Mission Earth’s ArchAngels

imageMission: a task or job that someone is given to do; self imposed objective or purpose. I’ve been thinking about my mission today whilst writing about one of the Earth’s ArchAngels.

On the 21st of this month several years of work come to an end when the Earth’s ArchAngels online course is launched. As I channelled in the info from ArchAngel Nushiel today – she’s the first one to go live in public – I thought about the journey from there to here. I never expected that I would be bringing twelve ancient Energy Beings back into the public view. But it seems that was the task I was given. Many times I’ve laughed at myself inside my head hearing the words ” Your mission, Annie, should you choose to accept it is …” Just like the opening lines in the Mission Impossible series from the 1970’s (or if you are too young for that, the movies that have been made in the noughties).

It actually goes back long before they started to connect with me. When I started to develop my mediumship I found that I was being drawn to work in a state of altered consciousness, often called Trance or Transfiguration mediumship. This was something very new to me. I had to do a lot of reading to understand what my Guides were asking of me. Yet I also accepted working this way. The finer points of how it works are for another blog. The main reason for mentioning it is that during my Trance sessions I found I was connecting to Archangel Michael. As I developed that connection other Archangels stepped in. The group sitting with me took careful note of what was happening. We found that we were on a mission to get me used to higher energy beings.

It seemed somewhere along the line I had accepted a mission. There was a purpose in what I was doing even if I couldn’t see it completely.

Moving forward several years I met Jan Booth of Ostrich Angels. Together it seemed we were presented with a mission. Once again I was asked to channel though high energy beings. When I accepted that mission, probably not fully aware of the shape or demands of the task,  we began to get all sorts of information and contacts. I have to say we had no idea what we were doing. Recalling the early prompts to do things I know we were going with the flow. It felt right to me. My experiences with the Archangels and Ascended Masters made it possible for me to recognise the energy vibrations of these new beings as being the same.

So we persevered in encouraging the connections. Though I know both of us had no idea what we were letting ourselves in for. It became our self imposed purpose to follow their lead. At times I wondered what we were doing. The Earth’s ArchAngels took up our time and energy with no apparent purpose. Yet the pull to follow this mission to it’s end was strong in me. I wanted to understand the why, what, where, how and when of these beings. It’s clear to me that although one phase has now ended there is another mission on it’s way in. I have only scratched the surface of their energy. They have only downloaded a small proportion of their Wysdom. There is much more to learn, discover and share with others.

My purpose in life has always been to teach. Not in the formal manner of an educator. Rather as someone who shares their experiences so others can try the same things too. The online course is a new way for me to do that. I’m looking forward to lots more channelled information and contact from the Earth’s ArchAngels. That way I can support those people who will be discovering the energy connections for the first time.

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Regrets or Clarity?

Charlie Brown - Regrets

Charlie Brown – Regrets published 6th May 1960

Today has seen more pieces click into place. Sometimes clarity strikes all in one go. After trying to force enlightenment for ages in a flash of lightening the fog lifts. When you do find yourself, your passion, your inner abilities it’s as if the Universe says ‘great! Now she knows who she is & what she wants we can send it in’. Talking with my lovely friend Jan, the creative force behind our collaborations for Ostrich Angels, the lightening hit. More than once. I finally understood what I’m going to be doing for the next while. As we chatted it occurred to me to think about my journey to this point. Do I have any regrets?

Of course there are always times when we might wish to have done something differently. Or wished for another outcome to our actions. The choices we made could have brought us along a rocky road. Or put limitations around us. We might even have denied ourselves and our abilities as a result of not seeing clearly. But do we have to regret these choices? In the words of one famous song “Regrets, I’ve had a few, but then again too few to mention”. Challenging times tend to make us stronger people. Being able to remind myself that I’m resilient and can survive the unexpected outcomes of my choices is a positive way of viewing decisions that ended up taking me on a more complicated life journey.

