. Actually the bombs dropped anywhere in between if the pilots were being chased out of the sky. As a small girl, not really much older than me, she had trailed to school with her gas mask box ready to practice another drill to get in the school air raid shelter. I remember her delight in eating fruit. Especially bananas. Because of rationing she didn’t know there were such things. The first time she tasted a banana she was twelve. The war deprived her and everyone else of so much we now take for granted.

I know what she would think about bombing people. She was very clear that aggression was always the wrong way to bring peace.

Whatever the rights and wrongs she always said that people were given voices to live peaceably together. Not to trade insults. As I began to understand that in war people die and don’t come back I also realised that she was very wise. My mum believed that human beings were intelligent. She felt that we could solve anything if we only put our minds to it. That was her answer. That I should be strong enough to find forgiveness for any actions. So that war wouldn’t grab me inwardly. And I wouldn’t live it outwardly. Over my life I have tried my best to live by this principle. Setting my intention to peace even when I felt provoked beyond measure. Reminding myself that any aggressive act I took would eventually rebound on me.

I know that children are influenced by the adults, and the energy, around them. Perhaps I was fortunate to hear of first hand experiences of war often enough to help me work towards a path of peace. Certainly I have held to the ‘Not in My Name’ principle for a very long time. I hold myself responsible for my choices. And I expect nothing less from anyone who claims to govern a country, state, province or town. If an aggressive action happens then the responsible person is accountable. And should own up to it. They should also be prepared to examin their principles alongside their actions. You cannot say you are a person of peace and then fire a gun. I know that there are lots of differing viewpoints. But I prefer to take the simple view. I know that action should have consequences.

Now we have more aggressive actions. There will be consequences. To a child sitting in a war zone life is a harsh place. And peace is very hard to find.

What is that child learning? Will that child, like my mother learn to absolutely reject aggression? Or will that child learn to make war? What will the adults around that child say? Can a person in fear if their life, caught in the cross fire of my gun is bigger than your gun, really advocate peace? I hope so. Because if not the rule of aggression spreads child by child by child. Is that really what I want for my world? For all of the children? And for the children’s children’s children? I’m not in any of the countries directly involved. At the moment. But I’m setting my intention to peace. Sending out the energy of love. And holding on to the hope that all intelligent people will also say ‘Not in My Name’ to war too.

Day 508 of my blogging challenge 

Happy 2017, Happy Life

The last few hours of 2016 are fading away. I’m happy and excited to be moving into a new year. I have my Tarot cards ready to do a little reading for myself. I can’t resist a sneak peek at the energy flowing into my life.

Whilst 2016 has been more of a challenge than I ever expected I also know that I’m ending it feeling happy. So many of my fears have been met and walked through this year. I’ve survived and learned a lot about myself. I have some outstanding achievements that I’m very proud of. And I am ready for all sorts of new beginnings. It doesn’t matter if anyone else knows what they are. I know what I’ve been able to do and that’s all that matters.

So what about next year? It’s so close now it’s breathing down my neck. I know there will be a lot of unexpected things but that’s life anyway. It’s about how I approach what happens. So I’m very clear that my year is going to be a happy one. I’m open to and attracting the positive in. Welcoming every moment because it will be good. There is no room for doubt. Or worry. Or fear. What I focus on is what will happen and I only want the best for me any everyone else. So I have a little mantra for myself: Love, Peace, Happiness.

The power of positive thinking has been proved over and over again for me this year. Even when I was wobbly and finding it hard to be positive.

Putting as much of my energy into being happy as I could got me to recognise all the good things I already had. I realised that there is a solid foundation underpinning my life. It’s based on being happy. Because if I feel it I can give and receive it. My happiness is based on small moments, memories and gratitude. Things could have been so much worse. Best of all I know that I have my loved ones in Spirit, my Guides and the ArchAngels in my life too. They are a constant force for love.

They surround me when my head drops, they lift me when doubt rushes in and they guide me to be the best me I can be. I know I can’t please all of the people all of the time.  Being of service is not about  pleasing people. It’s about passing on the happiness and love as often and as much as possible. So I expect to be doing a lot more serving for Spirit in 2017. I’m excited at what that may mean because I know they always draw me to do the things I think I can’t. Then I surprise myself. And that is another thing that makes me happy. Sending you best wishes for a happy New Year and may 2017 bring out the best in you too ❤️

Day 412 of my blogging challenge.

Dreaming of a Peaceful World

I’ve had a day off today. There were family things to do. And housework! On the radio I heard an old Christmas song. It got me thinking.

