Paranormal Passion Investigated?

One of the things I enjoy doing is going on a paranormal investigation. In other words looking for things that are impossible to explain by natural forces or by science.

In some ways I was a paranormal investigator long before I found out I could connect with Spirits as a medium. I always wanted to know why places were said to be haunted. And how. Also what was causing the supposed haunting. It all came back to my mind today when I was looking at some listings for paranormal events. I thought how differently I view my previous passion for disproving (or proving) the paranormal exsisted. Now that it’s an every day part of my experiences the passion has faded a little. I still enjoy visiting new sites, hearing the stories and waiting to see if anything happens. But I have an extra layer to my experience. I know if there really is something there or not.

It seems I’ve become a little sceptical about the claims around paranormal activity. In fact I wonder sometimes if there are two distinct Spirit Worlds. The one I know and trust completely and the one where all sorts of apparently scary stuff happens. Especially as the scary stuff seems ever more extreme. I know that Spirits interact with this world. It’s my job to connect with them and experience their interaction with us. However I have very rarely come across Spirits who can throw chairs, knives or get me running screaming. Most of this seems to be a form of hype. Because for most investigations not a lot actually happens. Except you get cold. And, if it’s a late night, tired.

Please don’t misunderstand. I feel that paranormal investigations serve a useful purpose. First they get people thinking about the possibility of an Afterlife. Or none.

After all, if you are certain that there is nothing when you die there really is no need to investigate further. By visiting a place where phenomena are reported to occur there is always the scope to find something happening to change your current position. I find that we are on a line between there is nothing at all afterwards to a complete vision of what it is afterwards. Over the years I’ve moved along that line. Even forwards and back a few times. Until I found enough experiences to help me decide I believed in what came afterwards. I think I managed to bypass the scary for scary’s sake type of events. Mostly.

Because that’s another reason people go along to see what happens. They want to be frightened. Watching a horror movie isn’t enough anymore. It’s all about fear. Although it’s really difficult to investigate anything when someone is screeching in your ear every five seconds becuase the lights are off. Paranormal meets Hammer House of Horrors. Not necessarily the best way to explore interesting occurrences. Setting aside the scare factor I feel paranormal investigations are good for another’s reason. They push at the boundaries of science as we currently understand it. Whether the theories are proved correct or not doesn’t really matter. Scientific enquiry helps us learn more about our reality.

Which brings me back to knowing if there is Spirit present or not. My way of investigating has turned into a different passion. Because my perception of reality has changed.

Investigations led me to experiences that finally got me talking to Spirits. Over a period of time my intuitive psychic senses woke up, started working and provided me with a means of communication. I still like all the equipment, meters and cameras. But I have better internal senses now. I can also ask for and get the kind of effects that the Spirit World use to show us they are there. I have those experiences every day. Most of the day. Now my passion is for communication through my direct experiences. I believe it’s the best and only way to investigate.   But I encourage everyone to go on a well conducted paranormal or ghost event. You might surprise yourself by developing a passion for finding out more.

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Remembering Death

img_2281This evening I went to Wakefield to do a demonstration of mediumship. I enjoyed bringing in the Spirit connections but the best part of the evening was the conversation with my daughter as we drove home.

It started because one of the Spirit people wanted to let their loved ones know that there was no memory of actual pain when we die. As the physical body is vacated the Spirit experiences a falling away of any pain experiences. Physical pain becomes a faded memory. And like any memory it can be replayed rather than re-experienced. That’s why sometimes I ‘feel’ the aches and pains of the person who is communicating. It’s a form of remembering for confirmation purposes only.

In the car I was reminded of something that happened this weekend. My daughter asked about reality. What is it? Would it be different if we were in another dimension? How do we know our reality is the only one? Good questions I thought. But I wondered about how to answer. Then I thought about the paranormal night on Saturday. With a group of people I found myself in a cell in the prison under Nottingham’s courts building. We were hoping to make contact with Spirit people. As I tuned in to the energy I picked up some who were ready to communicate. However, there was also low vibrational energy – entities – trying to connect in too.

One thing I feel needs remembering is that we have to guard against making assumptions about the nature of Energy Beings. From our reality it is difficult to make sense of their reality. Although some rules seem to apply they may be more about our perceptions than their actual reality.