Having said that, I do feel that it is tempting to hold onto regrets. It’s a good way to explain why life is less rosy, less like we expected or wanted. Telling myself that I haven’t got the life I imagined because … is a way of sidestepping my life now. The danger of regrets is that we can start to use them to disempower ourselves. If we keep looking backwards at the past and saying ‘if only’ we nibble away at our trust in ourselves. Decision-making becomes bogged down in procrastination. Eventually we end up in a fog of confusion. That is when we need the blast of clarity. Our experiences have made us who we now are. They have also brought us to this point with plenty of options about how we move forward in our lives. Pulling out the regrets and recognising that those decisions were from a different person, in a different time, facing other circumstances we can use them as a springboard in to making clearer choices so we avoid the patterns of past choices. They are the prompts that are guiding us into the future. Then we can let them go. They have served their purpose.

Is it time for you to get more clarity or confidence in your life’s purpose? Do your regrets hang around like a bad smell? Have you, like Charlie Brown, amassed an award-winning collection of regrets? Time to use them to kickstart a different life for yourself!

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Feeling Magic

imageMagic is everywhere! My day began at 5.40am when I pinged awake. I was rather surprised to wake up so easily as I’d spent half the night trying to ground some powerful energy beaming it’s way in through me. My alarm was set for 5.45am anyway as I had booked on a Self-Publishing Conference in Leicester with my good friend Jan Booth. We had to be there for the 9.30am start. As I headed up into the mist on the top of the moor five magpies flew by. Five for silver! I knew it was going to be a day full of magic. As I drove along two hares crossed my path. Beautiful, magical creatures running alongside my car. Transferred into Jan’s car the mist slowed us down a little. The motorway also had a complicated diversion through Wakefield but somehow we drove into a parking spot right in front of the conference building exactly on time. With time for a relaxing cuppa we started our day of discovery.

I’ve been working on a book for some time, on and off, gathering bits and pieces of my written work. The book has been slow to build because I’ve had quite a bit of resistance to overcome. Writers block has been my challenge for quite a few years. My lovely friend Maxine and I went to a Hay House writers weekend a couple of years ago so I could get some confidence in my written voice. That moved me forward a little. I was encouraged to write a couple of online articles and attempt a regular blog. More recently I began a regular monthly Wellbeing article in our local Valley Life magazine. Then last December I began my daily blog challenge. The idea was to write for thirty days. Slowly the magic of writing filled my life. I kept writing each day. I found I wanted to expand some blogs way past the ‘normal’ blog length. So parts of my blog have become the basis for more work into my book. Now I’m a long way past the thirty day total and love ending my day with a piece of writing.

Today was all about gaining more confidence to complete the book and get it out in a printed or e-book format. Each session has magically answered questions, suggested options and made me realise that I’m further on than I expected. Jan and I sat and ate our fab lunch rather reluctantly as we discussed the sessions and what we had found out. All around us other attendees were doing the same. There was a great deal of excited chatter. The magic of the event was inspiring everyone it seemed. Heading back into the afternoon session I suddenly felt rather awed. I’m going to be an author, I thought. I don’t know why being a writer isn’t quite the same as being an author. I felt distinctly different though. Sometimes confidence can be a matter of the words we use to describe ourselves. There is a magical feeling in owning the author in me. It seems that I have opened up another door of opportunity. As we sat down this afternoon the title for my book dropped into my head. More magic! 

I love how synchronicity flows through my life. I have been in exactly the right place at the right time to meet the right people and gather the right information. This evening I have a head full of new stuff to consider. There are decisions to be made. I want to write and write and write. My book is a reality that will be here soon. All the waiting and inner work has brought me to this interesting spot. It’s really no surprise that yesterday I finally arranged to take myself off for a week later this month. I knew the pressure to complete the first draft of the book was almost overwhelming. After today I understand why. I hope you have had a day of feeling the magic too.

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Deep trance or light channelling?

Earth's ArchAngel Etieliel

Earth’s ArchAngel Etieliel

I’m sitting writing my blog a lot earlier than usual today. I normally wait until the end of the day so that I can reflect on what has happened, write about whatever has caught my attention and clear the energy for the next day. Today though I’m feeling slightly spaced. This feeling is always a signal that I’m going to be doing some deep trance work. Working in a trance, a sort of deep medatative state, is different than channelling. When I’m channelling I still have a lot of awareness about myself even if the thoughts and feelings that I am experiencing belong to the person writing or speaking through me. When I move into a deep trance state I loose all sense of myself, my body disappears and I have no concious thought process going on. When I’m in that ‘zone’ the Energy Beings around me can step in very close to me and use my physical body as well as my aura to transmit information, healing or other high vibration energies like love & compassion.

