Right Order: A Message About Getting Clear

Right orderI like to take an oracle card every now and then. When it feels right. So that I can recieve a message from my intuition, my loved ones in Spirit or my Guides.

I enjoy the apparent randomness of looking at a card and realising that it makes perfect sense. It’s one of the intriguing things that got me hooked right at the beginning of my interest in the intuitive world. I couldn’t imagine how every card seemed to make such good sense. Even when I was selecting them for my friends. And then total strangers as I moved into doing card readings. Yet the messages were really clear. After much debate with my Guides I finally learned to trust that oracle cards, a psychic intuitive tool, would also respond to the energy around and within me. Or the people around me.

I tested the readings for a long while. Making careful notes I waited to see if the messages came out right. I’m not sure what I expected. I tried hard not to make things fit with my expectations or interpretations. So I tried to forget the detail of the cards. In that way I though wouldn’t be influencing outcomes. I really didn’t want it to be me trying to make the messages come out right. Over time I understood that the cards gave me the energy of the moment. But it was still up to me to make the choices that took me forward in my life. If I wandered off on a different path then the information from the cards might not hold good. So the cards become little boosters. Prompts to me to keep me positive and on track.

Today’s card is Right Order. A reminder that it’s time to put things in their proper place in my physical world.

I’ve been clearing out the clutter for a few months now in my home and my Centre. Looking at everything I own with a fresh pair of eyes. And asking myself if it’s right to keep this or that. Because my personal possessions are full of energy. Energy that can be fixed in the past, or energy that is stuck and no longer appropriate. Some of my things are energetically flat. The energy has gone or been drained away. Even as there are some items that still radiate the energy that I require. In fact I love that my crystals always tell me when they need to move on and be somewhere new. That doesn’t necessarily mean still with me.

Now I’m also listening to the energy of my books, CDs, clothes and furniture. Anything that I own at the present time. Working out what I want to keep and what can be redistributed. At the same time I’m also working through paperwork, storage boxes and the layout of my personal spaces. Of course, moving all this stuff is bringing the dust and cobwebs to light. So there is cleaning as well as clearing going on. I want to feel that I’m surrounded by the right energy. It feels liberating. To let go of all the unwanted stuff and make space in my physical world. I am excited about what might find it’s way into my possession for my onward journey. A bit like opening a suitcase the Universe has packed for me. Seeing all the wonderful things inside.

When everything is in it’s right order I know that I will be delivering on the things I am here to do. Living to the best of my ability. Using my abilities to the full. That feels really right for me. How about you? Do you need to get things in order at the moment?

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Oracle, Tarot or Guidance Cards? Open Your Intuition

I have about forty packs of oracle, tarot and guidance cards. Although I learned to use my intuition with playing cards first. At the time I thought it was a bit of fun. Now I know it was a baby step.

Today I had an opportunity to teach a few people how to open their intuition by using oracle cards. It took me right back to my own beginnings as someone who was sceptical but willing to explore. I got a book about reading ordinary playing cards. Then a friend bought me a pack of cards for my birthday. It didn’t take me long to get going. I was fascinated with the way the information always seemed to be accurate. I read about probability, influences through telepathy, beating the odds. All sorts of information that tried to establish if oracle and tarot cards could predict. Or be accurate. I talked with a lot of people. Quite a few of them couldn’t explain why the cards seemed to work. It was intriguing.

Behind all of this I kept using the cards. I bought more packs. Making sure I read the notes and did all sorts of things to ‘bond’ with the cards. I learned what the colours, symbols and pictures meant to me. For a while I tried sleeping with a card under my pillow. Then I put crystals in top of them to charge the cards up. I got special boxes to keep my packs in. Did I prefer oracle cards to tarot? Or where they all actually the same thing? Could I use them on my friends? Was the information always correct? And if not, why not? In a way I was carrying out my own form of scientific research as I dealt card after card. I began to notice that ideas about the meaning of the card spreads seemed to bounce into my mind.

After a while I could look at the cards and there was a complete message in my head. Clear and detailed. That’s when I recognised that my oracle and tarot cards seemed to be connecting me with a source of information outside of me.