Based on my experiences and the guidance I have received one of those rules is about pain. A visiting Spirit makes light of any human pain they have experienced. Although they may tell me, or occasionally show me through my clairsentience, what illnesses they had or how they died they don’t focus on the pain involved. The information is used only to confirm who they are. The conversation rapidly moves on. However, I also know that entities place a great deal of emphasis on anything painful or fearful. They want to create an energy vibration that they can soak up and recharge their batteries from.

So when someone started to discuss seeing a Spirit being in great pain I responded very cautiously. As the communication went on it was clear to me that the communicating Energy wanted to generate feelings of sadness and fear. Remembering the rules I checked for the Energy Beings present in the room. There were still Spirits but the low vibrational beings were there too. As people assumed that the cells would contain unhappy people and children the sadness grew. Yet that was only one reality. For some prisoners and their children it is possible that they had better provision than they would have experienced outside. Certainly not compared to modern standards. But when I have looked into social history for some a prison might have meant a prolonging of life rather than loss of life.

And that is the point. My understanding of the reality for a person 200 years ago is filtered through my assumptions about what reality I am living. From another point of view I might make very different assumptions about the nature of what I experience as reality.

So when I connect with Energy Beings I have to be very careful how I translate the information I am getting. Remembering not to assume anything is the key. Perhaps most importantly of all, I have to be open minded about the nature of reality. It isn’t fixed although we often behave like it is. Making room in my mind for debate has been a good way to learn to accept the communication experiences I have had. After all, which reality is real? Mine or theirs? All I know is that when I and my colleague focused on the positive energy around us we had a glorious game of chase the orb with the Spirit beings present in the room.

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Enter the Orbs to much Laughter

img_2279I love taking the opportunity to work with Energy Beings in many different ways. So whether you call it a seance, a circle or a paranormal investigation doesn’t really matter. I take every chance I can to sit still for a while and ask them to connect with me.

I find it takes a lot of patience to make the energy connections. Stuff doesn’t just happen in 5 seconds or 5 minutes. I also know that to get the best from the communication the energy has to be positive, light and bright. And I also know that any place you are can become active if you give the Energy Beings the chance to show themselves. I often sit quietly in all sorts of places and ask them for a sign that they are present. One of the signals I often get is to see or photo orbs.

Orbs are a very interesting phenomenon. There is a debate about whether they are caused by dust, insects, the way the light falls, the internal workings of the camera or weather conditions like rain. I only know that every so often I get the feeling I need to take a camera out with me. Or to get my iPhone out and start clicking away. When I do that I often find I have captured orbs. I guess you could also call them light anomalies too. Orbs are generally expected to be round. Sometimes I have beams of light or fogging instead. In a sequence of snaps I can have nearly all perfectly normal with the odd, random one containing an anomaly.

I’m sure that the Energy Beings love making orbs and stray random lights appear in our photo equipment. They love it because it gets us thinking and talking. It gets us into how and why.

If fact, I’m sure they start the debate just to get us going off investigating. And experiencing. And opening our minds. So I encourage people to take photos when I’m working my mediumship. Even when I’m in a trance state. It’s a good time to capture orbs on film as I’m working in the vibration that the Energy Beings use to connect with us. Sometimes EMF meters, voice recorders and other technical equipment aren’t as much fun. Energy Beings want to get some laughter into the proceedings and scientific tools can be a bit dry. So last night I sat in an investigation with Energy Beings who decided they didn’t really want to play that way.

However, when it was quiet and dark I got the prompt to start taking photos with my phone. In the pitch black the light from the camera, as it prepared to flash, showed us on the screen a whole room full of orbs. They flew up, down, around in circles, towards us and away from us. I pressed as rapidly as I could to see if I could get photos of them. They zipped towards the screen as if laughing that the camera would be too slow. I found myself laughing too. The more we joined in the laughter the more the orbs flew about. When I tried my iPad they stopped. When I tried with the camera pointed to another part of the room they stopped. It was clear they wanted to run the show.

Is my photo evidence proof? The debate about orbs might say no. Then has the experience got any meaning for me? I would say yes.

When you have watched orbs flying around a dark room, invisible to the naked eye but clearly there in your viewfinder, you do wonder. The first time it happened for me it made me really question my scepticism. I moved from thinking with my analytical brain to considering orbs with my creative mind. Every time it has happened since I know I am experiencing something wonderful. Something perhaps outside my comfort zone. But also something that I can’t ignore. I have posted below a few of the photos I got in the investigation last night. Not to convert anyone to anything. But to encourage you to experience, reflect and then explore some more.

img_2272 img_2273 img_2274 img_2275 img_2277 img_2278

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Investigating the Unknown

img_2255I’ve spent the day listening to presentations about the paranormal. People talking about how they carry out investigating phenomena produced by Energy Beings. Often from the believer versus non-believe points of view.