The preparation for a trance session usually happens a few days before the actual event. From Wedsday evening I lost my appetite, started drinking more water and felt like I wanted nothing more than to go to sleep. Yesterday in the Minfdful Meditation group, that I usually channel, I found that I was working in a light trance state which allowed a Guide to come through and speak the meditation to the group. Earlier today in the Reiki Refresh, when I was channelling in the energy, I was very aware of going into and out of deeper trance states. There were many Energy Beings present, amongst them Guides, ArchAngels Etieliel, Arsheliel and Dareshiel, as well as the wonderful energy of the Morrigan. The healing energy was extremely strong as well as the creative energy that was being delivered too. It felt as if it was the right time for everyone in the group to find their creative spark so the energy was the to help inspire us.

Creation follows destruction and the Morrigan is one of my inspirers when I face letting things go. She always reminds me that I have the courage to rebuild, to create anew, to manifest something fresh. The ArchAngels are all very ‘can do’, ‘make it so’ types so it’s exciting to feel that something new is happening even if I don’t completely understand what it is yet. Perhaps that is what the trance work is about. I love when they connect with me on such a deep level that only my Spirit part is aware of what is happening. Yet out of that switch off of my human part my Higher Self & the Guide team can remind me of my purpose and how I am meant to deliver it. So will it be my Letters from the Light Side being discussed? Will it be more inspiration from the Earth’s ArchAngels? Or will it be something completely new? How exciting that I’m meeting up with my friend & colleague Jan Booth from Ostrich Angels tomorrow. It should be an interesting catch-up!

Day 151 of my blogging challenge.

Scent, smell & fragrance

imageClairallience is the intuitive or psychic sense of smell. It is possible to pick up scent from Energy Beings when there is nothing physical to cause that smell. Clairallience has been on my mind, so to speak, all day. Today I’ve been to a passionately positive meeting with my PartyLite colleagues to hear about our next fragrance product range and the changes that flow naturally from having a new Chief Executive in charge of this global company. I have to confess I had never heard of Harry Slatkin but for a candle company very proud of it’s fragrances he seems to be the ideal leader. He is also considered to be someone who can identify the component parts of fragrances completely accurately. Not an easy task and similar to trying to identify all of the flavours used in a complex wine or meal.

We were discussing the top, middle and low notes (what you smell first, second and last, so to speak) of the new scents which have about nine or ten different smells to make these three ‘layers’ of fragrance. Sorting out each component smell, for me, is made much harder now since I lost my physical sense of smell at the end of last year. Imagine that – someone who loves scented candles but who can’t smell them! Yet I do have clairalliance. When I give messages the Spirit people often bring me fragrances that identify them from their lifetime. I can still small cigarettes, freisa, lilies, cigars, beer and many more. They are not in the air around me. The scent comes through my aura connection in the energy rather than through my nose.

On another strand of thought I have to say it’s fascinating that I have worked with Jan Booth at Ostrich Angels to develop a range of fragrance sprays, candles and soaps. Our work on the Pearls of Wisdom and the Earth’s ArchAngels was done when I could smell. We used only two fragrances in a combination to represent what was being channelled in. Although I could smell them I had no idea how the combinations came about really because I wouldn’t say I have a particularly well developed sense of smell. Then when it was time to put the fragrances together for the Transpersonal Chakras I had no physical sense of smell at all. Jan says the fragrances are wonderful but I honestly have no idea. I’m sure that I was guided to the best combinations as for brief moments during the 10 mins it took to pull the scents together I was getting slight wafts of scent psychically.

As humans we tend to ignore our ability to smell most of the time. Our sense of smell is one of our earliest survival mechanisms as young babies can smell more than see. However, we don’t like unpleasant smells so we cover them with fragrances to make everything smell fresh or clean or appetising or mysterious. Certain smells evoke memories. Others are too sharp or bitter to bear. Once we realised we could change the scents around us the perfume industry was born. And it’s been around an incredibly long time. Then we realised that certain fragrances made us feel safe or energised or relaxed or calm. So now we use candles and sprays all of the time to create ambience. That’s why I use PartyLite candles in my Centre. People always love the way the rooms and corridor smell. They make positive comments and feel more at home because the scents are reassuring.

