Decorating The Tree: Remembering Christmas Past

decorating the treeWe have been decorating a Christmas tree today. Getting ready for another celebration in this season of Light festivals. As I picked out the baubles it drew me back to Christmas past.

I love ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens with it’s themes of love, loss, redemption and community. Although it was written over one hundred and seventy years ago it’s still relevant today. And the name Scrooge has become a deeply ingrained name to represent the miser in all of us. The Victorians gifted us many of our current Christmas traditions, including decorating the tree, although they also echo many Pagan themes. I like this thread of continuity as we link back into earlier times. Charles Dickens also links his main character back to Christmas Past so that Scrooge can see where his life got out of step. The reflective moment I had when I was doing our tree.

I have been able to enjoy many great Christmas celebrations. My family and friends have featured in nearly all of them. I love that we have been able to gather and enjoy time together. Even in the times when that wasn’t always possible the phone and internet kept us close. My memories are precious. Because I know that love can be in short supply in the world. Yet I have never lacked love and kindness. But I do wonder about others in our global communuty who may look at Christmas Past with sad eyes. Decorating a tree when  loved ones are no longer there becomes a challenge. Loosing loved ones changed the shape of my life. And the shape of my Christmas celebrations. Yet I also know that my loved ones are still with me bringing the gift of their love.

Their love made sure my life didn’t get out of step. Mistakes yes, but never cutting myself off from recognising that kindness matters. Decorating my tree I realised that I have no regrets about my Christmas Past memories. They are happy, positive and filled with love. I’m looking forward to making more good memories this year too.

Day 759 of my blogging challenge 

Moments of Peace : Stepping Away From Fear

momentsIt’s been a day of moments. Small pieces of time that create an atmosphere of peace. Little bits of memories to carry away to remind me of a peace filled day.

I’m aware that sometimes I get lost in my days. Rushing from one task to another I forget to pause and notice the moments. Chasing the next worry, ticking items off my list and trying to steady my wobbles. I know that life is a balance between happiness and fear. Fear of things to come. My fear that I won’t be good enough. The anxiety that abundance will disappear if I don’t stay hard at my work. Even the niggle that being is the wrong state of mind. That I should be doing all the time. It’s as if I have forgotten the moments. Because I’m rushing through from here to there. Almost as if the moments have all blurred into one. That is when I have to slow down, stop and take a look at my day in a different way.

In the end my day is composed of tiny moments. A sound or smell. Words I hear. Smiles I connect with. A positive post on my Facebook wall. The twitter meme that makes me laugh. Because these little packets of experience are the atoms of my solid day. I will remember Hazel’s warm welcome. Or call to mind Rosie organising my books. Then there is the car that let me out at the junction. Along with the sharing of breakfast with Lyn. In those moments I was at peace. Not stressing about clearing my Centre. Or how many bags I had to take to the tip and would they all fit in my car. Each a peaceful reflection on the joy of being alive. I know how easy it is to forget that live is good. How often I hear people talk about their tasks instead fo their lives.

As if life is only about what I do. Yet I realise it is all about how much I enjoy it. So, for me, it has been another peace filled day. I will remember it for being full of moments of love, joy, kindness and compassion. I am so glad I paused for  a while to notice it.

Day 723 of my blogging challenge.

Recalling Timeless Memories

Time is getting muddled again. Memories pop in and out. Today I though it was Tuesday but it’s been Monday all day. How strange human memory is.

I’m sitting thinking about my day as I listen to a BBC 2 radio programme about Life on Mars by David Bowie. How time flies. My memories are all of teenage angst. This track is the anthem of my change from a child to a woman. I remember how vividly I identified with the girl with the mousey hair. The lyrics hit hard into my heart at the time. I’m fascinated that my own teenage daughter considers Life on Mars to be her teenage anthem too. The grandeur of the music and the poetry of the lyrics also hit hard into her heart. What a legacy to leave the world.

Moving on I’m now listening to Hunky Dory, the album that Life on Mars came from. So many incredible tracks. I’m thrown back to different memories of my life as a young adult. When I stop and think it’s actually longer ago than I remember. My mind tells me it’s really only yesteday. But I know there are plenty of years in between then and now. After all I’ve been a counsellor for nineteen years, done Reiki healing for seventeen, given public demonstrations of mediumship for ten and been painting Energy art for seven years. As I did my first public mediumship of 2017 tonight I thought about how far I’d come.

On the drive home, Martin Kemp discussing David Bowie, I recalled those teenage memories. What a difference the years make.

I wish I could have told me to lighten up. That life would work out ok. Just keep taking one step after another. I also wish I could have told me to do what my heart loved. Keep searching until I found my passion. Not settle for something because it was the expected and safe thing to do. Perhaps I would have also told me that teenagehood was a phase. One of many. So not to take life too seriously. Laugh a lot. Love myself a lot. And remember it’s not necessary to believe that other people know what’s best for me.

But that would have created quite another story. The memories remind me that I am what I am because of my experiences. It’s the source of my uniqueness. I’ve lived my life as a response to those things that have touched my life. I hope I keep my timeless memory. That I can step out of the here and now every so often and enjoy how I actually got to here. Time isn’t important. What matters is now. Being the best me I can be for this moment. Whether it’s Monday or Tuesday. Or any day at all.

Day 421 of my blogging challenge. 

Family, Friends, Festivities

It’s been a day to remember family and friends as I enjoy the Christmas festivities. This time last year the flood alert had been sounded and it was an anxious time. Today I’ve spent a peaceful time knowing that the people I care for are celebrating too.

Whether it was messages to and from family members above and below or a visit to my local pub to say hello to everyone I loved the festivities. Yet quite a chunk of the day was spent on my own. I’m comfortable in my own company. The solitude is something very precious to me. As is the opportunity to be with my family later in the day. Even though the town is quiet I’ve chatted to people I know. This mix has made for a perfect day. From my first cuppa, through cooking dinner and watching TV with a glass of wine I’ve loved my day.

As I sat watching an old film this morning I thought about all the small things that make for a perfect today. Greetings cards. A cup of tea. Presents ready to be opened. Facebook and text messages from family and friends. The joy of a perfect present that cost almost nothing. Harry Potter. Brussels sprouts. Laughter. Tears. There is love and joy flowing through my life. Theses festivities have shown me how much is precious and priceless. Because the memories will long outlive the day. Whether I’m sitting here on my own or sharing my time with others.

However, not all of us have family, friends or share the festivities. But that doesn’t mean the day is any less a perfect one. Each new day gives me an opportunity to send out the energy of love and joy. Every day is a chance to store up good memories. All I have to do is recognise that option and choose to make it so. At the end of my wonderful day I send you wishes for lots more joyful, memorable days ❤️

Day 406 of my blogging challenge.