Develop Mediumship: Practice Makes Nearly Perfect

DevelopI’ve been out to do a church service tonight. Afterwards there was a discussion about how to develop mediumship. And especially about confidence.

Like anything in life, when I start to learn something new, trying to develop a skill or ability, I go through a process of finding confidence in what I can do. But I usually start that process lacking in confidence. Perhaps feeling incompetent. Or even scared about what I’m expecting myself to do. That has happened with everything I have tried in my life. So it’s worth understanding that feeling like I lack confidence is a normal part of getting a new skill. When I take that on board I can be a bit less judgemental about what I’m managing to achieve. I might even be able to let myself see that I’m doing great for the stage of development I’ve reached. Best of all, I might even let myself start to feel a bit more confident.

Mediumship has to develop like any other skill or ability. It’s not something that is suddenly perfect. Or nearly perfect actually. Mediumship, like everything else, takes time, practice, discipline and that build up of self belief. It will continue to develop the more you do it. I know I am much better at connecting now than I was eleven years ago. Especially since I am confident in what I am doing. And I feel competent in what I’m doing too. However, I had to do an awful lot of practice to get to this point. And that was the point of tonight’s discussion. I had to give myself permission to get things wrong. To be comfortable, as much as possible, with hazy, incomplete or weak messages. I had to take every opportunity I could to be giving messages. And I had to stop being too hard on myself. Expecting too much too soon.

I could be talking about any achievement in life. It takes discipline, patience and persistence to develop yourself. I have learned to be confident that I will get to the standard I set for myself. Only not on day one, one hundred or one thousand. But that I will!

Day 694 of my blogging challenge 

Believing In Miracles Takes Time & Patience

Believing is a big part of what I do. Although there was a time when I certainly didn’t believe in myself, my Guides or what I was being told about the Afterlife.

Today I was recalling that time when believing seemed to be a real effort. At the beginning of my mediumship, even though I was getting accurate information, I found it hard to trust that Spirits exsist. It took a lot of time, patience and many, many messages before I could accept their presence in my life. So I understand how hard it can be to believe in miracles. Those random happenings that resolve the challenge in front of me. As if by magic. Completely unannounced and unexpected. Miracles happen. I just never know when one will occur. That means it can be a frustrating waiting game when I require a miracle.

First of all I have to be in a position of believing something miraculous can happen. When I keep telling myself it’s not possible there really is no room for something special to happen. Because I’m blocking the possibility. Keeping wonderful stuff at bay. If I get into believing it can happen the next issue is my desire to control when and how. I know that most of us have a definite plan for what we want to have happen. I find myself wanting things to turn out in a certain way. By a precise time. So when it doesn’t I can get anxious and my belief wobbles. That’s the hardest part for me. When I get the wobbles. Because that can stop the miracle solution in it’s tracks.

It has taken me a lot of practice to let the Universe deliver what I require in the way it has to be. Letting myself remove my own expectations so I am open to all possibilities. Steeling myself to trust that everything will turn out exactly right. With each miracle that turned up I have stepped closer to believing I will always receive all of my dreams and desires. Miracles do happen. If I let them.

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Patience is a Virtue – so I’m told!

imageI remember many times in my life being told that patience is a virtue. Usually when I was getting frustrated that what I knew was the best thing to happen wasn’t happening fast enough.

My friends and family will certainly agree that patience has been one of my life’s lessons. When I see a need for action I can’t help but want to rush ahead. Often waiting for others to see that need, agree on action and then start doing it has been a challenge. I feel my need for speed is because I can take ages to make a decision. I like to make sure that it’s a good decision. Who doesn’t? But I can go round and round the matter rather too much.

Yet I also have times when everything is so clear that waiting is very hard. Especially when I’m waiting for other people to see what I see. I do try to explain but when it is coming in on a claircognisent connection that can be hard. There are some things I know. Not just think I know. I feel them in my heart and my mind as concrete facts. Clear information steering me in the right direction. I find it hard to describe that inner knowing and certainty to others. Especially if they don’t use their intuitive senses.

So sometimes it’s about waiting for people to catch up. Or the time to be right. Or for me to make a decision. That’s the key point. Most of all it’s about being patient with myself.

Another saying I heard a lot was everything comes to him who waits. I have helped myself to become less impatient by remembering that I will have all the time I need in this life to achieve what I’m here to do. So will everyone else. We will all be able to do what we planned before we came here. Sometimes that list of jobs takes 25 years, sometimes 95 years. If I take the opportunities as they come up then everything will have been done when it’s time for me to enjoy the Afterlife.

Understanding this has helped me to stay calm through many fears. My ‘if only’s’ have become ‘when’s’. I use the words ‘it hasn’t happened YET’. I know we will find a peaceful,way to live together. It hasn’t happened yet. When it does we will be ready for a new spiritual challenge to help us evolve. Practicing patience for longer term aims is a way to bring patience to current aims. It’s also part of manifesting whatever is needed at exactly the right time.

As we start to move into a waning mood let go of anything that is making you impatient right now. See that things can change more quickly and powerfully when you are practicing patience. Let patience be your new virtue.

Day 247 of my blogging challenge.