So another train of thought is how our physical sense of smell ties up with our psychic sense of smell. It seems that I might no longer be able to distinguish top, middle and bottom notes in fragrances that I love from PartyLite or from the ranges I have put together for Jan. Whether this will ever be reversed is a moot point. I am left with the ability to determine fragrances in a very different way. I wonder if this change is to help me refine my psychic ‘nose’? Is there something important that will need me to be able to use clairallience instead? An interesting journey seems to be coming along then!

If you are interested in developing your psychic sense of smell a great way to start is to ask your Guides for help. Ask them to help you become aware of scents that are around from the Spirit people. I am sure they will make sure you start receiving ‘scent’ information so pay attention and don’t dismiss little blasts of fragrance when they tickle your nose. As for me, I am looking forward to my next exciting scent adventure with Jan.

Day 148 of my blogging challenge.

Scent from the Angels

In December I had concussion that resulted in loosing my sense of smell. My scent bottles were cast aside, my favourite scented candles useless and the strongest pongs went unnoticed. Even my lovely ArchAngel sprays, designed by the Angels and channelled through me, sat forlorn in their box. I still used the scents and sprays, lit the candles  and imagined the smell of my perfume. Not a hint of a scent broke through.

I had some exciting moments when I thought I could smell the wild lemon grass candle, or a hint of coffee and even rejoiced at a musty smell from my damp boots. The smells were very fleeting. In fact I wondered if I was fooling myself. Loosing the sense of smell really woke me up to how much I love to smell the world. I remember a long time ago asking my Guides to take away my clairalliance – clear smelling – as that particular psychic sense opened me up to smells I didn’t really want to experience. It is possible to smell when the physical body is dying (something many nurses know & experience without perhaps acknowledging it) so I was picking up on illness in the people around me. But it’s useless information really as I had no idea of timescale and no way of finding a use for that kind of info. So better not to have.

I still got smells when I was doing messages to provide evidence for the people I spoke to. Having a specific use for scents is far better than a general mish mash of all sorts of smells. Then a few years ago I became the channel for a group of ArchAngels. I didn’t know it at the time but found myself putting together the fragrances for two ranges of products. There is a third range that needed to be completed. It’s been on the back burner for a couple of years. At the start of this year it became clear that now was the time to work on these last five scents. How? What could I do if I couldn’t smell anything? Today I went off to my lovely friend Jan at her business, Ostrich Angels, so that we could design the fragrances for five transpersonal chakras.

Jan has just about every essential oil or perfume you could imagine. Container after container appeared in front of me. I tried smelling some of them. Nothing. There was a tiny hit of a smell from the ginger but nothing else. How to do it? I had been the ‘nose’ in the previous sessions. I heard the word ‘Trust’. I felt the energy building around me. Suddenly I grabbed a bottle, shuffled it to pair it with another, moved for a third bottle to pair it with a fourth. Within 5 minutes I had paired six combinations to represent six chakras. I had no idea what the scent would be like. Jan picked up the first pair, smiled, said she liked it & moved on. Amazingly she liked all of the pairings with the last one getting a special vote. We both ended up laughing that I couldn’t smell any of them but appeared to have hit the right combinations to suit each chakra.

We had an especially big grin for the sixth combination. We had only planned for 5 but it was clear the Angels wanted a sixth. Jan reckons it is the best of all the fragrances and represents a very special chakra in the etheric body. So now that my own personal preferences for fragrances couldn’t get in the way of today’s work I’m hoping that I will get my normal sense of smell back. I’ve also learned a valuable lesson about trust. I could have said to Jan that I’d be unable to put the fragrances together. I had the choice to opt out with the excuse that my nose would be useless. Yet I knew I had to complete this piece of the jigsaw puzzle. And that it had to be today. I knew my Guides and Inspirers would make it work if I trusted them enough to give it a try. As always they did exactly what they always do – they made it work beautifully.

I’m looking forward to seeing the chakra products. The Earth’s ArchAngels are keen to get their energy vibration out into the world & what better way than glorious fragrances to represent their unconditional love for us. I’m excited about what other puzzles are heading my way. Each day is a new experience of their vibrant connection with me. There is so much fun, passion and laughter to look forward to. Perhaps loosing my sense  of smell for a while is a fair exchange for so much joy.