It’s been very interesting. There are several paranormal teams attending the conference too so lots of conversations about what an investigation looks like. Later I’m joining in and investigating the Galleries of Justice. I’m fascinated to see if there is any Spirit energy present. Or just lots of aura recording that replay when triggered by our psychic energies. In the courtroom today I found myself drifting off a bit. Was it trance energy? Or was it a late night combined with my G&T? If I’m investigating I like to consider all possibilities before I decide. In this case I’m sure it was the later night as I didn’t have the other trance signals I get when Energy Beings are around.

That’s an important point. I know that keeping an open mind is vital to investigating. Going in with pre-set expectations or beliefs will invalidate the experience right from the off. So tonight I am looking forward to exploring this location. I will be paying attention to the energies of the other people. And I will be questioning about what is being experienced or reported. From my studies of psychology I do know the mind can play tricks on us. Especially in an atmosphere of fear or anxiety. Group dynamics also play a part too.

I like to observe people as they encounter what might be Energy Beings. Understanding that people can have a strong reaction if the experience runs counter to their expectations is important. Investigating these reactions can be a valuable experience in itself.

When we are put in unexpected situations or find our beliefs challenged the result can be stress. I know that Energy Beings try not to stress us out. But they do want us to continue investigating. It took me years of investigating to change my views on whether they were there or not. They aren’t trying to convert us but they certainly want to communicate their existence to us. So when I’ve been to ‘haunted’ places they have sometimes been empty of Spirits. Yet at other locations there has been so much amazing activity. It makes me smile. Because they work on giving is the experiences we need not those we expect. Tonight I have no expectations. That’s great. Because anything can happen. And I’m sure the Energy Beings will give me whatever they feel I need from this experience tonight.

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Hope Grows Anywhere

img_2250It’s been another strange day. I’m now in Nottingham attending a paranormal conference that I hope will be lots of fun. That’s because I’ve followed my intuition and it brought me here.

Here is a distinctly style challenged hotel where a clean room has been an adventure to find. I hope I managed to play the part of Alex Politzi, Hotel Inspector, with as much humour as she would have done. At least there are no bed bugs. Note to self – read Trip Advisor before I book not after! And I’ve been able to pop in to the Galleries of Justice to set up our display. The traffic wardens were really kind. I just had to be running backwards and forwards to the car frequently enough to show I was unloading. Then Jan and I did our live broadcast to the Seekers on the Earth’s ArchAngels Wysdom Odyssey. There are some new people this month so it was good to talk.

Of course, since I like playing with the Facebook live video we had to do another one for my wall. Sitting across from Angel Yard at number 27, with the Crime & Punishment banners behind us, and the gate to the Goal open I could almost feel the thumb screws. What on earth are two ladies of a certain age doing running around the back streets of Nottingham on an autumn night? I have no idea but I do know we have been laughing hard all afternoon and evening. Our ArchAngels get us into some unusual situations. Not to mention into some good company.

I always hope to find good company wherever I go. Meeting people and exchanging ideas is always energising for me.

The end of the evening has been spent talking about paranormal and spiritual ideas. With some friends (old and new) I had a lot more laughter. Investigating if there is anyone there doesn’t have to be serious. It’s more important that it’s thorough. I feel it’s also more important to be open minded and ready to experience for yourself. The Spirit World will always show themselves to anyone who asks. The more positive I am about wanting to experience something of their presence, even if I doubt it or don’t believe in them, the more likely they are to make it happen. Of course, if you want to challenge them they will also, sometimes, rise to that challenge. I hope that anyone doing that realises that they will get exactly what they asked for.

So a day full of laughter, good conversation and friendship. A day filled with ArchAngel energy and Spirit beings. I am so glad I live an intuitive life. Every day really is an adventure. I look forward to tomorrow being full of more of the same. And one last thing. As I started to do the first live video I noticed a small plant growing out of the mortar between the wall and step of the Galleries. Something I hadn’t noticed when we picked that spot. How fitting to be opening ArchAngel Shimea’s month near that plant. One tiny little plant reminding me that after all the stone and structure has gone what will remain is Mother Earth. Shimea is the Angel of True Nature. His job is to remind us that We, like the plant, are part of Mother Earth. We too can grow in the harshest and meanest of conditions. I believe his message tonight was all about hope.

