Revisited: The Beginning And Breaking The Rules

revisitedIt’s been a workshop day. A day when I revisited a set of rules that used to apply to me. Rules that needed to be broken by embracing my intuitive senses. And the presence in my life of my wonderful Guides.

As I revisited the beginning of my mediumship development in my workshop today I recognised that I had faced a steep learning curve. Although I’d read around psychic and intuitive stuff for a long time it was very different when I started to experience contact from my Guides. I felt quite a bit of resistance. Even fear. Although I was asking for the connections I still held myself back. Because sensing the world as an energy reality is very different than sensing it as a material reality. One day, when I was bit at my wits end with it all, my Guides sent me to my book shelf. And to a lovely book by Paulo Coelho. I can’t remember when the book came to me in 2004. But I know it made an impression long before I started my own development process. So much so that I quote from it in my workshops.

The quote I always use first is:

These are the commandments that no warrior of light can obey.

First: God is sacrifice. Suffer in this life and you will be happy in the next.

Second: People who have fun are childish. Remain tense at all times.

Third: Other people know what is best for us because they have more experience.

Fourth: Our duty is to make other people happy. We must please them even if that means making major sacrifices.

Fifth: We must not drink from the cup of happiness: we might get to like it and we won’t always have it in our hands.

Sixth: We must accept all punishments. We are guilty.

Seventh: Fear is a warning. We don t want to take any risks.

These are the commandments that no warrior of light can obey.


Learning to use my intuition, following the guidance as it came in, I realised that I lived these rules to some extent. One or two of them I was actively working on. But most of the others still had me in their grip. The fourth and fifth particularly strongly. So I know that the people who start to explore their connections to Energy Beings will have to work through letting go of these rules. And each time I have revisited these particular rules, with my new students, I have notice how much less of a role they play in my life. Today I was really please to find that only rule seven still turns up now and again. Only in certain circumstances and not at all enough to stop me stepping off cliffs into new adventures.

Have you revisited your life rules recently? If you are working to open up your intuition you might find that you are doing so sooner rather than later. We are in the final stretch of energy that began in 2012. Energy that is encouraging us to take a leap of faith and start a new adventure. A journey that will require new rules. What will yours be?

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Telling It Like It Is – Being Clear What’s Involved

telling truthThere are times when I get quite frustrated with the world. Days when everyone seems to have an agenda. But they won’t put it into what they are saying. I much prefer telling it like it is. Then everyone can be clear what is involved and make their choices based on as much info as possible.

I recently signed up to something which was presented as a charitable event. I try to support charities when I can because there are so many causes that struggle to get funding. This one seemed like a really good idea. I was excited too because it was to do something that would challenge me. After several ‘welcome’ type texts there were a few questions I still needed answering. Especially about dates and times that I would have to commit to. I asked several times for the information. Disappointingly I didn’t get answers. Until I spoke to someone else. Then I found out that there were some hidden costs not included in the original blurb. And deadlines I couldn’t meet. It certainly wasn’t telling it like it is.

It got me thinking about this habit we have. One I’ve been guilty of in the past. Telling the story with the spin I want on it. Keeping back the bits I want to hide. And letting someone believe that what they have been told is the whole picture. When I started working with my Guides they were very picky about the way I had to pass on messages. They insisted that I had to share only what they gave me. Because my opinions, judgements or assumptions would hide the truth of the words the Spirits wanted to say. Because, in the end, when someone isn’t clear it all falls apart anyway. Like my hoped for charitable experience. I have withdrawn because I had only been given half of the story.

There was too much else involved. Things that the organisers weren’t telling anyone. Things that made it impossible for me. It’s a good reminder to me. I now try my best to be straightforward in all I say. But I’m not perfect so sometimes I miss little bits out. However, I have no agenda when working for Spirit. I do what they ask of me, when they ask it of me. And I do my very best to bring that approach into everything I say in my everyday life. Telling things straight is the spiritual way. I’m glad I finally learned that lesson.