Day 93 of my blogging challenge.

Love is in the air

imageIt’s nearly February! Valentine’s Day is on the way! Where did the first month of the year go? I sat with my lovely friend Jan Booth, the founder of Ostrich Angels today, as we both wondered how the time had managed to pass by in a blur. It was one of our regular catch ups to discuss the projects we are collaborating on. Both of us are independent women with a passion for what we do. Both of us follow our intuition in making our decisions. And both of us were drafted in by the Earth’s ArchAngels to distribute a new wave of positive energy flowing from them to all of us. That energy is unconditional Love.

By a series of synchronicities Jan & I met, developed a range of fragrances and turned that project into another range of fragrances which have turned into several more ranges. We’re not sure when it will all stop but we are loving every moment of the journey. That is the key thing underpinning our creative work. We love discovering more from the Energy Beings who step in close. We love all the ideas they bring us (even if some of these have to be ‘parked’ right now). We love that we don’t really know where we are going but the exploration is a great adventure.

So how are we helping to spread the Love? One of our first scents was the one we christened Love. We found we were developing a range we had to call the Pearls of Wisdom. Our Guides were very clear that this range would help people set an intention for themselves which would create the energy they gave out and received. Jan took the fragrance and turned it into a soap. That wasn’t enough though. Our Guides prompted, pushed and encouraged us to look at other ways the scent could get out into the world. A spray soon followed along with t light candles. The energy vibration of Love, based around rose quartz, appeals to a sense we often ignore. Yet we spend a lot of money on scent based products to make our selves and homes appealing.

I love the scent of Love. It reminds me of the newborn baby smell, a mix of talc, sweetness and bubblegum. When I use the spray on me I get an instant lift in my mood. Another way I put love in the air is to use the spray on my healing tree. Every day I send out distant healing. Using the spray reminds me that I’m sending out loving, supportive and positive energy to all who need it. It sets the intention for the help I want others to receive from the energy going out to them.

I work with energy vibrations. That is how I read Auras and connect with Spirit and other energy beings. Over time I’ve understood more and more that my personal energy vibration can become less clear, of lower energy and get clogged or stuck. The energy can stop flowing properly. A large part of developing my mediumship has been spending time cleaning up my energy so that the higher vibrational Energy Beings can connect with me more easily. Using the Love products has set my intention to myself. It has reminded me every day that I am a Spirit/Human being full of love and able to give & receive love. My vibration stays higher than it used to do. Just the smell of the soap or spray is enough to lift my mood. If you are now imagining me running into the bathroom to sniff my soap from time to time you are spot on, lol! I carry a spray in my handbag for a quick blast if I’m in a challenging situation. I’m totally hooked on Love.

What do you do to remind yourself that you are Love? How do you send out unconditional love? Do you let yourself receive the love that is all around you? Your Guides & Angels are tapping you on the shoulder. They want you to have that positive energy vibration from them and others. Love is in the air so make sure you get your share.

Day 72 of my blogging challenge.

Annie’s Angel Art

TiphonielIn the Centre I have an Angel Healing wall. It’s a space that has grown itself somehow & it seems to keep expanding. I originally started with a branch that I made into a healing tree. I encourage people to hang the names or something on the tree so I can send out Distance healing when I do my Reiki meditation. The tree is my focus point to connect with all who need positive energy. It is actually based on a long tradition of Celtic Cloutie or Wish trees.

When I began to channel in the Earth’s ArchAngels I was inspired to create their energy pictures. These abstract pieces link directly with the vibration of the specific ArchAngel so that there can be a transfer of energy from them to us. They are concerned to help us boost our positive energy so that we can make progress in our spiritual journey. They are also a source of great healing energy. So it’s no surprise really that they also brought in more and more representations of angels to be around my tree. I have angel figures, ranging from very large to tiny, angel feathers and angel pictures. There is the collage with acrylic paint I did to remind me of my Dad, the print my friend Sarah gave me, a picture drawn by a 6 year old visitor and, today, a print of a sky angel from my lovely friend Peter.