Something else was happening. I had gone way beyond a lucky guess. There seemed to be someone, or lots of someone’s, helping me to uncover details that weren’t necessarily in the cards themselves. Because I had noticed this I started to ask before I even turned the cards over for information. I would write it down. Naturally when I turned the cards over I was excited when my words matched the cards. I could only conclude that I was getting extra help from Guides of some sort. As if they wanted me to notice them. And use their input with the oracle cards. That’s when I really began to wonder who was helping me. Although it took a bit more time before I decided to go off and learn how to connnect with them properly.

In the end, as I explained to the people today, I can use oracle and tarot cards as a daily boost. That means picking a card and letting it help me focus on something particular in my day. Or I can look at the meaning of that card, or cards, and give myself an intuitive message. Once again that’s about focusing on something in my life. Paying attention to things I might not notice. And letting myself be guided if I have a challenge to deal with. If I want to be more specific I can ask a question in my mind and get three, four or more cards. Those cards will suggest ways that I can deal with the question I’m asking.

Finally, if I want to ask my Guides to help me with whatever is coming up, I can take some random cards and let my mind wander around. The oracle will be the Energy Beings around me.

Because I can let my mind respond to the ideas they are putting there. Or the feelings the pictures on the cards create. Perhaps I will see certain colours. Even shapes that have a meaning to me. Or if there are words on the cards what that represents about what is around me. Best if all, I can use the oracle cards to give messages to others. A lot of people are concerned about Spirit messages. They worry they will get upset. Or that the people who come to speak will be ones they don’t know. Sometimes they have a religious objection to Spirit messages. Even a sense of fear because of what they have been told about tarot cards.

So being able to use one of my many packs of oracle, guidance or divination cards is really useful. It’s a different way of helping and guiding. It’s also a lot of fun. And it appeals to people who like to have visual information. It’s also a way of showing people an intuitive technique that they can use for themselves. I know that many people who have a card reading decide to buy their own pack. That’s really great. Because I have shown them how simple it is to master a card reading. And it means I have helped them to start opening up their own intuitive abilities. Since I am certain that everyone has intutive ability I would really like many more people to explore what they can do too.

If you are looking for a way to get some guidance think about oracle and tarot cards. When you are ready to connect with your inner senses invest in a pack. And when you want to find out if your Guides and the Spirit World are there use the card spreads to make contact. I hope you enjoy exploring!

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Waterstones Cafe? It must be time for a Spirit download!

I was looking for a morning off. Headlining into Leeds with my daughter. Delighted to spend some time in Waterstones. A book store with a cafe. Perfect!

I love a chance to be surrounded by books. Probably my favourite treat. And if I can get a latte whilst I browse I feel like I’ve had the best treat. So today I seized the chance to have a trip out. A bit close to my holiday break but I’ve been working hard. I felt I deserved it, I thought. As I wandered through Leeds station I spotted some notebooks. Purple pens. I’m a bit of a sucker for stationery. New notebook tucked into my bag, plus purple pen, I set off to Waterstones. Not to use the notebook. But to do a few ‘tasks’ to clear my desk for my holiday. Because I can get a bit fraught if I feel I’ve left things undone.

As I settled in with my iPad to a little bit of work I felt really relaxed. I also pulled my Passion Planner out of my bag to check a diary date. That’s when it happened. I found myself reaching for my new notebook. And that pen. My arm felt heavy. My fingers seemed to have a mind of their own. Oh, I thought, someone is here. Then I set off writing at a speed that was hard to keep up with. Before I’d finished writing one thing the next one was in my head. My hand and the pen were struggling. Slow it down I insisted. The thoughts went a bit slower for about fifteen seconds. Then my hand was off in a hurry again.

In the middle of Waterstones the Spirit or Energy Being channeled a whole list of sayings for a set of oracle cards. Then started to download the meanings!

I was busy thinking ‘more work’. Trying to hold on to what had been said. All around me people were chatting, reading, shopping in Waterstones. It felt a bit surreal. It’s happened before but not usually with so much insistence. I wondered why the hurry. And if this was the way I would spend my train journey on Thursday. Writing up these notes. Getting them ready for production. Eventually the energy started to die back. I was laughing to myself. So much for a quiet morning. With no work so to speak.

