Kick Off 2018: Start As You Mean To Go On

KickWelcome to 2018. The first day of a whole new year. The point when I can kick past the restrictions of 2017 and move into new energy. And instead of resolutions I’m focused on making the most of every day.

I used to make resolutions. Promises to help me kick start changes I wanted to make. Things I thought I ought to do better, or should stop doing altogether. But they often faded out far too quickly. Because I hadn’t thought them through. I wasn’t setting these promises for the best reasons. It turned out most of what I was promising came from other people’s expectations of me. In other words, I was trying to deliver on what other people wanted of me. Not what I wanted of myself. And that’s why I found I couldn’t stick at it. Which, strangely enough, had me kicking myself for most of the rest of the year. Believing I was a failure by not sticking with what I promised.

However, I now realise that setting resolutions ended up being a negative cycle for me. Instead I kick off my new year with actions. The things that I want to do to make the most of my life. Perhaps the most important actions I take relate to being kind to myself. So today I have continued to read a novel I’m enjoying. When I’m back at work there might not be as much time for reading. I took my vitamins and pencilled in a visit to the swimming pool because I want to look after my body. Then I also made a shopping list for my meals this week to make sure I give myself good fuel. I also spent some time working on the details for the launch of my ebook. I’m really excited to write this year and kick off in a very different direction for me.

So I’m starting as I mean to go on. I’ve had two weeks rest and enjoyed every moment of it. Soon I will be back to the busyness of life. But with a very firm kick to keep being kind to myself. I want 2018 to be a year of balance in all areas of my life. Each day a new start. Each evening resting in positive energy. I have a feeling it will be a great year!

Day 767 of my blogging challenge 

Endings, beginnings, eternity

images-34Today we celebrate the last hours & minutes of 2015. Has it been a good year? A challenging year? Or a bit of both? Whatever it has been is now in your past. It’s gone and can’t be returned to (unless you have a handy Time Lord with you). Cherish the positive memories & place them in safekeeping. Let go of the mistakes, failings, challenging or difficult times. You survived them anyway and will have grown stronger as a result (even if that doesn’t feel to be the case at the moment).

As you step across the bridge from past to future there is only the brief moment of now to enjoy. I’m enjoying doing this blog right now. The words are coming along easily, flowing in a one finger typing way out onto the screen in front of me. The radio is playing Mr Blue Sky. It’s upbeat rhythm and jolly tune are getting my feet tapping under the desk. Other things are coming along. New experiences. I’m excited to be spending New Year with my daughter & our friend in a town that is building forward from a significant challenge. Half my attention is on the meal we are going to share. Our midnight toast will be to better times & joyful experiences to come.

In the Spirit World there is no time as we know it. It’s an eternal now. Each moment is a complete experience in itself. There is no need of time because as Spirit we have let go of measuring out days, weeks, ourselves, anything. In an eternal ‘now’ our experiences are what they are. Each moment contains both the ending and the beginning in a sort of chicken & egg way. We can move from beginning, middle and end in any order – logic doesn’t apply when there is no time. Dreams are our closest way of understanding how it is in the Pink Perfect. There is no muddle, confusion or lack of understanding. We direct our Spirit from moment to moment in a way that makes the best sense.

So as you stand in the second, as one time period ends and another begins, remember that time is relative – it doesn’t have to rule your life if you don’t want it to. Enjoy your New Year moment and eternally step smoothly into your new beginning. I wish you a full flow of abundance in every moment of your life.

Day 45 of my blogging challenge.