I’m living in a nice house, in a friendly town and able to buy what I need. There are no shortages, very little aggression and plenty of helping hands if I need them. I’m living a relatively secure life. Yet the lady selling the Big Issue isn’t. Nor are the people who spend every night sleeping on the streets. Further afield there are people being bombed out of their homes, their livelihoods and their future. Whilst I sit here in warmth and comfort writing my blog people are dying. That’s so far from my peaceful world that it’s hard to grasp.

I’m often asked why these things happen. It’s a simple question with such a complex answer. Is it because things matter more than people? Have we become obsessed with them and us? Does land or resources matter more than children’s lives? I wonder where it starts? This sort of ‘I’m OK’ attitude that helps us turn our backs on others. Perhaps it’s also that we feel powerless to help. Or to change situations so remote from us. The Guides would say that we have forgotten the basic principle of loving one another. They tell me that if we did really love each other then most of the complexity would disappear from an answer.

A world of peaceful living seems like another Universe to me. Sometimes I wonder if we will ever get there.

Yet I can’t give up on my dreams of peaceful times. That would be a defeat for my Spirit. Somewhere along the line I believe we will all find safety, security and peace in our lives. But it needs as many of us as possible to dream it into being. To hold the intention of peace so strongly that it finally manifests. Added to that intention I believe we have to dream of a life without fear. Of a shift in our perception where we realise that this life isn’t the only one we will live. There is so much I know the Spirit World can teach us about that. They are there to help us. It’s me and you who need to tune in and listen.

What song prompted this refelction? I listened to Gilbert O’Sullivan singing Christmas Song. The words are posted below and make so much sense. So this year I’m dreaming of a peaceful world. I’d like to invite you to join me in sending out that wish for all of us ?

I’m not dreaming of a white Christmas
I’m not dreaming of a white Christmas
All I’m dreaming of the whole day long
Is a peaceful world
Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year
To those of you who live in fear
And let us hope that very soon
The peace you seek will then resume
Gilbert Osullivan – Christmas Song Lyrics

Day 395 of my blogging challenge. 

Peace through Social Media?

imageBeing away from connection is an interesting experience. Today I managed to load some of my blogs onto the web site. I also had a look at what was happening in social media world.

It is a world. As ‘real’ as this one, where people put up fake identities, or spill the beans big style or gloss over the true way they feel. Or another hiding place. Like a potential fantasy of who we would like to portray ourselves as. Some people take it so much to heart. Others play games one way or another. For some it’s the only way they feel like they can be their real selves. As if by one or two social media posts they can form deep friendships with everyone.

Social media can also be uncompromisingly truthful. People actually reveal far more than they think. Or find out more about themselves and other than perhaps they expect. I often wonder if social media is the mechanism by which all of our hidden thoughts and feelings will finally be acknowledged. It’s an interesting idea. Perhaps in one way I and everyone else are finding our authentic selves. Maybe our voices become truthful without us even realising.

I see lots of positive posts, helpful information and encouraging, supportive posts. But I also notice an awful lot of dross.

How do I use those golden nuggets of positive energy? That’s the key to the social media world. In giving everyone a voice I know it will bring words I find unhelpful, alarming or unsettling. So I have to be selective. Ready and prepared to skip over the posts or pictures that have a negative pull. Not to deny there is negativity in the world. To make sure that I stay able to transmit my positivity into the ether too.

Each one of us is busy manifesting the world. I’ve written before about our responsibility as co-creators of our lives. It’s up to me and to you to use out energy in a way that manifests the greater good for all. Many things will get in the way to distort my energy if I let them. The key is understanding the energy of lack. It’s based upon a misunderstanding of the energy we call money, misapplied by a misunderstanding of the energy of love and driven along by the energy of fear. Lack thinking affects the way I am able to manifest because it distorts my energy. Even if I think it doesn’t.

I may not feel like I lack anything. The reality is lots of other people do feel that way.

So I am swimming in an ocean of lack. Perhaps I’m even drowning in that ocean. It’s hard not to swallow some of that energy at times. Staying afloat requires me to be conscious of my feelings and thoughts all of the time. Building the psychological ‘muscles’ to do that is hard work! Being patient with myself enough to know that I will slip back every now and again. Looking at social media, at any for of human interaction for that matter, I have to understand the Spirit is within everyone and everything. No matter if I am in my ego or they are in theirs. I must try to step into my Spirit all the time.

That is the wonder of social media too. If I can interact from my Spirit perspective I can share a bit of spiritual positivity in the ocean of energy. I can create a ripple of manifesting from love. Lack disappears when I love myself. It fades when I love others. And ceases to exist when I love Mother Earth. I will always have everything I need. I can manifest it as I need it.

Have you been working hard? Dreaming of success? Wanting something from the Universe? How have you been asking for it?