So today I want to share the painting I’ve done of ArchAngel Tiphoniel along with the words she gave me for our Facebook page. The page is a collaboration with Jan Booth of Ostrich Angels. Both of us are working to bring more of the Earth’s ArchAngels energy into the world. We feel very strongly that these 12 energy beings are here to improve our whole world. They bring loving encouragement, wisdom and clarity to what often seems like hectic, hurly burly daily life. Most of all they bring healing energy. They want us to be aware that we can heal ourselves if we choose to. Please take a moment or two, read carefully and discover Tiphoniel’s wisdom for yourself.

Mother Love is in the air! When things get busy, stressful or full on we often forget to allow ourselves time & space. We forget that we need nurturing too. Earth’s ArchAngel Tiphoniel is directly connected to the flow of Divine Feminine energy. She is a warm and comforting presence bringing you nourishment for your Spirit.

When she comes to call she has a ‘basket’ of goodies to treat you. She is ready to sooth all of your hurts & fears. Whatever you feel you are lacking she will bring you with a sweep of positive, loving energy. If you are angry she will cool the flames; if you are sad she will dry your tears, if you are lonely she will sit with you; if you are hurt she will dress your wounds; and, if you are frightened she will reassure you.

She is a creative force too. She can inspire you, encourage you, support you in all of your dreams or endeavours. She sees your strength, bravery, kindness and wisdom even when you can’t see it for yourself. Let her work with you to bring forth the biggest of your dreams. Tiphoniel can help you manifest all that is best for you. She believes in you when even you have stopped believing in yourself.

Let Tiphoniel’s compassionate healing flow into your life to lift you though the challenging times. She is here to remind you that Love is All.

Day 64 of my blogging challenge.

Working with the Earth ArchAngels

IMG_2255 One of the things I’m doing at the moment had it’s beginnings in 2012 and I never expected where it would lead me. Back then I was busy collaborating with Jan Booth of Ostrich Angels on a range of soaps & sprays call Pearls of Wisdom. We both believe that what matters most is our energy vibration – not necessarily our physical presence in the world. So we had developed the scents for these products with the view that when you needed to set an intention about the way your energy went out into the world you would use the soap & spray to help you. Spirit Guides had helped us name them – Hope, Love, No Matter What etc.

As we completed the initial development work we were again approached by Energy Beings who channelled in through me the most interesting scent combinations. I didn’t have a clear sense of who these particular being were (I have been in conversation with Elementals, Dragons, Angels, Aliens & Planetary bodies for many years) but as we were both busy with other projects we sort of left the information on one side to be picked up when we had some more time. We are both good at responding to intuitive prompts so we knew that there would be reason behind the timing & the connection with these beings.

It was later in 2013 that things began to pick up pace with the Earth ArchAngels – as they finally called themselves. Every time Jan & I sat down for a catch up & to move our other projects forward we found ourselves being bombarded by new ideas, requests to go in a particular direction, instructions on how to make things and confirmations that this was work we had been asked to do. We ran with it! Being woken at 4 or 5 am to scribble down ideas. Having to read a wide range of books for info. Pulling together some friends to work with us on channelling the music of each being. Producing the soaps, sprays, candles in the ‘haunted’ Nont Sarah’s Inn. And finally, on the Summer Solstice of 2014 watching the sun dip in the sky as Etieliel’s music was played for the first time.

Neither of us was really aware of what we had let ourselves in for that evening! For the last eleven months we have both been walking the Earth ArchAngel Healing Wheel. Each month the energy presence of an ArchAngel has moved into our lives & we have worked closely with their loving, tough & healing energy. Other projects have taken a back seat – lots of work placed on hold – so that we understood & experienced their positive effect on our lives. Some months haven’t been easy – there are some ArchAngels who I work better with than others – but each attunement has taken me a step closer to being a ‘whole’ energy being. They have helped me to integrate parts of myself that I have held away from my attention. I understand, appreciate & love my flaws much more than I every let myself before. Their impact on my life has been to show me the choices I have & encourage me to make the changes that have to happen for me to be happier. They have peeled my fingers off anything I hung onto that was actually limiting my choices & supported me through the pain of letting go. Their energy has felt so powerful & insistent yet so gently given with all their love.

I’m now waiting for the completion of this year of surprises & change. The coming Solstice will be another new beginning in my connection with the Earth ArchAngels. I wonder what will happen next?