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Fly free – Letting Loved ones go

imagePart of my work is about letting go. Helping people to send their loved ones on a new journey down a road that we can’t travel with them. Encouraging someone to fly free in one way or another. In my last post I shared some of my poetry, written to help me to release feelings that challenged me in some way. Poems about my Mum, Dad and daughter. I miss my Mum & Dad being here on the Earth with me. I’m sure they could offer me support about being a parent and having to push my child out of the nest. Each day of her life from babyhood she is moving a step closer to independence, to her own life choices, to making her life what she wishes for herself. She has to fly for herself. She has to be free. In the same way that my parents had to ensure I found my own freedom I have to let her go bit by bit.

There have been times when I wanted so much to pick up the phone to my Mum and ask what do I do now. Or see my Dad who always made me feel like I was still his little girl. The have both joined the rest of the family in the Spirit World and others have followed them since. We have to let our loved ones pass away. In fact we have no choice. It just happens, often when we feel least prepared for it to do so. We wish we had time to say one more thing, ask one more question or do something to show our love once more. We want to hold them close to us for as long as possible. We sometimes cling to our last conversation, last sighting, last moments. As if we can hold back the realisation that our world has changed forever.

Life does change though. In our beginning is written our ending. The door to the Spirit World is one we must all pass through. I talk about the Spirit World, bring messages from that world and give evidence from the Spirits who speak to me so that people can understand that there is another life, a new journey and a return to all of our loved ones. On this side of life we are setting our loved ones free not to an empty, cold place or to non-exisitance but to a vibrant and loving new life. And we will be joining them when it’s our turn to walk through that door. I love the quote by Paulo Coehlo

If you love someone, you must be prepared to set them free.

Sending our loved ones off with our blessing that they step joyfully into their new lives is a wonderful gift we can give them. We may be overwhelmed by our own grief at their passing but we can wish them a good journey.

Releasing them to the Spirit World can have surprising results. It is wonderful to talk to people who have been able to sense the presence of their loved ones, or get a sign or even a message. In my case I found that my Mum was working with me as a Guide. So I still have the loving connection with her that means I know when each person I care about is safe home in the Spirit World. I get the ‘gossip’ about what they are doing now as if they are still here on Earth. Our loving connections continue. When I was writing my poetry one of the things I focused on was what I loved about my Mum & Dad, as well as the good memories of precious moments, the laughter and the encouragement they gave me. I’m not a perfect person – neither were they – but some of my good bits come directly from the freedom they gave me. They got me out of the nest, flying free and making my life for myself.

So let yourself fly free, let your loved ones do so to. Remember the wonderful times you shared. The love isn’t over. You will meet up again but for now it’s time to journey on different paths.
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Remember your Shadow Self

Winter1WOL_FotorShadow – a space where light from a light source is blocked by an opaque object. As I was reflecting today – it’s been one of my quieter ones – I connected with my feelings about several incidents that have happened to me lately. Petty acts of vandalism designed, I’m sure, to inconvenience me have been happening. However, three of those have had the potential to cause physical harm to me or other people. I’m sure the person responsible hasn’t considered the consequences of their actions. I’m also sure that they have justified their actions in one way or another as being appropriate.

What they are missing out is to understand their own Shadow side. We all have emotions that can block the Light within us. Those emotions can generate thought and actions which are harmful to others. What we don’t realise is that these feelings and thoughts are always harmful to us too. In his book Manual of the Warrior of Light, Paulo Coelho writes

“When somebody wants something, the whole Universe conspires in their favour. The warrior of light knows this.

For this reason he takes great care with his thoughts. Hidden beneath a whole series of good intentions lie feelings that no one dares confess to himself: vengeance, self-destruction, guilt, fear of winning, a macabre joy at other people’s tragedies.

The Universe does not judge; it conspires in favour of what we want. That is why the warrior has the courage to look into the dark places of his soul in order to ensure that he is not asking for the wrong things.

And he is always very careful about what he thinks.”

Keeping our Shadow side hidden from ourselves means that we ignore a part of the energy that we are broadcasting to others. We are wearing a blindfold, perhaps even thinking that we are kind, helpful or caring, when the energy underneath draws to it the opposite.We also forget that the Universe will deliver on that energy just as much as on the positive requests we make. It’s even possible for the Shadow energy to cancel out all of the positive manifesting energy we generate so that we end up stuck.