It’s time to recognise that I have to use my authentic voice and energy to manifest abundance. Only a positive flow in my energy will bring me the positive flow I want back. I think very carefully about how I use social media to make my inner requests concrete in the outer world. My words will frame what I bring back to myself. They are the expression of my true wishes. And words are very tricky. Old magic, the magic we have forgotten, teaches that in asking for something I must first know the true name of what I want. So if I’m dreaming of a ‘successful venture’ I must be able to put that into words that bring me what I want.

Asking for love, luck and happiness will only work for me if I am able to define those terms fully and accurately. I find this an important consideration. Many of us are sending positive wishes for peace via social media. That energy will manifest eventually. I know it could be much quicker if we had a shared agreement of what peace actually meant. How would world peace look, feel, be for me? And, more importantly, how would it look, feel, be for others? That’s the challenge social media can help us with. Letting my voice and all the others discuss, share and identify the real feel of a peaceful world. And for all of us to join in asking for it to manifest.

Day 257 of my blogging challenge.

Fear destroys peace

imageToday is another challenging day. Bomb attacks in Brussels have sparked fear, confusion and anger. Families are coping with loss, shock and uncertainty as their loved ones died or were seriously injured.  Bystanders caught up in a war of fear. How we respond to fear will set the course of the actions we take in future.

I don’t generally choose to discuss politics or religion because these are our man made conditions. They are part of the ‘reality’ we have restricted our human lives with. It has taken me long discussions with my Guides to make that choice as I’m often asked why a Divine Goodness would allow such violent things to happen. Why are there ‘unnecessary’ deaths. It takes a lot of soul searching to understand that every death brings a choice right in front of us. That choice is to descend into fear – it could be me next, it could be someone I love next – or to understand that we can work harder to hold onto peace.

Peace is a precious gift. It arises out of unconditional love for self and others. It is a state that removes judgement, doubt, dislike and hate of others from our thoughts and feelings. When innocent people are taken from us by others who say they have a justifiable right to harm anyone in their firing line it is easy to react with anger. We can build the perpetrators into demons – people who have stepped so outside of normal human behaviour that they are no longer people to us. They become targets of hate and, through the continued fear of more attacks, are able to destroy our peace of mind. In judging them we set ourselves up for more hate filled responses. The cycle of violence spirals on and on. Fear drives us more and more to extreme measures.

How do we find peace again? How do we recognise that fear drives hate which drives more extreme acts? How do we stop this dreadful game that plays into the hands of people who believe death is the only way to achieve acceptance by the very Divine Goodness they say they worship? The strongest response to these acts designed to create fear is to remain fearless. To recognise that death awaits us all. To know that every moment of life is precious and better spent in love than fear. One day we will all have to let go of this earthly life. We are here for a limited time only. If we can spend as much time as possible loving and being loved then we can leave with a heart full of peace. Better to live a life full on with love than cower in the shadow of fear. I am sending out healing, positive and peaceful energy for all of the people involved in today’s events in the hope that the choice they make in future will be peace not fear.

Day 127 of my blogging challenge. 

Christmas wishes of peace

peaceXmasI’m sitting quietly at home. The TV is on but I’m not really paying attention. All the rest of my family are off doing their own thing so it’s very quiet and peaceful. After a morning of excitement in sharing gifts, an afternoon of sharing a meal, tonight is about peacefulness. A part of me is delighted that I get to stay in bed later than usual tomorrow morning. A part of me is joyful about making the family meal so we could all celebrate being together. But the biggest feeling is peace. The day has gone well. I’ve been able to reach out through social media to all those who I couldn’t fit into my house. We have shared the chocolates, the chit chat and the fun.

I am also aware that this one day of peace is really precious. I am fortunate to find myself at the end of my day full of gratitude for all I have in my life. Even though the rain continues to fall & the river is rising, I’ve been given an extraordinary day. I know of many who have not had the same good fortune as me today. Along with my Guides and the Energy Beings I have been sending out wishes today. I have wished for peace for all the world. I have wished for comfort for all the world. I have wished for healing for all the world. And I have wished that all people, whatever their beliefs and values have enough material certainty so that they can experience the magic of life too.

It’s a big ask. Yet it’s only by sending out the positive energy wishes can we ever hope to influence the choices that we all make. You see, we can be so extraordinarily sharing when we try. The army in the UK is standing by to help those people who may have to deal with floods once again. Fire, ambulance, police and hospital teams are still waiting to help us if life suddenly becomes challenging. Family, friends and neigbours are our solid community support too. Peace will manifest when we all stand up and take a full part in our global community. When we refuse to allow judgement and the perception of differences to divide us.

I hope your day has been full of sharing, joy and peace. These feelings start within each one of us and we can share them outside of ourselves whenever we choose. Let the example to others of choosing peace be yourself. Stand up for peace. Be peace. Send out peace. Peace will be in, around and with you.

Day 39 of my blogging challenge.