I love inspired writing. Because when they drop into my head I know that I will always learn something. The inspirations they gave me will remind me of important things to think about. They can be shared much wider than me. I also loved that they had chosen Waterstones to contact me. About twenty feed from where I sat was the shelf where mind, body and spirit books were stacked. Along with some packs of oracle and tarot cards. A sort of ‘if you dare’ challenge. Asking me to think about my own book and oracle pack being on those shelves. If I dream big enough. Finally, I thought, shades of J K Rowling, lol!

Well done Waterstones. I had a wonderful morning doing what I love best. Sitting letting the Energy Beings communicate with me. All in all a great start to my holiday.

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Cards: Reading the Energy Waves

Today I’ve sent out my latest batch of CD’s. I’m always excited when I send a recording of a reading out. I hope that the person will enjoy hearing the reading once more. That they will feel the same energy as when I was in the room with them.

Of course, I might be doing a reading at the other end of the phone, or online but the energy always flows. Whether it’s a Spirit person, a Guide or that I’m taking a peek at the next energy wave someone is going to feel. Sometimes I use Tarot or Oracle cards when I’m looking to the future. Not only because the Energy Beings use that way to bring things to my attention. But also because a psychic tool like cards is a great way to focus my mind. I learned early on with my connections that if my mind wandered I was pulled about by the currents. If I payed attention by using cards then I would get to where I wanted to be.

A reading is all about trying to get more specific information. I know it’s easy to say life has ups and downs. That some days will be great and some will be rubbish. But a reading is only useful if it can give more details. I tend to ask for Spirit or Guide readings when I’m dealing with big events in my life. They have sight of the bigger picture and can help me find my way through things. I know they can’t interfere with my free will choices. Which can sometimes be frustrating for both sides. So I don’t expect yes or no to my answers. But they can steer me to look at things in a different way. A bit like giving me clues so I can work the answer out myself.

If I want to see what’s in the energy coming towards me so I can plan I tend to use my cards for a reading.

That’s because I have a sense of where I’m going and might want to check in on my progress. Perhaps I also have a problem that I know the Energy Beings can’t give me a yes or no to. The cards might not either. But they will show me that if I carry on in the same way what the energy around me is likely to be like. And the cards often offer a different choice for me to consider. Perhaps by making some changes the outcome of my future will be different. I find Oracle cards are particularly good for tapping into a positive energy flow too. Some days I pick an Oracle card just to give me a boost. To remind me to set my energy for the day into a positive vibration.

I also look at my Tarot or Oracle cards when I’m stuck with a problem. Or I feel like I’ve slipped into negative energy. It can be quite a surprise sometimes what cards fall out of the deck as I’m shuffling. Information about the background energy, the situation, me and anyone else involved. Even the global energy flows that are influencing everyone at the moment. I find it reassuring that the card meanings give me a prompt. A boost to get me thinking. Because if I’m thinking it means I can find new options. I can deal with my issues in different ways. The cards help me identify new choices.

I know not everyone sees Tarot and Oracle cards as positive. Having a reading this way might be against some people’s principles. I continue to look forward with my cards because I enjoy the viewpoint it brings to my life. Anything that helps me make better choices is ok by me.

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Nine by Nine by Nine – Triple Endings

imageI like to do my Oracle Cards most days. I feel that I am turning in to the general every of my day. Today I got a card about lightening.

In a traditional reading using playing cards the Jokers stay in the pack. If one comes out in your spread the interpretation is said to be a bolt of lightening. Depending on which way up the card is pulled suggested whether the lightening is on it’s way in or on it’s way out. The good thing about lightening is that it shakes things up. But not exactly in the way you might want. As I thought about the lightening card I’d pulled I wondered what my day would be like. Could I ride out the energy storm and embrace the lesson of the lightening? How could I use the energy of nine alongside the lightening?

I’m a nine person. In a nine year on a day that is a nine as well. Going through the ninth month. Would this lightening leave me feeling foolish or wise? Could the trickster energy of the Joker give me a way through whatever I needed to experience. Or was I just fooling myself? To guide myself I thought about the key energy of this number – the ending of cycles. I’ve certainly felt the energy of endings all year. Things in me and therefore outside of me have been changing rapidly. This is my third time off grid, so to speak, and I’m finding myself, once again,  reading interesting, soul searching books on my kindle. As with the previous times, I’m also with a companion who is kindly allowing me the space to be off grid too.