So how do we deal with our Shadow self? Carl Jung said “Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darkness of other people.” Allowing yourself to have a Shadow side is the first step. Be honest with yourself about what you feel. Track down where your thoughts are leading you. Admit that there are some feelings & thoughts that make you want to lash out, to harm or hurt. It’s much safer to acknowledge that you are capable of anything than to fool yourself you aren’t. Then look for ways to channel that energy in safe ways. For example, if you are angry, rather than lashing out with verbal or physical blows, or bottling the energy up, use that energy as a force to move you forward. Divert the energy into doing something to change your situation, to be active or to create. I often paint my anger out. It’s fascinating how the energy vibration of the pictures can change as I transform from angry to creative.

Let the free flow of your whole emotional energy bring you to a deeper understanding of your Shadow. Allow yourself to practice looking at it, exploring it and reducing it’s influence over your life. Make yourself whole – embrace your Light & Shadow.

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Lightwork isn’t easy but you can make it so

Lightworker1One of the titles my kind of work is often called is ‘Lightworker’. What is Lightwork? It’s different from medium or psychic. Those descriptions have come to represent working only with Spirit people or predictions based on aura energy. Being a Lightworker means to work with energy, transformation and healing so that the inner journey results in a greater transfer of Light into the outer world (my definition). You can find other definitions around the Web but the main point is that the use of this title widens the scope of what people understand I do. I prefer to talk about working with Energy Beings. My sensitivity to energy has been the result of an inner spiritual journey. The direct result of that journey has been that I and others are in the process of receiving healing energy.

One of the most helpful books to cross my path as I was developing was ‘Manual of the Warrior of Light’ by Paulo Coelho. You see, I was finding all this Lightwork stuff difficult. It was bad enough to be a skeptic and find that there were Spirits. To find that there were lots of other energy types who introduced themselves to me was rather mind-blowing. I was way outside my comfort zone. I admit I had read and heard of lots of them. Reading about the Dragons, Elementals, Angels, Pleiadians, Arcturians and many, many more is one thing. But getting to sense them, up close and personal, is much harder to deal with. Across my path came this wonderful book. I was mesmerised by these lines

What is a warrior of light?

You already know that, she replied with a smile. He is someone capable of understanding the miracle of life, of fighting to the last for something he believes in – and of hearing the bells that the waves sets ringing on the seabed.

He had never thought of himself as a warrior of light. The woman seemed to read his thoughts. Everyone is capable of these things. And, though no one thinks of themselves as a warrior of light, we all are.

As I dived into the book – a series of statements about the warrior of light and how one goes about Lightwork – I understood that I had to put my faith in my experiences. Understanding what those experiences meant was an exercise for later. Trusting that what I felt, sensed, heard or saw would take me further on the spiritual path I seemed to have stumbled onto. The pages of the book were signposts on my way. I have returned to the book again and again. When I am struggling to accept I’m a Lightwkrker. When I have lost my faith or trust. When I am disappointed in myself or others. When I have failed. The comfort of the statements lifts my chin back up. I hold my head higher. I endure and persevere.

People enter into their mediumship development full of hope (possibly), intrigued (certainly), frustrated (sometimes), scared (often) and with a need to understand (always). They haven’t realised the effort, patience and determination required to make sense of the communications they receive. There is much uncertainty. Moving from incompetent to competent is a life long journey. We are trying to rediscover the natural connections we enjoyed as small children. Removing the conditioning, that has been around us ever since we were told that the friend only we could see was imaginary, is a challenge. Yet we can make it much easier on ourselves.

Letting the experiences happen is the start. Being open to the fact that our beliefs and world view will be challenged. reserving judgement. Going in search of more experiences to see if the same thing happens again. Letting our intuitive ability surface. Trusting that there is a bigger picture we can’t see yet. All of these will make the shift into acknowledging your Lightworker status much easier. Then you can get on with the Lightwork you agreed to do before you came into being human. Finally, you can enjoy having a purpose in life, a reason d’être, an adventure. I wish you good fortune in your journey!

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