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Tuning In Helps

chartres Today at the Centre the discussion has ranged from the difference between trance and channeling, trying out a stuck situation from the viewpoint of all the people involved in it and how soon do we become accustomed to the loss of a loved one. It certainly was an interesting variety of conversations. Even more so as all of these themes wove themselves together in to guidance, not only for me, but for every participant.

Some of the hardest things to pin down in the spiritual or paranormal world are definitions of what is actually taking place when I communicate with Energy Beings in different ways. What is ‘mental’ mediumship, or channeling or trance? Speak to a number of my fellow colleagues and you are likely to find slight, or even major, differences in what they would say was the dividing line between one type of mediumship against another. The lack of clearly understood descriptions of what takes place can also lead to misconceptions about the information the medium is receiving. I prefer to explain all mediumship as being conducted in an altered state of consciousness. In effect, the medium shifts her brainwaves to a different pattern making it possible to tune into her psychic, intuitive senses. We receive intuitive info all the time – it’s noticing it that is important.

Once we do pay attention to our intuition it is possible to notice the feelings and thoughts that don’t seem to belong to us. With practice we can identify the intelligence (or not in some cases) behind those feelings & thoughts. We can start to conduct a conversation. What is interesting is how ready we are to take what is communicated to us as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Perhaps we are too much in awe of the Energy Beings who have no physical body so cannot be present in that way in our lives? Sometimes we accept too much, place too much reliance on what the communicator says. It’s too easy to tell ourselves that if this being is able to communicate without a physical body then they must be more advanced than us. Especially if what they say seems to fit with what we want to hear.

This is why I practice evidence-based mediumship. That means that I am happy to communicate with any presence, even Zog from Zargon, and listen to what they say to me. However, Zog and any other being will have to give me evidence of their presence, confirmation of their words and have a very, very good reason why they have decided to contact me before I will pass on anything publicly about what they say. That process of validation may take years. I don’t mind. Funnily enough neither do they. When I ask for more I get more. Any Energy Being who wants to give us messages is also prepared to wait until we are ready both to receive and to pass on the messages. I feel it’s the way all mediumship should be approached if we are to help people in a systematic way.

Helping people is the whole point of why I’m a medium so the second conversation came about through the work I do to guide people through circles and spirals. I have always found working through a maze or labyrinth a really positive way to bring hidden info about myself to the surface. I offer a group for people so that they can use a circular or spiral labyrinth once a week to generate inspirations for their personal growth. The one I used today was an exercise in putting a stuck situation under the microscope by allowing yourself to become, for a short time, one of the other people in the situation with you. In the way it is conducted there is also space for Guides to provide light-bulb moments too. I encourage people to pay attention to inner promptings as they work through the situation from differing viewpoints. Of course, some of what surfaces will be our own inner guidance. But not all. Often there is something that really does enlighten the situation but is completely at odds with what the person would have been able to suggest might be a course of action. Tuning in with my own intuition and Guides I can facilitate the group in a more complete way too.

Tuning in for guidance was also at the heart of the third conversation. It is a long journey through grief when we loose someone we love especially if they have died. There are so many emotions, so much to understand and a hollow place in our heart that will never be filled. As a medium I can offer evidence that life continues after physical death. I can also offer messages from those in the Spirit World. Or it may be that I am in the right place at the right time to be able to say words that will acknowledge, validate or encourage someone in their grieving process. Having lost both parents I also understand how grief can bring a sense of guilt. Which person am I grieving for more? Has the passing of time blurred the edges of grief in  one passing whilst the other is still too raw? Is it ok to stay stuck in my grief when others have apparently moved on? I have the blessing of knowing from the Spirits themselves what happens in the afterlife. I can contact my loved ones at any time which is much the same as when they were here. If I can share this knowledge with others & teach them to pay attention to their intuitive senses then they too will find a way out of the stuckness of grief.

I realised as I moved from conversation to conversation that I was re-affirming my passion for mediumship. My passion for excellent mediumship! And my desire to share that passion with people who want to unlock their own stuck mediumship. So much healing can flow if only we are brave enough to let it. Is it time for you to tune in to what has always been a part of you? Listen to what your intuition has to tell you and let your Guides help you get moving!