So what about 9 being divisible by 3. Three is the number of creation and my retreats are certainly turning out to be creative in one way or another.

As I moved through the day it was time to go out and eat. Yet in the restaurant the pain of neuralgia in my gum and jaw took over. I felt physically ill, emotionally vulnerable and all my efforts to retreat or release the pain failed. Stepping outside I went to a bench and sat down. Had I been struck by lightening? Colours flooded into my clairvoyant vision. The land felt like it was in pain. There was some sort of ancient energy calling for release. Within me I also felt surges of painful energy. It was hard to hold on to what they represented because the waves of pain were flooding over me.

Because I am used to working with challenging energy I let the pain increase and flow. My feet were glued to the ground as I asked for the energy to be released. I called on my Guides and the ArchAngels because I had become pure feeling. My mind had slipped into the pain too. It felt as if I was drowning in pain. I know that I was receiving encouragement to let this cycle of energies end. Yet I also felt like I needed to retreat. Which I did. Back at the apartment I lay on my bed repeating a positive mantra in my mind. I knew that I was in the grip of lightening and the only way to come through it was to ride out the storm.

I work a lot with colour. So I put my pink (unconditional love) scarf over my head and focused on my breathing. Relax and release I told myself. The pain will pass I repeated.

Gradually I sensed the three pains I was feeling. I realised that I had connected to a deep ancestral pain of the land burning from the volcanic eruptions. Death and destruction are powerful ways for rebirth and new growth. But they are not pain free, easy events to experience. I also realised that I had connected to the pain I felt in my mother’s womb. At the end of pregnancy, prior to birth, the baby is in a restricted space. The confined feel of the womb, whilst sometimes comforting, is also the energy push needed for the child to begin being born. It can be painful to leave a safe space for somewhere unknown. The third block of painful energy was connected to all that has been left unsaid in this current cycle.

I know that I have a tendency to let things pass. To stay quiet about my truth or even feel reluctant to give my view of emotional events. This has resulted in all sorts of fall out. And it seems that today I was collecting the physical pain associated with holding back the words. So I started to make sounds. Any kind of sounds. Letting noises emerge from my throat to move the stuck energy on. I also switched on my channel for the energy healing to flow through me. Letting the healing go out to the past and the present. Reminding myself that I could stay foolishly stuck in the pain or choose to use my wisdom and let it leave me. Tears finally came. Like a wash of rain after the electricity of the the lightening.

It’s never easy to end something. To release yourself for the next phase. The Earth, me, everyone else, the Universe. All going round and round in cycles that are, hopefully, spirals upward.

Waves of pain left me to be replaced by waves of calm. I fell asleep. It seems a hard way to do it. I know that the lightening shook me up. But I woke feeling at peace. There are some slight after-twinges still being released. However, those powerful, yet hidden, energies are gone. I have space to embrace my new challenges. I’m also sure the land breathes a bit easier underneath my feet. I know that we are encouraged to persevere. To push the feelings aside and keep going. Yet to move onto the next go round the circle of life we also have to embrace the emotions we have experienced. This is so that we can be cleared and refreshed ready for new adventures. Not to do so only stores up physical pain in the future. Then the letting go may be much tougher.

Today has helped me to remember that acknowledging feelings as they arise and releasing them as quickly as possible is the most positive cycle of energy. Holding on is like keeping karma at bay. It has to be experienced at some point, regardless of whether we want to or not. So why carry stuck energy with us endlessly. Is it time you released your stuck thoughts, feelings, situations and embraced change? Don’t wait for a nine times nine times nine moment. The lightening might not be so easy to handle!

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Tarot & Oracle readings

imageI often start my day with a tarot or card reading. Or if I’m stuck with something I go and get a card or three to help me get unstuck. I love using cards as a way of opening my mind to another viewpoint. Even a pack of playing cards can help me pick up on a different interpretation of what is happening in my life. I love the cards so much that I have about 40 packs. They have found their way to me over the last 24 years and have become treasured friends.

Although my Guides work through a more direct connection sometimes they go quiet. Getting a clearer sense of what I need to pay attention to is left up to my free will rather than their suggestion. It’s the rules really. I have to make my own choices. If I can’t make up my mind they can’t do it for me so out come the cards to give me clarity. I use the Tarot or Oracle cards both to distract my conscious mind (so that other information from the background can arise) and as a way of letting my intuitive (psychic) senses send me info about what is happening in the energy around me. I prefer to seek a positive interpretation of cards. Life is full of downs so a focus on the ups will help me ride out the downs. Taking time to understand what the cards mean allows me to focus on what is ‘getting under my skin’ at that moment. Each card can give me a way of turning the stuckness of a situation into a new choice of action.

So to write this blog I got out my card packs. I asked as I shuffled 3 sets, one by one, what I needed to pay attention to at the moment. By the way, I usually pick 3 cards. If I am using more than one pack I pick one from each. Tonight I was doing that when 2 fell out of the middle pack. When a random card falls out I always keep it to look at even if I go on to pick more cards. I treat it like an extra message from my Guides. Here are the cards that came out:

imageFrequency Shift (from the set ‘Return of Spirit’ by Cheryl Lee Harnish) The opening explanation for this card reads “You are about to experience a shift in your frequency and this card comes to help prepare you for the upcoming event.” I wrote on my Facebook wall this morning about some of the things that I had been experiencing over the last few days. That included restless sleep, emotionally unsettling dreams and feeling emotionally flat. This makes sense with the interpretation of the card. The colours also fit in with the picture I’d put with my post. It reminded me that although I seem to be in a pause with my spiritual work it is only so that I can be fine tuned a bit more. It’s certainly true that my self healing and healing work is very much filling my days at the moment.


imageMy next card is 2 -Encoded (from the set ‘Path of the Soul Destiny Cards’ also by Cheryl Lee Harnish). The explanation begins “Where others see nothing, you see the deeper meaning or message hidden within. Your guides are working to communicate with you as your intuition and inner knowing expands.” I am aware that I have several new Guides around me at the moment. We are learning to work as a new team for whatever I will be doing in the future. As my energy has shifted it makes sense to be part of a new team. A guide team is there to balance the energy you have, to combine energies and to help you expand your abilities. It’s like moving from one set of coaches to another as you move to a new football or rugby club. You will be working with your existing talents but they will be asking you to do more, or do it in a different way.


imageThe third card fell out of the second pack (the one above). It’s card 3 – Awakening. The notes for this card start “This card expresses creative energy and self empowerment. It signifies a deeper inner awakening to previously unseen inner abilities, powers and gifts.” It made me laugh again when I read the interpretation. I mentioned I’d posted a photo on Facebook this morning. It was one I had created from a painting I did some time ago. But it needed a photoshop makeover. I also added one of my ‘Spirituality is …’ phrases to the photo (I channel the words from my Guides). Photo art is certainly one of my new skills I’m busy practicing. It seems there might be many more new skills to develop.


imageFrom the final pack I picked card 13 – Opening (from the set ‘Divine Guidance’ by Cheryl Lee Harnish) The description begins “Your intuition and psychic connection is open and flowing, allowing you to access higher realms of knowledge and understanding.” I’ve taken this as a confirmation that my ability to connect is getting stronger. I hope that I will be able to bring in the information that other people need as simply & clearly as possible. I’ve also begun revisiting books I studied a long time ago. I do like to reread books as there are different things to notice second, fifth or fiftieth time around. So I can also understand that I’m being asked to reconsider what I know or understand about the Spirit or Energy world. I’m happy to keep an open mind about what I will find or whether my understanding will shift in some way.

I’m happy to notice what the Tarot and Oracle cards represent. Many people believe that using them can lead someone into a web of negativity. In my experience using these psychic tools has never been a cause for concern. However, if you approach using cards with a closed mind you are only going to find your prejudices reinforced. If you do want to try to use Tarot or Oracle cards then pick a pack you like the look of. Check the guide book that comes with them (some packs don’t have any notes at all – not useful if you are a beginner) to make sure the written interpretations are straightforward. Beware the packs where you also have to buy another book to interpret the guide book that comes with the pack. That might mean that’s the cards are really best for people who have a bit of experience of working with cards.

So I know what to focus on for a while. How about you?

Day 70 of my blogging challenge.